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This Is Where The Fun Begins: 10 Best Podcasts For Fans Of Star Wars, Ranked

Likely the most well-known movie franchise ever, nearly 50 years after its initial release, the Star Wars universe is bigger and more popular than ever before. Considering it includes, movies, TV shows, books, video games, and even podcasts, fans simply can't get enough Star Wars these days. It's for good reason too as the universe is still expanding and with a ton of projects in development, it seems the franchise will continue to trend upwards.

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However what are Star Wars fans supposed to do when they can't sit down and watch an episode of The Mandalorian or play Jedi: Fallen Order, obviously simply not thinking about Star Wars isn't an option. That's where the podcasts come in, as there are tons to choose from, so there certainly is a podcast for every type of fan out there. From the casual to the hardcore, there isn't a part of the galaxy that goes untouched.

10 The Resistance Broadcast

If you're new to the growing world of Star Wars podcasts, or just podcasts in general, the official podcast of Star Wars News Net is a great place to start. Appealing both to casual fans and more hardcore followers, the podcast is a great way for listeners to get their feet wet, before going for some of the more niche shows out there.

The podcast itself doesn't have a particular specific focus, and instead discusses anything and everything Star Wars from fan theories to news about releases and upcoming projects.

9 The Star Wars Underworld

Focusing on more current Star Wars discussion, such as in-depth discussions of new episodes of the Bad Batch, or the MandolorianThe Star Wars Underworld is a good way to make sure you didn't miss anything in the latest episode as well as possibly learning something new.

Featuring guest stars from other podcasts and YouTube channels about Star Wars, the show is great for casual listening and feels like a group of friends talking about their favorite moments from the Star Wars universe.

8 The Star Wars Report

Offering some very in-depth discussion about all things Star Wars, The Star Wars Report appeals to slightly more dedicated fans of the series. Rather than exclusively discuss news and what's happening with the franchise, the blog turned podcast focuses on topics like what happens when Jedi masters tell students "no" and covers some of the older Star Wars content that has been buried in recent years by the new influx of material.

This podcast is a great way to learn about lesser-known topics in the franchise.

7 Full Of Sith

The creatively named podcast comes from the minds of some of the bigger Star Wars writers in the industry. Made up of a group of writers that contribute to IGN, StarWars.com, and Star Wars Insider, listeners can trust they're getting information from some of the most well-versed guys in the industry.

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The show doesn't have a specific format and instead talks all things Star Wars: news, rumors, theories, interviews, and more. There is plenty to unpack here, making it another good place to start for those just getting into podcasts.

6 The Star Wars Minute

This is an example of just how niche some of the Star Wars podcasts can get. From Alex Robinson and Pete the Retailer, the podcast focuses on Star Wars, one single minute at a time. Although it may seem odd, the podcast works remarkably well as the hosts are able to scrutinize and applaud every glorious minute that the movies have to offer.

The show is a great way to learn just how dense the Star Wars universe has become and fans of the movies will delight in getting to live their favorite scenes minute by minute.

5 Rebel Force Radio

Hosted by Jason Swank and Jimmy Mclnerny who used to host and produced The ForceCast, Rebel Force Radio is one of the most well-known and longest-running Star Wars podcasts out there, first airing all the way back in 2013.

What listeners will find is a slightly more professional podcast that manages to pull in some serious star power to guest on the show, such as Dave Filoni who has tons of Star Wards credits, working most recently on The Bad Batch as well as directing episodes of The Mandalorian and producing Star Wars Rebels.

4 Cantina Cast

Focusing less on news and rumors and more on critical analysis of the franchise, The Cantina Cast is perfect for those that want to learn more about Star Wars canon and are less concerned about what could be or what could have been.

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Another podcast that's been around for years, there is a certain element of excitement that the hosts bring as they are still learning about the universe themselves and don't pretend to have all the answers about everything that has ever happened in Star Wars.

3 Coffee With Kenobi

Coffee With Kenobi just scratches the surface of all the content that is available on the long-running website. Expanding their discussions beyond what's onscreen, the podcast delves into the world of collectibles, news, and even the Star Wars comics, a topic that few other podcasts seem to touch on.

The show is clearly marked towards the most hardcore of star wars fanatics and would definitely satisfy fans' itch while they wait for the next episode of The Bad Batch.

2 Tatooine Sons

Although it doesn't focus on Star Wars exclusively, discussion about the Star Wars universe still makes up a large portion of the content in this podcast. Despite dipping their toes into the MCU, DC, etc. the Star Wars content in no way takes a backseat and is just as in-depth and detailed as any Star Wars exclusive content out there.

This is a great podcast for those who are interested in Star Wars but still like to have a break to talk about their other favorite movie franchises as well.

1 Star Wars: Beyond The Films

Another podcast from The Star Wars Report, Star Wars: Beyond The Film focuses on exactly that. Rather than just talk about the movies and shows, the podcast encompasses all the content that the franchise has put out over the last 50 years.

Another great option for those that consider themselves well-versed in the Star Wars universe, as even the most dedicated of fans will learn something about the massive expanded universe beyond the movies and TV shows, and with a nearly obscene amount of content, it's almost impossible to know all of it first hand.

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