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10 Best Classic JRPGs Available On Switch | ScreenRant

Owners and fans of the console may not have realized it, but the hot-selling Nintendo Switch has become a choice platform for JRPG titles in recent years. The console has welcomed the newest releases of some of the genre's biggest titles, including Dragon Quest, Disgaea, and Ys, but those with a taste for the classics won't be disappointed either.

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Thanks to a steady stream of ports from JRPG industry titans like Square Enix, the Switch is now home to dozens of classic titles from big names like Final Fantasy and the aforementioned Dragon Quest, as well as some lesser-known Switch gems from the consoles of yesteryear.

10 Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster

Considered by many to be the last "classic" Final Fantasy title - or at least the final entry before Squaresoft's merger produced Square Enix as we know them today - Final Fantasy X (and to a lesser extent its sequel) is a frequent front runner in conversations about picking the best Final Fantasy title.

Chief among its advantages are an arresting soundtrack (perhaps series veteran Nobuo Uematsu's best), a deeply personal and moving story, a complex and updated battle system, and a richly detailed world. Indeed, it seems that Final Fantasy X has a lot to offer for fans of the genre. On the other hand, Final Fantasy X-2 is, to put it mildly, controversial, and is perhaps the most argued about Final Fantasy after VIII. Still, it's worth experiencing both.

9 Grandia HD Collection

The Grandia duology might not have commanded the sales and attention that Final Fantasy enjoyed at the time, but these two games are just as deserving of attention in the modern era. Released for the PlayStation and PlayStation 2 respectively, Grandia and its sequel are charming RPGs with great casts, strong senses of adventure, and battle systems that feel fresh even by today's standards.

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Although the Switch port of these titles was met with icy reception on release due to a range of technical issues, subsequent patches and bug fixes have by many accounts improved the experience. Although it's still hard to consider these ports flawless, the minor technical issues are not intrusive enough to damage the overall experience.

8 Collection Of Mana

Ask fans of the genre what their favorite action RPG outing on the Super Nintendo was, and chances are most will cite Secret of Mana as their outstanding favorite. Although Secret of Mana was met with widespread success in North America, its prequel and sequel, known in Japan as the Seiken Densetsu series, never got quite as much exposure overseas.

Luckily, there's Collection of Mana, which packages all three Seiken Densetsu games together for ease of access on the Switch. Included in the trilogy is Seiken Densetsu/Final Fantasy Adventure/Mystic Quest for the original GameBoy, as well as the venerable Secret of Mana, and its sequel - Trials of Mana.

7 Shin Megami Tensei III Nocturne HD Remaster

For those who have chewed up and tossed aside the hardest bosses that Final Fantasy has to offer, those who can hardly see clearly on account of their blinding RPG bloodlust, or those who simply crave the eternal release of death; there is Shin Megami Tensei III, regarded as one of the highlights of the Shin Megami Tensei series, as well as one of the most difficult offerings on the Switch.

Indeed, this is a title best suited for those looking for a challenge. The demonic onslaught the player has to face down will gleefully dash the hopes and dreams of the unprepared or inexperienced across the rocks, laughing while they do it. Survival will require in-depth knowledge of the game's systems, and polished strategic reasoning.

6 Breath Of Fire 2

Capcom's Breath of Fire series has always been something of an underdog outside of Japan, despite its excellent artwork and innovative battle systems. The series has commanded a small but loyal fanbase though, who, to this day, clamor for some kind of HD remaster or continuation of the franchise.

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For now, though, going back to the classics is the best way to experience the Breath of Fire series. Luckily for Nintendo Switch Online subscribers, the first two games in the series are available for free on the console's official Super Nintendo emulator, meaning that it couldn't be easier to jump right in.

5 Dragon Quest III: The Seeds Of Salvation

The long-running Dragon Quest series is a JRPG franchise rivaled in legacy and breadth only by the similarly legendary Final Fantasy. These two titans of the industry have been more instrumental than most in forming audience expectations of what exactly a JRPG is, making Dragon Quest among the most influential game franchises ever.

Although Dragon Quest never enjoyed the breakaway success that Final Fantasy did in the United States, fans now have a number of ways to experience the classic titles on modern consoles. One such avenue is the release of Dragon Quest III for the Switch. Although it certainly shows a bit of its age, it's a classic for the ages, and a legacy title that isn't to be missed.

4 Final Fantasy IX

In the eternally-raging "which Final Fantasy is the best" debate, fans of Final Fantasy IX field a number of compelling arguments. This title is without a doubt one of the best-looking games released for the original PlayStation, combining graphical ingenuity with brilliant artwork to create a rich aesthetic experience. The game also features an excellent cast, and a fantastical tone intended to bring Final Fantasy back to its roots after the sci-fi outings in VII and VIII.

Although this argument will likely never be resolved in our lifetimes, it's will always be safe to say that Final Fantasy IX is one of the highlights of the series, and among the best JRPG offerings available on Switch.

3 Star Ocean: First Departure R

Star Ocean is an action RPG franchise that has been around for quite a while, its first release being 1996's Star Ocean for the Super Famicom. This original entry was remade once in 2008 under the title Star Ocean: First Departure, and then remastered once again as in 2019 for the Switch as Star Ocean: First Departure R.

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As a remaster/remake, First Departure R introduces a couple of bells and whistles to freshen the product up for modern audiences (redrawn sprites and character portraits, full voiceover, etc.), while preserving most mechanical elements of the original title to ensure a faithful remake.

2 Romancing SaGa 3

The SaGa series from Square has always been perceived as Final Fantasy's odd cousin. Where the developer's flagship franchise is widely loved, accessible, and narratively driven, SaGa is a little more niche, more interested in granular RPG mechanics, and less welcoming to newcomers. These are, of course, all reasons why SaGa fans continue to sing the praises of the series.

Although Romancing SaGa 3, one of the better-regarded entries in the series, might at first appear similar to the Final Fantasy titles of the SNES era, those who stick with it will find it to be a complex, esoteric, and deeply rewarding RPG experience.

1 Final Fantasy VII

It would be difficult to argue that there's a JRPG out there with a legacy as impressive as Final Fantasy VII, especially where markets outside of Japan are concerned. An aggressive marketing campaign and jaw-dropping technical advancements helped the game shatter sales expectations in North America, paving the way for the enduring popularity of JRPGs going forward in that region.

Fortunately, Final Fantasy VII deserves its venerable reputation. A great cast and briskly-paced story pair excellently with the highly customizable character-building experience through the Materia system, leading to engaging RPG number crunching and a compelling narrative.

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