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Younger: Who Every Main Character Ended Up With | ScreenRant

Younger, as much as it is a series about friendship, careers, and making it in New York, is a show about relationships. Like many similar shows, there's a central will-they-won't-they love triangle - this one between Liza, Josh, and Charles - and everyone starts out single and finds their way through various dating mishaps to a (hopefully) happy ending.

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Unlike many similar series, though, Younger does manage to avoid the trope of pairing everyone off in order to make their ending 'happy'. After the series finale, the majority of the main characters are actually alone, and often happier for it. So what is the relationship status of the core crew in the end?

9 Zane: Presumably Single

Zane was, unfortunately, cut from the final season of the series due to covid/scheduling complications, and after a quick explanatory scene where he dumps Kelsey, he is never heard from again. Fans can assume that by the end of the show, then, he is still single, as he was in his last appearance. However, it's not made explicit, because the end of his story is cut so unfortunately short. If there were to be a spin-off, he would be a great candidate to meet Kelsey in her new LA home, but as that is unlikely (thanks to Duff's commitment to How I Met Your Father), fans will just have to guess at Zane's happy ending.

8 Diana: Married To Enzo

Diana was also cut from the final season for the same reasons, and it was a bigger blow to the series, as she was such a huge part of Younger for so long. She did get more of an ending, though, as her absence was explained by her decision to remain in Italy with her new husband, Enzo.

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Diana's surprise happily ever after with a plumber was a sweet story for her final season on Younger, and fans can rest easy knowing that she is happily wandering Italy with Enzo, madly in love.

7 Redmond: Dating Austin

Redmond announced in the finale itself that he had been in a relationship for eleven months, and that his boyfriend was looking for investors for a new musical. It was an odd inclusion in the finale, and seemed added to both give Redmond an ending, and to make the point that Liza's big lie wasn't entirely forgotten. In the end, though, Charles gets her parody written out of the musical, and all is well that ends well. And of course, Redmond gets his happy ending.

6 Quinn: Single

Although Quinn spent most of the final season in a relationship with Charles, this was abruptly ended in the final episodes, as she heads off to tropical beaches, and Charles heads back into a relationship with Liza. This is an ending that suits Quinn, in many ways, as she repeatedly shows herself to be too self-serving and harsh to be a really great romantic partner - and even ends her relationship with Charles snapping at him and being rude and patronizing to him. It's hard to feel too sorry for her, in the end.

5 Charles: Single

One of the biggest surprises of the finale was that after leaving Quinn and getting back together with Liza, Charles ends up single - as he and Liza realize that they just keep lying to each other. Or at least, keeping secrets, and creating little 'tests' for each other, neither of which is a sign of a particularly healthy relationship. Thankfully, they are able to recognize this, and Charles ends the show single, and headed out for a new life as a writer.

4 Lauren: Dating Max & Greg

For a few episodes, Younger seemed to be hinting that Lauren would reunite with Max, the doctor that she dated for a while, before leaving him because she was worried that life with him would be too boring and traditional. In the end, she does get back together with Max - but not in a traditional relationship structure.

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She ends up connecting with Max and his new fiance, Greg, and the three decide to create a new relationship dynamic together. Sadly, this doesn't get a whole lot of screentime or exploration, but it's great to see Lauren end up in a relationship that fulfills her desire to be with a kind, stable doctor (doctors, in fact), and to be doing something that could never be called heteronormative.

3 Maggie: Starting A New Relationship With Cass

In another big surprise ending, Maggie ends up starting a relationship with Cass - the woman who hired her as a professor, then got her fired and canceled as a transphobe (for the title of a show put on decades before), then helped her relaunch her career in the end. This was, in many ways, a disappointment - Maggie is a woman who always seemed to enjoy being single, so to have her decide that she is suddenly 'in love' with a woman who nearly ruined her was a strange choice for the show.

2 Kelsey: Single

Kelsey spent much of the final season in a relationship with Rob, but that came crashing down in the final episodes when Rob turned out to be self-serving and manipulative - looking to take a whopping 20% of her app deal for his 'contacts'. Kelsey, rightfully, shut that down, and the relationship with it. That did mean that she ends the series single, but that's also not a bad thing. While Kelsey has always been open to love, her career has always come first, and seeing her end up with a new business and a bright new LA future is much more satisfying than seeing her with another less-than-stellar romantic choice.

1 Liza & Josh: Single, But Probably About To Get Together

Liza and Josh's final scene echos their first meeting, right down to Liza joking about his tattoos - but there are a few key differences. The big one, of course, is that when Liza says that she didn't see him, Josh replies that he was 'right here all along', a (very) thinly veiled hint that he was her ideal partner all along, and now they can get back together. Fans are denied the satisfaction of seeing them end the show with a kiss, but it's very clearly an ending that points to the two of them living happily ever after.

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