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Top 10 Anime Characters Voiced By Aoi Yuki | ScreenRant

Award-winning voice actress Aoi Yuki has had a career full of interesting and exciting characters such as Tamaki Kotatsu from Fire Force and Kayo Hinazuki from crime-thriller Erased. Her career has taken her from romantic dramas to heavy-themed thrillers, but her voice is recognizable in any role.

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Aoi Yuki is an exceptional actress in that she conveys humor brilliantly, with deadpan, loud, or snarky delivery depending on the role. Whether she is playing a spider, a baker, or a witch, Aoi Yuki can be relied on to put on an amazing performance.

10 I've Been Killing Slimes For 300 Years And Maxed Out My Level - Azusa Aizawa

Azusa Aizawa died in her first life after working too hard at her desk job and was reborn into the body of an immortal fantasy witch. She spent the first 300 years of her life taking things easy, living the slow life, and killing a small number of slimes every day, providing precious gems that fund her easy-going lifestyle. However, Azusa's easy life is disrupted by the constant challenges and requests of the townspeople and fantasy creatures that live nearby.

Azusa is ultra-powerful and, despite her initial objections, she adores her newly acquired family members. Aoi Yuki's voice is perfectly suited to Azusa, as she juggles humor and heart in this quirky platonic-harem comedy.

9 Yumeiro Patissiere - Ichigo Amane

This cute, light-hearted anime follows Ichigo Amane, a clumsy aspiring pastry chef who enrolls at a school for professional bakers. Ichigo is aided by the Sweet Spirits, fairies that help the aspiring chefs become better at their jobs—although Ichigo still must practice more than the others if she is to become the best baker.

Aoi Yuki puts on an incredibly sweet performance for Ichigo, perfectly creating a childish and well-meaning character that matures throughout the series. Her maturity is reflected in the voice acting, showing off Aoi Yuki's range.

8 The Saga Of Tanya The Evil - Tanya Degurechaff

After he is suddenly killed, a cold-hearted, atheist businessman is confronted by an unknown entity that enables him to be reborn on the condition that he must find faith. The businessman is reborn as a little girl, Tanya, who becomes one of the fiercest and most ruthless soldiers in a war-torn world.

Tanya's character is elevated by Aoi Yuki's stellar performance; barking orders at her subordinates, bitterly cursing the unknown entity that isekai'd her, and being an authoritative presence at strategy meetings. Tanya's short height never stands in her way of being efficient and almost blood-thirsty, dispatching soldiers with a pleasure that is conveyed brilliantly by Aoi Yuki, showing off Tanya's twisted mind.

7 One Punch Man - Tatsumaki

Heroes and villains abound in this series about a superhero that can kill any enemy with just one punch. The Tornado of Terror (or Terrible Tornado) is described as a "sassy lost child" by Saitama (A.K.A One Punch Man), but, in fact, she is the second-highest-ranking hero in the Hero Association. Due to her short stature, has a flippant and moody personality that collides with the other heroes.

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Aoi Yuki's haughty performance suits this character perfectly; she's bitter about being overlooked due to her height but confident in her abilities—almost bored by the ease with which she captures or kills her foes.

6 Pokémon - Iris

In a world inhabited by creatures known as Pokémon, trainers fight to become the world's greatest Pokémon master. Iris collects dragon-type Pokémon and is both prideful and confident, becoming the current Pokémon Champion of Unova.

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Iris admires those who care about their Pokémon, as she has a close relationship with her own, and this is shown through Aoi Yuki's soft yet energetic performance. Aoi Yuki shows that she can balance action, through Pokémon battles, and drama, through comedic and emotional interactions with Iris's traveling companions.

5 Rent-A-Girlfriend - Mami Nanami

After being dumped by his girlfriend, Mami, Kazuya hires a girl to go on a date with him. Kazuya falls for the girl he hires, but Mami returns to complicate matters between them.

Mami Nanami is a character that fans love to hate. Aoi Yuki uses a soft voice that conveys a range of emotions, turning seductive when Mami wants to cause trouble for Kazuya, jealous when discussing Kazuya's newly hired girlfriend, or childish when meeting someone for the first time to appear sweet and kind.

4 Sword Art Online - Yuuki Konno

The characters in SAO are trapped in a video game where, if you die in the game, you die for real. In later seasons, however, the characters willingly enter new game worlds and encounter new challenges, such as Yuuki Konno, a terminally ill hospital patient using a virtual reality game as escapism and a method to alleviate the pain of her condition.

Yuuki's story is the most melancholy arc in SAO, conveyed through Aoi Yuki's beautiful and emotional voice acting. Yuuki's energy and enthusiasm drew Kirito, Asuna, and thousands of game players to support her when she needed them most.

3 My Hero Academia - Tsuyu Asui

In a world where everyone has a Quirk—essentially a superpower—some people choose to attend hero schools to make the world a better place. Tsuyu Asui has the Frog Quirk, giving her frog powers such as an extended tongue and powerful kicks which enable her to become the superhero Froppy.

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Potentially the most recognizable of Aoi Yuki's roles due to her frog-like croaking, Asui is a fan-favorite character and one of the strongest female characters in her class. Asui can convey plans in a short time, showing that she is smart and quick-witted as well as physically strong.

2 Puella Magi Madoka Magica - Madoka Kaname

This magical girl series garnered attention for its dark themes and shocking twists. Madoka Kaname meets Kyubey, a member of an alien race that offers her one wish in exchange for Madoka signing a contract to become a magical girl. As the series progresses, Madoka meets more magical girls and sees that the world is not as hopeful as she once thought.

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Madoka's innocence, optimism, and sweetness are conveyed well by Aoi Yuki, but where the acting shines is when Madoka is fearful or losing hope, as this allows Aoi Yuki to portray a scared girl that wants to return her world to normality.

1 So I'm A Spider, So What? - Shiraori

A mysterious force suddenly kills a classroom of students and their teacher, reincarnating them into a fantasy world of elves and monsters. Shiraori, nicknamed Kumoko by fans, awakens in a dungeon, having been reincarnated as a spider. She works to level herself up and become powerful enough to escape her dungeon.

This character is endlessly fun to watch on screen, from her exuberance during fight scenes to her fourth-wall-breaking comedy. Aoi Yuki is obviously having a lot of fun with this role, audible in her voice as she sings and screams her way through every scene.

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