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Venom Shocks Fans By Bringing Back Marvel's Most Powerful Weapon

Warning: contains spoilers for Venom #200!

Eddie Brock is the new King in Black, and every king needs a signature weapon – but his re-forged cosmic ax is definitely one that fans never thought they’d see again. Now, Venom is one of Marvel’s most powerful characters thanks to his new role as God of the Symbiotes, so it makes sense that he’d need a weapon to match his power levels. But when the only way to make that weapon is to steal Thor’s hammer and the Silver Surfer’s board, it raises more than a few questions about just how Venom got his hands on it.

Venom #200 by Donny Cates, Ryan Stegman, and Ron Lim sets up the new status quo for Eddie Brock and his son, Dylan. Now that Eddie has killed Knull and taken his place as the new King in Black, Brock now controls the entire Klyntar hive all throughout the cosmos. Rebranding the symbiotes as a force for good in the universe, Eddie’s reach extends across worlds, and he’s already doing his best to use his influence for good as an intergalactic lethal protector.

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On one such world under Venom's protection, his avatar is seen wielding what seems to be the same flaming ax he used against Knull in the finale of King in Black. Wielding the ax, along with All-Black the Necrosword, Eddie drives back an army of alien conquerors, but the true origin of this new weapon is never explained. The original ax was forged using Mjolnir and the Silver Surfer’s board, bonded together by Eddie with the power of Captain Universe, so there’s almost no way this version was made using the same materials. After all, both Thor and the Silver Surfer are pretty particular about lending out their weapons, except in moments of dire need.

As the new King in Black, Eddie has already demonstrated a new mastery of some godlike abilities. It’s probable that he used these very abilities to forge a new cosmic ax through other means. While it may not be the same weapon, this version was still glowing, hinting at its true energy-infused capabilities.

What’s more, Eddie’s symbiote was using this new ax alongside All-Black the Necrosword. All-Black is an incredibly powerful weapon of near-unmatched power, so it wouldn’t make much sense to pair it with an underpowered knockoff of the cosmic ax. Anything worth using alongside a weapon that can kill gods and that was forged using the energy of a dead Celestial clearly has some serious firepower of its own.

As the new King in Black, Eddie Brock is one of Marvel’s cosmic powerhouses. But if he’s powerful enough to create a weapon that rivals Mjolnir or the Surfer’s board, then Brock could already be stronger than anyone ever imagined. Fans will just have to hope that Eddie can keep using this great power responsibly.

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