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Wonder Woman Will Make a Better Queen Than Hippolyta

Warning: contains major spoilers for Wonder Woman #773!

Wonder Woman is already proving that she would make a better queen than HippolytaWonder Woman #773 continues Diana's growth and search for the truth of the Amazon's history. This issue shows that she will surpass her mother as ruler of Themyscira, for many reasons.

Diana's youth has been depicted multiple times in different comics, as well as in both Wonder Woman (2017) and Wonder Woman 1984 (2020). She grew up on Themyscira, the home of the Amazons, which is ruled by her mother Hippolyta, who has worn the mantle of Wonder Woman as a strong warrior queen. The crown of Themyscira was recently passed to Nubia, while Hippolyta joined the Justice League when Diana ended up in Valhalla. However, Diana would wear the crown very well.

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Created by Jordie Bellaire, Paulina Ganucheau, Kendall Goode, and Becca Carey, the backup story "Stories to Tell" in Wonder Woman #773 continues Diana's quest for the truth. The young hero knows that secrets are being kept and that the history of her people is missing. Determined to discover the truth, she has already found one missing text. Through this journey for the dark history of the Amazons, Diana is already showing her potential to be queen. She is demonstrating characteristics that will make her a more effective and beloved queen of Themyscira than her own mother.

In this latest issue, Diana goes to visit an Amazon named Magala, who is perceived as a witch. She is kept at a distance and lives as a hermit, though Diana sees her weekly. Diana is shown urging her mother to do the same, but Hippolyta says she's too busy to visit with every Amazon. She additionally brushes aside Magala as "not responsive to authority." Yet Diana is allowed and encouraged to visit the old woman nonetheless. In this way, the Amazonian princess becomes a representative of the queen, though her own kindness and acceptance of everyone is definitely noted. It is so noticeable that those who hide the secrets of the past or who seek them work with the young Wonder Woman readily.

Magala provides missing pages of the text Diana recovered in the last issue and Clio has been encouraging Diana, albeit with reservations. Yet the discoveries from these texts are all things that have long since been purposely hidden and even Hippolyta may have had a hand in hiding them since she's been so quick to dismiss the Amazons' history as something Diana's better off not knowing. While Diana seeking this information and making the alliances she is could be portrayed and perceived as defiant, it is really just showing how good of a queen she would be.

Between Hippolyta and Diana, the princess is the most receptive and open to all Amazons, not just some. She is trusted by Themyscirans who are much older than she is and who have experienced more. On top of that, Diana is not inherently secretive. She hides what her personal mission is, but she does so in order to pursue truth. She is the most open to confronting her peoples' darker side and pushing towards honesty. This drive for transparency and acknowledgement of all aspects of her home emphasizes the ideals that she will uphold when she eventually takes up the Wonder Woman mantle. It also shows that she will be a more trusted ruler, an honest queen, and a compassionate listener. In time, Wonder Woman will surpass her mother, Hippolyta, and be a better queen of Themyscira.

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