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Why Starfield Won't Be Full Of Glitches Like Skyrim (Hopefully)

Bethesda's upcoming open-world space RPG Starfield got a lot of attention within the last week as more news was provided concerning its ongoing development. Now that Starfield has an official release date, some are beginning to wonder about the game's technical limitations. Given Bethesda's notoriety concerning extensive glitches in the past, should prospective Starfield players be worried?

After extensive speculation, Starfield was officially announced by Bethesda back in 2018. Since then, progress on the project has been uncertain at best. Various leaks have circulated showing off images and even a few gameplay details, but the largest update came during Bethesda's presentation at E3 2021. A new Starfield trailer not only showcased more of the game's universe, but also finally provided fans with a release date. Currently, Starfield is set to release on November 11, 2022 and will be a fully-single player experience. Additionally, more context was given about the game's story for the first time since its announcement.

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Starfield follows a space explorer from a company called Constellation, and seems to heavily feature space travel as well as ground exploration of different planets, though it's uncertain how this will be implemented in the game itself. Given that Starfield has been set up to be "Skyrim in space," many have speculated that different player classes will feature in the game. Other factions are also confirmed, and much emphasis has been put on player customizability and freedom. However, the scope of the world has started to concern quite a few Bethesda fans, who have begun wondering if Starfield's size will be too much for the game's engine to handle. Will Starfield be full of the same glitches Bethesda is so well-known for?

When Skyrim was released in 2011, it quickly became notorious for the large amount of hilarious glitches that could be found in the game. At this point, Skyrim's glitches have become part of its identity in the eyes of many fans. Subsequent Bethesda releases such as Fallout 4 were similarly riddled with bugs and other glaring issues, and it seems now that glitches have become synonymous with Bethesda's name in the gaming world. A large number of these errors are caused by the Creation Engine, which was built upon the Gamebryo engine that had been used for previous Bethesda titles.

Starfield is confirmed to be using an updated and reworked version of the Creation Engine titled Creation Engine 2, and according to Todd Howard it will be Bethesda's biggest engine overhaul since Oblivion. Given the focus on Starfield being built for next-gen platforms, it seems safe to assume that the game will see some major technological upgrades all around, and seems to indicate that Starfield will have significantly less glitches when it finally releases. Only time will tell, however, if Bethesda managed to entirely overcome the Creation Engine's fundamental physics problems. There's a reason no one in The Elder Scrolls uses ladders, after all.

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