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Who Is Your Gossip Girl Soulmate, Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

It was hard not to fall in love with Gossip Girl and its bewitching world of drama and wealth, and even more so with the show's ever-so-attractive characters. Everybody wanted a love story like Chuck and Blair's epic saga, a wildly famous dating life like Serena's, or even the risqué escapades of Nate Archibald.

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But what do the stars have in store for hopeless Gossip Girl fans? No matter who a fan's favorite Upper East Sider may be, their celestial charts give an accurate picture of which character would be their ideal soulmate.

12 Aries: Chuck Bass

For the confident and dynamic Aries, Chuck Bass's charismatic personality is an instant attraction. The Bass scion started off a little lackadaisical but developed into an enterprising young man, who led his father's empire with excellent business sense and ethics.

Chuck was also quick-witted, charming, and showed off his cool and collected personality well, making him the perfect mate for an Aries.

11 Taurus: Jenny Humphrey

Jenny's reliability and the warmth in her heart, reserved for her loved ones, would be greatly appreciated by a Taurus partner. She was extremely determined in her quest for greatness in the fashion world, and her ambition is much sought out and appreciated by this zodiac sign.

When Eleanor needed Jenny to design for her, she was a dependable worker and friend to both the Waldorfs, making her the ideal Taurus soulmate.

10 Gemini: Dan Humphrey

Geminis are funny and energetic, and their wit and liveliness fill any room they walk into. Sometimes, they need a quiet and calm presence to balance out their energy, and Dan is a good yin to their yang.

Dan was logical, collected, and empathetic through the show, and when he dated Serena, Blair, and even Georgina, he was their calm in the storm.

9 Cancer: Rufus Humphrey

Cancer folk are known to be some of the most loving in the zodiac, and they enjoy receiving the same level of affection in return. Rufus was a musician, and his rock and roll moodiness and creativity would ignite the imaginations of creative Cancers.

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The senior Humphrey's love for Lily and Alison was deep and enduring, and he was caring for his immediate and extended family, which is another important quality that Cancers look for in their partners.

8 Leo: Eric Van der Woodsen

The sweet, soft-spoken brother to Serena was proud, outspoken, and faithful — qualities that a Leo actively seeks in a partner. Eric didn't hesitate to speak up when injustice of any kind was happening in front of him, or when Jenny was being unreasonable.

A Leo needs all of this in a soulmate, and especially the loyalty that Eric epitomized throughout the series. He rarely even switched friends or lovers in all six seasons.

7 Virgo: Serena Van der Woodsen

It's safe to say that the statuesque Serena is just about anybody's dream girl, but she is especially good for Virgos. People born under Virgo tend to be a bit rigid in their ways and can be slightly conservative and shy. They need a free spirit like Serena to make them discover the true joys of life.

Serena was loving, carefree, optimistic, and loved living life to the fullest - sometimes even going a bit overboard. A careful Virgo and a nonconformist, a bohemian soul like Serena would fill the missing voids in each other's lives and enrich each other endlessly.

6 Libra: Lily Van der Woodsen

Urbane, sophisticated, and polished Libra would not want to be seen with anybody else who wasn't as much of a savant as them.

Librans love the finer, more indulgent things in life, a quality that they would share with Lily, who had an eye for fine art, elegant interiors, and high fashion. Lily would be a true soulmate to the social butterfly that is a Libra, and together they would rule high society.

5 Scorpio: Georgina Sparks

No zodiac sign loves power more than Scorpio, and Georgina Sparks is full of it. The scheming, whip-smart villain knows of the power she wields, and she knows exactly how to use it.

Her passion for, well, conspiring, is unparalleled, and her personality is magnetic to a Scorpio who lives for the determination, wit, and willfulness that Georgina is known for.

4 Sagittarius: Vanessa Abrams

Vanessa was very different from the usual Upper East Side crowd — she made documentaries, rallied to save heritage buildings, was fiercely independent and intellectual, and made it a point to travel around the world.

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Her freedom-loving and honest ways would make her the ideal soulmate for a Sagittarius. Sagittarius folk tend to be a bit restless and disorganized, and somebody like Vanessa would sort their lives out effortlessly.

3 Capricorn: Blair Waldorf

This one is a no-brainer — nobody but Blair Waldorf could match the ambition, discipline, careful logic, and prudence that a Capricorn stands for. Be it her elaborate plots to defeat her enemies, or her hard work to make it to Yale, Blair's top scores, her love for classics and intelligent mind would appeal greatly to a Capricorn.

The sign does have a habit to become a bit miserly at times, and indulgent Blair could teach their soulmate how to splurge a bit on themselves. Now it's only a matter of time until fans get to see what changes are made to her character once the reboot arrives.

2 Aquarius: Dorota Kishlovsky

The rebel of the zodiac, Aquarius almost always needs a caretaker to curb their overzealous urges for anarchy and revolution. To counter their unpredictability, they need a soulmate like sweet yet stern Dorota, who kept Blair's impulses in check throughout Gossip Girl.

Besides her caretaking abilities, Dorota was a deeply affectionate, loyal, and loving lady, and an Aquarius needs that in a soulmate to make them believe that the world is actually a good place to be in.

1 Pisces: Nate Archibald

The only friend from the gang who didn't send in a single tip to Gossip Girl, Nate was sweet, sensitive, selfless, and compassionate to others. After going through the trials of being homeless and played by an older woman, he still retained his softness, which makes him a Pisces' soulmate.

Compassion and kindness rank high on a Pisces's list of qualities for a mate, and Nate stayed that way throughout the series. His innocence and idealism are magnetic to the water sign.

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