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Vampire Diaries: 10 Memes “Team Stefan” Fans Will Love

A way how to recognize a good story is to consider how much the fans grew to love and admire the characters. Judged by these criteria, The Vampire Diaries did an exceptional job since a lot of the characters were integral to the storyline. One of the most important heroes by far was Stefan Salvatore, who, alongside Elena and Damon, was also the main hero of the story.

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Not everybody loved the notion of Stefan and Elena dating, but an equally large number enjoyed the couple. Stefan had been there for Elena in times when she grieved and he helped her feel alive again. Considering Stefan's popularity, it's no wonder the fans made many memes that point out how amazing Stefan Salvatore was.

10 The Ultimate Hero

Not all fans of the show expected that Stefan would be the one to give up his life in order to save his brother. But when one thinks harder about it, it makes perfect sense.

For the longest time, Stefan tried to be a good person and he succeeded, despite his occasional lapses. As this meme posted by Amna Mansha shows, Stefan was the type of person who brought light into the lives of his friends and loved ones.

9 Always Saving People

Unless he has his emotions switched off and is in the Ripper mode, Stefan always does his best to save people. He saved Elena's life on multiple occasions, the first time when the car she was in crashed and Stefan saved Elena from drowning.

However, even Stefan's best intentions don't always ensure the best result, as this meme posted by Fanpop shows. Stefan should be more careful before he goes to save Elena and jumps in a well full of vervain as a result. On the other hand, it's the thought that counts.

8 Katherine Has No Doubts

Just like Elena herself, the fans were also torn between who was better, more handsome, and a better boyfriend to Elena - whether Stefan or Damon.

Elena chose Damon in the end but all Stefan fans will no doubt agree with Katherine's decision in this meme posted on Pinterest by nathalie. Katherine definitely has a point as Stefan managed to be attractive without being threatening like Damon often was.

7 Everybody Wants Stefan

The fact is that Stefan is the main hero of The Vampire Diaries, at least judging by the show's title. After all, it's Stefan's vampire diary the show is named after. Considering his importance for the plot, it's no wonder Stefan is also a pretty popular guy among the characters.

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So much so that even Elena and Damon argue about whose Stefan is, as this meme posted on Astrology Memes, demonstrates. The only luck is that Caroline isn't present since she would no doubt object and pointed out that Stefan is hers.

6 The Best Part Of The Show

Each fan has their own reason why they watch The Vampire Diaries or used to watch. But as this meme posted on Conservative Memes demonstrates, Stefan's presence is a major factor for watching in the case of some fans.

In fact, Stefan is one-half of the reason why the fans watch the show. The other half is then none other than Paul Wesley who portrayed Stefan. That's how popular the younger Salvatore brother is.

5 Justin Who?

Every celebrity has their fans, and also people who prefer other celebrities. Sometimes the difference in approach to two different celebrities can be highly obvious. In the case of this meme posted on the blog Stelena Lovers, the fans barely pay any attention to Justin Bieber.

But when it comes to Stefan's actor Paul Wesley, they immediately become excited and are able to share a lot of personal trivia they remembered about The Vampire Diaries actor.

4 The More Polite One

Of the two Salvatore brothers, Damon was never one to mince his words. He was very open about what he thought, even if saying his thoughts aloud insulted people. Stefan, on the other hand, usually was much more polite than Damon.

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So if the brothers met Edward Cullen from the Twilight series, it's easy to imagine their conversation would go the same it does in this meme posted by Fanpop, a reference to the iconic movie Mean Girls. Damon would most likely insult Edward and Stefan would be the one reprimanding his brother for it.

3 It's All About Emotions

Often the best way to express how amazing Stefan is is to compare him to his brother. This meme posted by fabi focused on how both brothers handle rejection. And Stefan's approach is definitely the healthier one.

He's angry for a while but doesn't do anything that can't be reversed. Damon, on the other hand, flips out and goes on a killing spree. It looks like Damon could learn a lot from his younger brother.

2 The Most Epic Romance

Elena might have ended up marrying Damon in the end but Stefan was the first one who had an epic romance with her. If the show went more as the books did, Elena and Stefan would also end up together and Damon would date Bonnie instead.

But despite the fact that the romance didn't last on the show, the fans who shipped Stefan and Elena still have a lot of material to enjoy, and this meme posted by Alana Hanks proves it.

1 Saying Goodbye

Saying goodbye to one's favorite characters is never easy. Especially when they don't survive the show's finale. That's exactly what happened to Stefan and his fans didn't take it well. Stefan had a lot to live for, his relationship with Caroline and bond with his brother included.

So saying goodbye to him was a difficult moment, considering how popular and loved by the fans, he became. As this meme shared by Cosminaa suggests, Stefan's death was even more difficult since everyone knew the show was ending and Stefan wouldn't come back later on.

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