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Thor 4: How Jane Foster's Mighty Thor Costume Compares To The Comics

The first look at Jane Foster's Mighty Thor costume for Thor: Love and Thunder suggests Taika Waititi's movie will be sticking close to Marvel Comics, at least in terms of design. Chris Hemsworth has been playing Thor for a good 11 years now, and his most recent cinematic appearances have taken the character in wildly different directions from what fans expected when he was originally introduced on-screen. Thor: Ragnarok shocked audiences by being a loose adaptation of both Planet Hulk and Fear Itself, destroying the kingdom of Asgard once and for all and leaving the Asgardian people displaced in the universe. Avengers: Infinity War follows this up by sending Thor on a quest for revenge after Thanos murders his kingdom's subjects, and Avengers: Endgame rounds out the three film arc by questioning Thor's worthiness after he fails.

Now Thor 4 is ready to switch up the status quo for the God of Thunder once again, this time by at least partially adapting Jason Aaron's bold Mighty Thor arc. In it, Thor loses the ability to lift his hammer as a consequence of the secrets revealed to him in Original Sin, and as a result the hammer falls into the possession of Jane Foster, who was being treated for breast cancer at the time. It remains to be seen whether or not Waititi's film will adapt this specific part of Mighty Thor (or how Mjolnir will return after it was sent back to its original time in Avengers: Endgame), but it's certain that we will see the iconic image of Jane Foster wielding Mjolnir in all of its mystic glory.

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A promotional merchandise image for the film has surfaced online, giving fans their first look at Jane's Mighty Thor costume in Love and Thunder. And while there are a few slight changes to the look, it's obvious that the film's costume designer intended to pay as much homage to the original design as possible. Arguably the most iconic part of Mighty Thor's overall look is the helm, which is a sleeker version of the classic winged helm that Thor wore throughout many of his early comic book appearances. In the comics, Jane's version is a partially open cowl that fits over her head, but in the promotional art it seems like on-screen it'll be a full cowl that comes down underneath her chin, much like the design of Captain America's costume and his chin-strapped helmet in the films.

The chestpiece has also been changed to a degree, with the comic book version being an Uru breastplate attached to a leather midsection. In the film it's much more reminiscent of Thor's MCU design, with several sections of Uru armor extending down from the shoulders to the torso. The iconic red cape is still there, as well as the battle-skirt and black pants that make up the bottom half of Mighty Thor's design.

Perhaps the biggest departure from the original design to be found in the promotional material are the boots and newly added gauntlets, both of which aren't present in Mighty Thor's comic aesthetic. On the page, Jane's legs are wrapped in cloth strips that lead into two low-topped Uru boots, but in the film she'll have a pair of armored boots that lead all the way up her calves, much like Wonder Woman's high metallic boots. Similarly, in the comics her arms are completely naked, but on-screen Jane will be wearing a pair of greaves that extend almost up to her elbow.

Overall, while there aren't many major aesthetic changes to the general design of Mighty Thor, it seems like the ones that are there serve to give Jane a more armored design, bringing her in line with the rest of the Asgardian style in the MCU. As of right now, all fans have to go off of is the limited view of the promotional material, but when the first trailer drops for Thor: Love and Thunder, audiences will have a much more dynamic view of the costume worn by Jane Foster as she finally adopts the mantle of the Mighty Thor.

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