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10 Anime Fans Of The Witcher Need To Check Out | ScreenRant

Season 2 of Netflix's hit supernatural fantasy-drama series The Witcher is slated for release on December 17, 2021. At last blush, the mighty Geralt of Rivia finally found and faced off with Crown Princess Ciri at the merchant's ranch, setting up for an ultra-exciting Season 2 story arc arriving this Christmastime.

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The Witcher's immersive medieval setting, compelling magical characters, temporal jumps back and forth, and violently riveting monster-hunting premise are sure to appeal to fans of certain anime that explore similar supernatural territory.

10 The Heroic Legend Of Arslan

To follow another white-haired hero in a magical fantasy realm, tune into The Heroic Legend of Arslan. The medieval fantasy epic follows Arslan, a young crown prince challenged to the throne he feels is rightly his. To become King, Arslan must ally with the proper people and stop a masked imposter before defeating a gargantuan humanoid monster.

The six-part animated series is bound to become a favorite of The Witcher fans for its episodic travels, palace intrigue, the imaginary world steeped in ancient lore, and a compelling lead character who resembles the animated version of Geralt.

9 Goblin Slayer

Anime lovers who watch The Witcher ought to watch Goblin Slayer, a 13-episode series also set in an ancient fictional fantasy land full of monstrous creatures. Almost identical to Geralt, the story follows the lone mysterious title character who traverses the land and earns money by killing as many lethal goblins as possible.

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Beyond the medieval setting, near-identical premise, and protagonist, Goblin Slayer also shares a tragic childhood backstory and overcame his trauma in a way that parallels Geralt. Both begin as orphans who overcome their circumstances to become the best monster hunters alive.

8 Guardian Of The Sacred Spirit

Guardian of the Sacred Spirit is a must-see 26-episode anime series. Set in medieval Japan, the ruthless emperor puts a target on a young boy who he believes is possessed by a deadly water demon. It's up to the boy's spear-throwing expert mother, Balsa, to rescue him and prevent a nationwide draught.

Much like Geralt, Balsa is a nomadic warrior dedicated to the sole purpose of defeating her monstrous foes. Along the way, she rescues and protects the evil emperor's son, who wants him dead at all costs. The family in-fighting and backstabbing is also redolent of The Witcher.

7 Drifters

Anime fans are still awaiting Season 2 of Drifters, a superb series that collates several historical figures from Japan's past and places them in one strange imaginary land that resembles places from each major epoch. Once there, they battle evil historical figures called The Ends to determine global supremacy.

With intense action-packed fight sequences, hyper-violent bloodshed, and a unique glimpse into Japan's complicated history, Drifters is also rife with supernatural elves, dwarves, hobbits, giants, and dragons that call to mind the beasts of The Witcher.

6 Castlevania

Netflix's Castlevania series is an ideal animated companion piece to The Witcher, namely for its dark adult tone and intense violence. Based on the mega-popular Konami video game title, the series follows beloved Trevor Belmont and Alucard as they do everything in their power to quash a citywide invasion of sinister supernatural creatures.

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Instead of a witch hunter like Geralt, Belmont is a vampire hunter equipped with his trademark whip and anti-bloodsucking arsenal. The wicked witchcraft seen in the beginning when Vlad's wife is burned at the stakes shares similar terrifying imagery and iconography depicted in The Witcher.

5 Inuyasha

On the air from 2000-2004, Inuyasha is among the most definitive demon-hunter anime series ever created. In addition to the supernatural monster-hunting element, it's the whirlwind time travel and excellent characterizations that are sure to resonate with The Witcher fans.

Inuyasha is the name of a half-dog-demon warrior who goes back and forth in time to help his teenage best friend Kagome retrieve the shards of the magical Shikon Jewel, which bestows tremendous power to those who possess it. Armed with unparalleled fighting abilities, Inuyasha and his allies traverse the land, slay demons, and engage in harrowing adventures that Geralt would even balk at.

4 Rurouni Kenshin

Set in the Meiji era of Japan, Rurouni Kenshin is a lethal wandering samurai who has some of the best sword fights in TV history. Kenshin treks across the land like Geralt with his reverse katana blade and slays whatever natural or supernatural threat that dares to cross his path. As such, the two stars of each show are supremely simpatico.

Also marred by a tragic past, the expert swordsman assassin Kenshin finds solace through friendship at a local dojo where he's hired to provide training. This gives him a redemptive sense of humanity that, like Geralt, makes him a rootable and sympathetic character.

3 Claymore

Named after the medieval Scottish two-handed sword, Claymore is a dark fantasy anime ideally suited for fans of The Witcher and its ilk. The drama follows Clare, a young silver-eyed orphan whose parents were killed by a creature belonging to a mysterious race of shapeshifting humanoids known as Yoma. Like Geralt, Clare overcomes the tallest of odds en route to triumph.

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Clare makes it her life's mission to avenge her parents' death by enlisting the help of Teresa, infiltrating the shady Organization, and trains Yoma half-breeds to resist and fight back.

2 Berserk

Anime fans of The Witcher will have a hard time finding a better, more influential, and intrinsically linked TV series to watch than Berserk. Also set in a medieval land in the middle of warring nations, Berserk tracks a ruthless swordsman named Guts who fights his way into the legal system as a way to foster change in this intensely themed manga adaptation.

Guts and Geralt are two of the coolest and most complex protagonists cut from the same cloth, both serving as lone mercenaries with the sole purpose of defeating evil entities and remaining alive at all costs.

1 Attack On Titan

As Japan's preeminent anime series, Attack on Titan is an absolute must-see for casual and ardent Witcher fans alike. Much like Geralt, the protagonist Eren Yeager is a fierce warrior who overcomes a dark childhood to become the land's most formidable monster slayer. In this case, Eren battels titanic humanoid beasts out to end humanity.

Eren also possesses a slew of magical abilities and supernatural skills in his Titan form, including the awesome powers of the Founding Titan Attack Titan, and the almighty War Hammer Titan. With enhanced strength and speed to go with hardening skills, regeneration powers, and the ability to inherit future memories, Eren is Geralt's perfect running mate.

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