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The Vampire Diaries: 10 Low-Key Heroes On The Show | ScreenRant

Whether they're a human or a supernatural creature, almost every main character in The Vampire Diaries is written in shades of gray. The protagonists are vampires who try, and often fail, to fight their urge to kill, while the antagonists are anyone who gets in their way.

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Everyone has their own agenda and people they need to protect, which is what makes the line between hero and villain so blurry. There are characters who are originally presented as a threat to Elena and the Salvatores, but, either intentionally or not, end up doing something to help them.

10 Klaus Mikaelson

Klaus was introduced in The Vampire Diaries Season 2 as the most powerful opponent the characters had ever faced. He sacrificed Elena in order to break his curse and forced Stefan to travel the country with him and help create an army of hybrids.

As the show went on, Stefan and Damon began to team up with Klaus for the purpose of defeating a common enemy. While he was always a threat, his feelings for Caroline kept him from causing too much irrevocable damage, and he saved everyone's life when he returned to Mystic Falls for her graduation.

9 Nora Hildegard

Nora and the rest of the heretics were an interesting mix of people. They all loved each other like family, but they also had different values. While Nora was originally causing chaos in Mystic Falls with Mary-Louise, she began to have a change of heart.

It caused problems between the two of them and even broke up their century-long relationship. However, the two couldn't stay away from each other, and Nora sacrifices herself alongside Mary-Louise to destroy the Phoenix Stone.

8 Mason Lockwood

Mason was helping Katherine get the moonstone, but he never had bad intentions. He tried to help Tyler get through his grief following the death of his father and shielded him from the werewolf curse that ran in the family.

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Vampires and werewolves have always been enemies, but Mason offered to be friends with the Salvatores. It's hard to blame him for retaliating after Damon's murder attempt, and even after Damon is successful in killing him, Mason helps him when he comes back as a ghost.

7 Katherine Pierce

Katherine cared about her own survival more than anything else and would throw anyone to the wolves if it meant keeping herself alive. But Stefan was an exception to this rule, and she even endangered herself for him on more than one occasion.

She never stopped being a villain, but Katherine was the best person to have as an ally. While trusting her was always a risk, she was the most intelligent character in the show, and she got Elena and the Salvatores out of plenty of sticky situations.

6 John Gilbert

Because of his belief that all vampires are bad, John killed more than one character that viewers loved. However, every vampire on the show has lost control and gone on a killing spree, so he wasn't exactly wrong for wanting to protect the people of Mystic Falls.

John worked against the Salvatores because, as Elena's biological father, he didn't want her associating with such dangerous creatures. His actions seem malicious because the viewers are meant to root for Stefan and Damon, but John saves a lot of people by doing what he does. He gives up his life so Elena can remain human, promising he'd love her even as a vampire.

5 Pearl Zhu

At the end of the day, all Pearl wanted was to live her life with her daughter. She came off as a villain because she led the tomb vampires, but they did plenty of things without her consent. In fact, Pearl even tried to keep them from killing the townspeople.

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Pearl was close with Katherine back in 1864, but they didn't share all of the same morals. Pearl came off as a villain because of who she associated herself with, rather than who she actually was.

4 Luka Martin

Luka taught Bonnie how to channel her powers, and after Grams died it was nice to see another family of witches in Mystic Falls. Bonnie accepted their guidance until she realized that Luka and his father were working for Elijah.

Bonnie and her friends did much worse to Luka than he ever did to her, and she almost killed him after channeling his powers without his consent. The only reason that Luka was even helping Elijah was to save his sister who he believed was being held captive by Klaus.

3 Rayna Cruz

Rayna was a vampire huntress introduced in The Vampire Diaries Season 7. She could track any vampire that she marked and wouldn't stop going after them until they were dead. But it's revealed that Rayna isn't actually in control of herself, and she's forced to kill all the vampires who had been in the Phoenix Stone.

When Rayna marks Stefan, he runs into Klaus who helps him momentarily escape the huntress. Rayna continues to warn Stefan every time she's closing in on him and gives her last life to Bonnie.

2 Mikael

The enemy of their enemy is the Salvatores' friend. Believing that Mikael was the only way to kill the Original family, Katherine hunts him down to ask for his help. Mikael wants his children dead just as badly as everyone else does, as he sees their very existence as a sin.

He teams up with Damon, Stefan, Katherine, and Elena to take his family down, which would have worked if Stefan didn't blow the plan to save Damon's life. Klaus ends up killing his father, but Mikael still attempted to help the characters get rid of Klaus, even if they were unaware of the consequences that would come with it.

1 Rose

Rose was first introduced as Elena's kidnapper, but it becomes clear that she wasn't all bad. She and her best friend had been on the run from Elijah for centuries, and handing over the Petrova doppelganger was the only way to gain her freedom.

Once Elijah kills Trevor, and Rose is left with nowhere to go, she forms a connection with Damon and helps him keep Elena safe. Rose even assists him after her death and hopes he'll find happiness with Elena.

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