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Where To Find Glow Berries in Minecraft (& What They're Used For)

Despite the fact that it was released more than a decade ago, Minecraft just received a massive content update called Caves and Cliffs. The first part of this update has introduced all manner of things to the game like brand new enemies to fight, blocks to break and build with, and items to acquire. This is only the beginning of this update since a second part will be altering the way that worlds are generated in the game as well.

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For now, though, players get to experiment with new crafting items like the Glow Berry. Like other food items in Minecraft, the Glow Berry can be consumed to regain hunger points, but this item also comes with several unique properties that the player can use to their advantage. Finding Glow Berries can prove to be pretty tricky, so this guide shows players where exactly to find them in the world of Minecraft.

The big issue with tracking down Glow Berries in Minecraft at the time of writing is that the second part of the update hasn't arrived to alter the game world yet. Glow Berries grow on a plant called Cave Vines, but at this time, Cave Vines don't spawn naturally in worlds. This means players won't be able to find the Glow Berries out in the wild. Instead, they will need to explore within the Abandoned Mineshafts until they come across a chest containing one.

If the player is patient, they can make more Glow Berries themselves. All they have to do is attach a Glow Berry to the underside of a block, and a Cave Vine will begin growing. Each time the Cave Vine grows longer, there is a chance it will grow a Glow Berry on it. The player then just has to break that segment of the Vine to acquire the fruit. They can then plant this Glow Berry elsewhere to continue growing more Cave Vines. Players should be careful not to hit the top of the Cave Vine, though, or they will destroy the whole thing and it won't grow back.

The main reason to grow Glow Berries in Minecraft like this is that when a vine produces a Berry, it will also generate light. This means the player can use their Glow Berries as a natural source of light inside their home or even in caves. Those with the patience to continue farming them can have their hands on a nearly inexhaustible light source.

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Minecraft can be played on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, iOS, Android, and PC.

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