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Winter Soldier is Officially the Deadshot of Marvel's Suicide Squad

Warning: spoilers ahead for Heroes Reborn: Squadron Savage #1!

In the latest installment of Marvel's Heroes Reborn event, the Squadron Savage is revealed to be Marvel's version of the Suicide Squad, and the Winter Soldier is their Deadshot. While the Squadron Supreme of America are a pastiche of DC's Justice League in this new timeline, it appears as though the Squadron Savage is the Suicide Squad, featuring a team of villains and rogues controlled by Secretary of Defense Wilson Fisk, handling darker threats that require a covert approach. The Squadron Savage's latest mission sees them tasked with taking down a reality-shifting threat, bringing in Winter Soldier as a crack marksman to seal the deal.

The warped reality of Heroes Reborn has seen the Squadron Supreme of America taking the place of the Avengers as Earth's Mightiest Heroes, seeing how the Avengers never assembled in this timeline. As such, a cascade of other changes have occurred as well, with almost every hero and villain in this new Marvel Universe having altered lives, most of which resemble characters from the DC Universe. For example, Heroes Reborn: Squadron Savage #1 from Ethan Sacks and Luca Pizzari sees the former Kingpin Wilson Fisk holding the position of US Secretary of Defense under President Phil Coulson, and he has a very similar job as DC's Amanda Waller, running a covert team of black-ops soldiers not unlike her Suicide Squad to protect America's interests. However, Fisk takes things a step further. While Waller uses implanted neck bombs to force her agents' compliance, Fisk brainwashes and reprograms his squadron's minds to make them believe they chose to serve him.

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Fisk's team is compromised of Elektra as field leader, the Punisher, Cloak, Crossbones, and Murder Hornet (whose true identity remains a mystery.) However, Elektra also secures a secret sixth member, holding him in reserve until the time is right. Seeing as how their new target is none other than Kang the Conquerer, who threatened to restore reality (with him as ruler), the element of surprise was key. Once Elektra managed to get close enough to have Kang lower his force field, the Winter Soldier was activated and teleported in by Cloak, firing a well-placed headshot that cut down the villain at the expense of the Winter Soldier's own life.

Just like DC's Suicide Squad, the Squadron Savage needed an expendable marksman in the mold of Floyd Lawton's Deadshot, who was recently killed during a mission in DC Comics. Despite the brutal nature of the strategy, Elektra's gambit pays off and Kang is taken completely by surprise by the rapid turn of events, which was evidently the only chance the Squadron had at beating him before he restored reality. Apparently, Kang is one of the few Marvel characters who know that reality had been changed such as Blade, the new Phoenix, and a few others they've been rallying against the Squadron Supreme over the course of Heroes Reborn.

Bucky's new life and death show the rotten core of this new reality, ruled over by Mephisto. The Winter Soldier has fought for much of his life to be free from the control of others, struggling with the guilt of the murders he was forced to commit. It's yet another dark detail of the Heroes Reborn timeline that the Winter Soldier ends up on this warped version of the Suicide Squad, reduced to the role of a trained killer like Deadshot, and giving his life to protect a reality in which he's returned to his worst nightmare.

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