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The Originals: 10 Things The Characters Wanted In Season One That Came True By The Finale

The first episode of The Originals aired as a backdoor pilot during The Vampire Diaries' fourth season. Showing Klaus's perspective as he arrives in New Orleans to track down a witch he believes to be conspiring against him, Klaus is in for a massive shock. Hayley Marshall was pregnant with their child, and everything Klaus is prepared to want changes. When The Originals premieres as a series, the pilot, occurring with the same events, is shown through Elijah's perspective. He sees this as a fantastic opportunity to reunite the Mikaelsons under the hope that a child can bring them back to being a family.

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But, things are a lot more complicated than Elijah's hopes for his small family to get along. Rebekah still holds centuries' worth of anger toward Klaus. Marcel, who they once considered family, had gone on and lived his life, thriving without them and never once reaching out to inform them he was still alive. Hayley, who was meant to be protected, is not going to sit around all the time and chooses to search for her long-lost family. A lot is happening throughout The Originals, but some things the characters hoped for in season 1 did come true by the series finale.

10 Josh Wanted A Daylight Ring

Josh didn't turn into a vampire willingly. Instead, when Marcel needed a new vampire, he chose Josh when Josh's friend betrayed him, because Marcel valued loyalty. But, because of Marcel's vampire hierarchy, Josh was at the bottom of the list for a daylight ring and instead was forced to only be out at night.

Klaus wanted to use Josh as an inside man so that he would know how to bring down Marcel and take over the vampire faction. Josh, however, desperately wanted a daylight ring to walk around outside, something he later received. Josh even became one of the leaders of the vampire faction when Marcel left New Orleans to join Rebekah.

9 Davina Wanted To Be Free From The New Orleans Coven

Davina is already being hidden and protected by Marcel during her first appearance. Marcel saved Davina from being sacrificed for the Harvest Ritual and used her as a magic detector ever since. Davina had been thankful to be with Marcel and away from the witches that attempted to kill her.

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Sadly, Davina must die to complete the Harvest later anyway. Davina understandably holds a grudge against the New Orleans witches, but she's finally free when she and Kol leave the city for a fresh start elsewhere.

8 Klaus And Hayley Wanted To Protect Hope

Klaus and Hayley did not get along great at first. But, they had one thing in common. Klaus and Hayley wanted to protect their unborn child. So, they protected her from Tyler when he showed up to get revenge on Klaus.

To protect her from those who wished her harm, Klaus and Hayley gave their daughter to Rebekah to hide away safely. Throughout the following seasons, Klaus and Hayley did whatever they could to protect Hope. Sadly, both of their lives end doing just that. Hayley and Klaus each die, sacrificing themselves for Hope.

7 Hayley Wanted To Find Her Family

Hayley initially ends up in New Orleans because she is searching for members of her biological family. But, tracing them out to New Orleans, she ends up being taken by witches, eventually leading to the shocking revelation that she is pregnant with her and Klaus's child.

But, nothing deters Hayley from finding her family and learning what happened to them. Luckily, Hayley does meet the Pack she was meant to grow up with, led by their Alpha, Jackson Kenner. But, before she could truly get to know them, Hayley had to find a way to break the curse on the Crescent Wolves.

6 Elijah Wanted To Reunite His Family

The Mikaelson family had been broken for a long time. But, with the deaths of their brothers Kol and Finn fairly fresh, Elijah sees Hayley's pregnancy as hope for the remaining siblings, Elijah, Klaus, and Rebekah.

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Although Klaus does not see the unborn child the same way Elijah does, the possibility of an heir to a throne is tempting. Elijah begs Klaus to understand that family and love are power. In the series finale, the Mikaelson family has dinner together to have final happy memories of Klaus and Elijah before they die.

5 Cami Wanted To Understand What Happened With Her Brother

Cami's motive for being in New Orleans had to do with her twin brother, Sean O'Connell. Sean had wanted to be a Priest, and things seemed to be going fine until one day, out of nowhere, Sean killed nine seminary students and then himself.

Cami's journey throughout the first season follows her obsession with discovering what truly happened to Sean. She does eventually learn the truth, that Sean had been cursed by a witch and driven to his horrific acts.

4 Marcel Wanted Control Of New Orleans

Marcel was already the King of New Orleans when the Mikaelsons showed up. But, once he realized Klaus was after his crown, Marcel knew he had to keep the city under his control. However, given how Klaus was willing to go to any lengths to defeat Marcel, including killing many of Marcel's vampires, Marcel was forced to stand down to protect them.

Yet, Marcel was not willing to back down just yet, and Marcel and Klaus went at it over the city for a while until Marcel got New Orleans and his revenge on Klaus all in one. Keeping Klaus tortured for years while Marcel ran the city gave Marcel the control he wished for. However, in the end, Marcel left New Orleans, telling the rest of the vampires to leave the city as well.

3 Rebekah Wanted Freedom From Klaus

Klaus could be very controlling, and Rebekah just wanted to live her own life. However, in season 1 of The Originals, Esther and Mikael are dead, and this gives the Mikaelsons a sense of freedom they had not had in centuries. So, Rebekah is ready to find love and happiness in her life outside of Klaus.

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When Klaus discovers Rebekah had betrayed him by bringing Mikael to New Orleans, Klaus and Rebekah's relationship takes a devastating blow. But, knowing he won't get over this immediately, Klaus agrees to give Rebekah the freedom she has always craved.

2 Elijah Wanted Klaus To Redeem Himself

Elijah had spent a millennium hoping for Klaus's redemption. The Originals is a slow journey to just that. However, with his family and Hayley's influence, and Klaus's desire to protect his family, Klaus does improve. He begins to understand how to treat his family better.

While he is not perfect, Klaus does take strides to figure out ways to succeed besides daggering his siblings. In the end, Elijah determined that his life's work was complete when Klaus was willing to sacrifice himself to protect Hope, and Elijah chose to die with his brother.

1 Klaus Wanted Control Of New Orleans

Klaus chooses to stay in New Orleans because he wanted to take control back from Marcel. Klaus wanted to feel like he was not alone, and when his Hybrid army failed in Mystic Falls, he saw the chance to have a new army. By taking over the vampire faction and getting back to the city Klaus had once made great, he sees a chance for a brighter future than being the big bad of Mystic Falls.

For a while, Klaus does regain control of New Orleans, but in the end, Klaus claims that he is finished having control and wishes to raise his daughter in peace. However, later on, because he holds the Hollow inside him, Klaus is forced to leave anyway.

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