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Tinykin Is A Paper Mario-Meets-Pikmin 3D Platformer | Screen Rant

From publishers tinyBuild and developers Splashteam comes an all-new 3D platformer called Tinykin. Based on the trailer shown as a part of this year’s E3 reveals, Tinykin appears to be a kind of Paper Mario-meets-Pikmin hybrid. The brightly colored, 2D art style and small, yet helpful creatures are reminiscent of these classic Nintendo styles, with original gameplay and story to bring these elements to a new generation of games.

Splashteam is a small indie development studio who released its first game Splasher back in 2017. Since then, the studio has been working away on its new title, Tinykin, with the social media pages having been constantly updated with various posts featuring key game art, behind the scenes videos and some in-development screenshots as well. Much of the team at Splashteam consists of ex-Ubisoft developers who have reportedly worked on both the Rayman and Rabbids franchises in the past. 

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In the new trailer from the E3 presentations, Tinykin appears to feature a tiny protagonist named Milo, who in the year 2748 has rediscovered the planet Earth. The only issue is he seems to be only as large as a penny, and there doesn’t appear to be anyone else around. To top it all off, Milo appears to have travelled back in time to the 90s, where small alien creatures, called Tinykin, are strewn across the world around him. Stuck inside a giant home, players will need to enlist the help of these Tinykin to make their way through the enormous world around them. Thankfully, it seems Tinykin are quite intelligent and able to lift objects much larger than themselves. These Pikman-esque creatures will be Milo’s key to uncovering the mystery of how he came to be stuck in his current predicament. 

The 2D art style mixed with the 3D world and puzzle mechanics is a nice change of pace, one not often seen outside of Nintendo’s Paper Mario series. While Milo and the various Tinykin creatures stand out against the colorful background, it allows for an easier visual style, with Milo clearly standing out against the background despite whatever may be taking place. 

There are over 100 Tinykin to find in each area, with all kinds of different abilities and unique looks. Players will need to enlist and find all the different kinds of Tinykin to solve the many obstacles in their path when Tinykin releases sometime in 2022. There is no news of which consoles will be getting the game, but more news should be released as it gets closer to the release date. Tinykin will be coming to Windows PC through Steam sometime in 2022.

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Source: E3 2021/YouTube

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