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10 Best Anime On Hulu (Right Now) | ScreenRant

With more and more anime series available on streaming services than ever before, viewers have no shortage of options when it comes to picking a show to watch. From classic titles to new fan favorites, there are myriad choices to watch amounting to thousands of hours of content.

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Hulu offers some of the best anime of any streaming service on the market. To make sure they aren't missing out, fans will want to check out the best anime Hulu has to offer if they have not done so already.

10 One-Punch Man

One-Punch Man is about Saitama, a warrior who becomes so strong that he can defeat any opponent with a single punch. While such incredible power sounds like a great gift, Saitama soon grows bored of easy victories and can't help feeling dissatisfied with his overwhelming strength.

It's common in anime for the main character to be super strong, but One-Punch Man takes that premise to a ridiculous degree and flips it on its head. Its captivating battles invariably end anti-climatically as Saitama drops each foe with a single punch, which lends the show an irreverent atmosphere that pokes fun at popular shonen themes. Fans can watch both the dubbed and subbed versions of the first two seasons on Hulu.

9 My Hero Academia

The age of the superhero is here, and the anime industry hasn't failed to capitalize on the trend. Amongst the many superhero anime, My Hero Academia is easily one of the best. My Hero Academia's huge cast of characters wield a dazzling array of unique powers, and its story hits upon classic themes of good versus evil.

The supporting characters are well designed, and each gets their own interesting backstory and time to develop. While its plot is relatively straightforward and doesn't push any boundaries, the show's likable characters and well-crafted system of Quirks make it a compelling and worthwhile watch. Hulu has every episode of the series and fans can watch new episodes as they come out each week.

8 One Piece

It goes without saying that few anime can boast staying power like One Piece. The story of Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates has entertained viewers for over 20 years, and it continues to attract new fans as the series progresses.

With its colorful cast of characters and exciting battles, One Piece is a thrilling ride that manages to stay fairly consistent over its nearly 1,000 episodes to date. While some arcs are unnecessarily long, the series is still one of the most painstakingly in anime history. Fans can watch the first eleven seasons on Hulu, which covers events through the Dressrosa Arc.

7 Fruits Basket

Viewers who are looking for a change of pace from battles and power systems will want to give Fruits Basket a try. The story follows high schooler, Tohru Honda, as she attempts to break the mysterious Zodiac Curse that haunts the members of the Sohma family.

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Since its release in 2019, Fruits Basket has won over a legion of fans due to its heartwarming story and endearing cast of characters. Its focus on character development and the relationships between them make it one of the best series on Hulu. Currently, fans are able to watch the first two seasons with their subscription.

6 Hunter X Hunter

Although Madhouse Studio's version of Hunter x Hunter ended back in 2014, fans continue to reminisce about the series to this day. The story follows Gon and his friends who are Hunters who possess unique abilities that allow them to seek out treasure, hunt dangerous animals, and engage in clandestine activities outside the limits of normal individuals.

While the series starts out childlike and innocent, it quickly escalates into a dark story full of revenge and intrigue. This blending of lighthearted elements with heavy themes is one reason why the series has become so iconic. Unfortunately, only the first 73 episodes are available on Hulu, so fans must go elsewhere if they wish to finish the series.

5 Death Note

Few anime feature a more compelling main character than Light Yagami, the flawed anti-hero of Death NoteUpon discovering a notebook that allows him to kill anyone whose name is written in the book, Light uses the book to carry out swift and violent justice, which brings his actions under the scrutiny of security forces and the brilliant detective, L.

In addition to tackling profound questions about morality and justice, the series also contains one of the most cerebral and intelligent strategy stories found in anime. The mind games that Light and his pursuers play with each other make for a thrilling chase that is both satisfying and full of unexpected twists. All 37 episodes are available on Hulu in both the dubbed and subbed versions.

4 Cowboy Bebop

Although it only ran for 26 episodes, Cowboy Bebop left a lasting impression on the entire anime industry. Following the exploits of a team of bounty hunters who roam the galaxy in pursuit of their next payday, the series continues to be a fan favorite 20 years after it ended back in 1999.

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There are many reasons to check out Cowboy Bebop, as it features great animation, incredible storytelling, and a legendary soundtrack. Numerous creators continue to look to it for inspiration, and, every year, new fans get to experience the joy of watching what is widely considered one of the most influential anime of all time. Hulu subscribers can watch the full series with subtitles or the dubbed version.

3 Naruto

Spawning several spinoffs and numerous video games and other media, Naruto is one of the most successful anime of all time. Masashi Kishimoto's ninja epic follows Naruto, a young ninja forced to carry a terrifying power who must fight to gain acceptance from his fellow ninja as he works toward his goal of becoming the greatest ninja in the Hidden Leaf Village.

Naruto contains a huge supporting cast, with each character featured in the anime given adequate time to develop a decent backstory and overcome adversity. It brilliantly blends themes of friendship, home, and sacrifice into a compelling story while also delivering nonstop action, making it a must-see anime for shonen fans. Every episode is available on Hulu in both subbed and dubbed versions.

2 Attack On Titan

Over the past few years, Attack on Titan has cemented itself as one of the best anime currently in production. The story of Eren Jaeger's and humanity's fight against the terrifying titans, and the forces of Marley has captivated audiences around the world and it's easy to see why.

Attack on Titan is able to blend horror, action, and mystery into a well-written and compelling narrative that keeps viewers guessing as to what will happen next. The characters are well-developed, and the story is well-paced with plenty of action interspersed with political intrigue and drama. Fans can watch every episode to date on Hulu, but only the subbed version of the final season is currently available.

1 Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood Is Loved By All Types Of Fans

For almost 10 years, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood has delighted fans of all types. The anime follows the fan-favorite brothers Edward and Alphonse Elric as they search for a way to recover their bodies using the amazing power of alchemy.

Produced by the studio Bones, the series is beautifully animated and features some of the best character design and writing to be found in any anime. Whether fans enjoy action, political intrigue, or character-driven narratives, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood has something to offer for everyone. Every episode is currently available for streaming on Hulu in both dubbed and subbed versions.

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