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The Vampire Diaries: 10 Funniest Stefan Salvatore Quotes

Part of what makes The Vampire Diaries stand out from other supernatural dramas is its sense of humor. At the beginning of the series, the show focused more on dramatics and was even soap opera-melodramatic at some points. Damon was the only comedic character, which was a fun juxtaposition against his villainous tendencies.

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But as the series went on, it managed to become more light-hearted while still keeping the stakes high. The antagonists were often some of the funniest additions to the cast, and it didn't make them any less threatening of an enemy. Because he's made fun of for his broodiness, a lot of the Stefan-related humor comes from other people. However, his own dry sense of humor and sassy quips are often overlooked highlights of the series.

10 "Oh, Um, Maybe They're Ninja Turtles."

There's an abundance of supernatural creatures in the world that Stefan and Damon, surprisingly, didn't know about. When Tyler's Uncle Mason comes to town following the death of his brother, it's obvious that there's something off about him.

It was great to see Damon be the paranoid one for once, and it was even better seeing Stefan make fun of his brother's conspiracy theories. Stefan pretends to brainstorm with Damon and points out that the Lockwoods might be Ninja Turtles.

9 "Actually, I Just Have No Sense Of Damon Humor."

Damon might be most viewers' favorite character in terms of humor, but Stefan doesn't find his brother all that funny. In fact, he finds him annoying most of the time. Siblings don't usually get along, and Damon takes a particular interest in making fun of Stefan.

But just because Stefan doesn't laugh at his quips doesn't mean he doesn't have a sense of humor. As he says himself, he just has no sense of Damon humor. The brothers are both funny in their own way, and Stefan definitely knows how to crack a joke if he wants to.

8 "I Think I Still Need To Be Drunk To Understand This Story."

Stefan wasn't kidding, and he poured himself a drink to prepare for yet another wild story about the past. The timeline and history of supernatural creatures only get crazier as the show goes on, and the world the Salvatores thought they knew keeps expanding.

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In a way, Stefan wasn't only making fun of Qetsiyah, but the show itself. The stories are so outlandish that even the writers acknowledge that they can be a bit difficult to follow.

7 "I Know You Were Daggered For A Little While, But Knocking Is Still A Thing."

No matter whose side Rebekah is on, she always ends up getting the short end of the stick. When someone, usually Klaus, doesn't feel like dealing with her, they'll dagger her and leave her desiccated until they decide to wake her up again.

Rebekah was once left daggered for so many decades that she woke up in a completely different world that she had no idea how to behave in. When Stefan walks into his room and finds Rebekah waiting for him, his knocking comment is just another example of his low-key humor.

6 "I Should Be Sacrificing My Own Happiness For The Good Of Others, Right? I Should Be Upstairs Grooming My Hero Hair."

Stefan is one of the most selfless characters in the series, and he usually ends up suffering so that others can be happy. During The Vampire Diaries Season 1, Damon killed Stefan's best friend of over a century just to further his own agenda.

When a spell causes the veil to drop, Lexi and Stefan are momentarily reunited. They get drunk and have a dance party, which throws Damon for a loop. Stefan is the sarcastic one for once, and he says that he should be grooming his hero hair rather than savoring the time he has with Lexi.

5 "Elena, Stop Talking."

This line wasn't supposed to be a joke necessarily, but fans still took it that way. It's no secret that Elena isn't the most likable character in The Vampire Diaries, but Stefan spent seasons worshipping at her altar.

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After everything he'd been through with Klaus, a darker side of Stefan came out and he stopped sugar-coating things. The bluntness with which Stefan talked to Elena was funny because of how shocking it was. It's rare to hear him be so straightforward at all, let alone to Elena.

4 "Let Me Just Name The Million Other People I'd Rather Be Having Dinner With Right Now."

Somehow, Stefan always gets stuck in the middle of Mikaelson family meetings. Klaus did consider Stefan his brother centuries ago, and Stefan was dating Rebekah, so in a way, it feels fitting that he's the mediator.

Klaus's dinner parties are a running joke on The Vampire Diaries, as the topics of discussion rarely fit the setting. When Klaus and Rebekah start bickering across the table while instrumental music blares in the background, Stefan looks like he's in misery.

3 "I'm Sorry, Your Tone Implies That I'm Actually Supposed To Care."

While the other characters are often unlikeable when they have their humanity turned off, many fans took a liking to emotionless Stefan. Without all the guilt and sadness weighing him down, Stefan is like a different person.

He's definitely at his most dangerous when his switch is flipped, as he easily falls back into being the ripper. But his nonchalant attitude is a hilarious contrast to his usual brooding. The funniest part about this quote is that Stefan cares too much, but without his emotions, he couldn't care less.

2 "Yes, Being A 150-Year-Old Teenager Has Been The Height Of My Happiness."

Because of his appearance, it's easy to forget that Stefan is actually a 150-year-old vampire stuck in the body of a 17-year-old kid. Granted, because of Paul Wesley's age, he never quite looked the part of a teenager, but it's no different than the casting on other teen dramas.

Damon was lucky enough to get turned in his mid-20s, and he comments on how great it is to be the "eternal stud." Stefan's retort is funny because it's true. Seventeen isn't the best age to get stuck at, as he'll never be seen as an actual adult in a normal society.

1 "Actually, This Is My Happy Face."

Damon's facial expressions can tell viewers a million things with a single look, but Stefan is the complete opposite. It's ironic because while Damon is the one with multiple layers to unravel, Stefan is the more closed-off of the two.

But emotionless Stefan loves to poke fun at everything, and it's difficult to have a serious conversation with him. Using Lexi's method, Damon and Elena lock Stefan up in an attempt to bring him back to himself. When Damon realizes that Stefan really has given up, Stefan retorts that he's actually wearing his happy face.

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