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10 Best Anime Characters Like Levi Ackerman | ScreenRant

Although anime has steadily risen in mainstream popularity over the past couple of decades, it still takes a very special kind of show to be recognizable on-sight even by people who don't even watch anime. This extends to the show's characters, as well, and in the case of Attack On Titan, no character is as iconic as the indomitable Levi Ackerman.

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Levi is a unique character in the sense that he both embodies and defies traditional anime tropes: he's nearly unbeatable, yet is complex in his actions and motivations. To compare other characters to him is to say that they, too, are interesting to watch and complex - thankfully, he is not the only such character in anime.

10 Shinomori Aoshi

Introduced as one of the first noteworthy antagonists in Rurouni Kenshin, Aoshi is basically what Levi would have been if he'd gone back to his criminal lifestyle after years of service. He is cold, cunning, and capable, and on the surface, he seems almost inhuman.

Yet he and Levi share a deep sense of loyalty for those they care for, and they take it very personally when their companions die. Aoshi has only ever done what he believed was right, and - also like Levi - his convictions were ultimately mutable.

9 Satoshi Batista

In that same vein, if Levi had never left his criminal origins whatsoever, he very likely would have gone down the path of Satoshi Batista. As one of the most harrowing characters to behold in Michiko To Hatchin, Satoshi is merciless and unforgiving, and he'll do anything to achieve his goals.

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Of course, Satoshi wasn't always like this: he was molded by the world he lived in, and learned not to trust others. Perhaps Levi would have come to a similar conclusion if his friends had betrayed him, as Satoshi's did.

8 Ginko

On the flip side of these two villains, there's the charming and demure Ginko from Mushishi. Ginko is a mysterious man who travels from village to village, aiding those in need with his in-depth knowledge of mushi: strange creatures who are manifested from the most primitive source of energy on earth.

Both Ginko and Levi are very devoted to their causes and don't often question their paths in life. They are comfortable with the choices they've made and don't make a big fuss about them. Ultimately, they are both grown men who are solid in their convictions and know they're good at what they do.

7 Near

As far as Death Note characters go, some might think L is more Levi-like, but they'd be forgetting how low the detective will stoop to accomplish his goals. Levi tries to be more dignified and in control, and that ultimately makes him more similar to Near: L's unnervingly calm protégé.

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While L is not above making himself deliberately look like a fool to trick people, Near is always colder, assuming an otherworldly demeanor and separating himself from the antics of others. Yet in private, he had his eccentricities, much like Levi - one's little toy robots are another's feather-dusters, after all.

6 Hijikata Toshiro

What if Levi was just a complete dork, under his aloof veneer? What if he cracked under pressure and went on to make a total fool of himself? If this was the sort of person he was, no question about it, he and Gintama's Hijikata would be total twins. Hailing from one of Studio Sunrise's most successful projects, there is a lot to notice about Hijikata.

Both are leaders of militaristic factions, who care about their underlings but are strict with the rules and tend to hold themselves to higher standards. However, Levi actually follows through on these standards, while Toshi is the sort of man who can be found taunting stray cats with a full bottle of mayonnaise.

5 Riza Hawkeye

While Roy Mustang might seem like an easy choice as a consistent FMA fan favorite, as far as Fullmetal Alchemist characters go, his lieutenant is actually a lot more like Levi. Riza Hawkeye is stone-cold and direct in her intentions, with a quiet way about her and a tough-love approach to life that can make her seem cruel.

However, she's only this way because she cares so deeply about her role as a "protector," as well as the people around her. She's constantly torn up about her past and how it defines her present, and like Levi, she doesn't necessarily love working for the military - she simply believes her role is necessary.

4 Re-L Mayer

Ergo Proxy's Re-L is quite similar to Levi in his younger days. She commands respect from everyone she meets and is brazenly confident in everything she does. That said, her need to be in control can sometimes be her undoing.

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But she also shares something that even the adult Levi exhibits, which is a disdain for the rules. Although Levi shows a certain respect for his order, it is only because of what it represents to him, and his personal affections for his troupe and Commander Erwin. Outside of these personal barometers, he's much like Re-L: acting with little respect for the law, to the point of outright mockery.

3 Jin

As one of the central protagonists from the beloved, binge-worthy Samurai Champloo, Jin is the "cool" one. He is seemingly level-headed and precise, deftly masking his troubled past with an air of dignity. That said, just because he embodies the air of a samurai, he is ultimately a ronin, acting on behalf of his own sense of right and wrong - just like Levi.

As well as this, both men are extremely capable fighters and are well-trained in their particular disciplines. They can handle themselves like no other and are always a caliber above most people they meet (and, judging from their quiet arrogance, they both know it!).

2 Anna Kyoyama

This itako is more than just a devoted partner - she is absolutely brutal in her methods and is not above getting a little punchy in order to get her desired results. In this, she and Levi are one and the same: they expect the best from their pupils and will not suffer fools.

But, also like Levi, she comes from a place of love, as well as wisdom. Shaman King's Anna is quite good at masking any anxiety she may feel because she understands how important it is to seem strong to those who look up to her. She fulfills her role quite well, and at only 15 is able to match the maturity of one such as Levi.

1 Goemon Ishikawa XIII

Sassy, classy, and never brassy, Lupin The Third's iconic samurai shares the Levi mentality of upholding honor and discretion at all times. And while Levi may not be as stiff as Goemon, he's just as condescending, as well as loyal - neither would ever rat out their friends with lesser morals, even if they think they're idiots.

On a more shallow level, they also share a fair degree of inexperience when it comes to romance.

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