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10 Best Pop Culture References In Schitt's Creek | ScreenRant

Schitt's Creek is bursting with humor and quirky characters, and with a rich family like the Roses (before they lost everything), a running joke on the series is all their run-ins with celebrities and the lavish life they lived.

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Beyond that, producer and actor Dan Levy is a pretty big pop culture bug, and the writing definitely includes as many references and shoutouts as possible. While Alexis may have dated Harry Styles and David can't get enough of Mariah Carey, there are some references that are just totally iconic.

10 Harry Styles In England

It's a long-running gag on the show for Alexis to casually mention her relationship or fling with a big name, but some definitely stick out more than others. When Alexis is questioning moving to the Galapagos with Ted, she shares she has done something similar before.

Apparently, she "did that with Harry Styles in England", but of course, it was too rainy for Alexis. This shout-out to the English heartthrob and singer is definitely one of the more memorable 'exes' of Alexis Rose.

9 "You're My Mariah Carey"

Throughout the series, there are a few times where David mentions his unrequited love for Mariah Carey, each being funnier than the last. He even claims that he's only ever said "I love you" to his parents and to Mariah Carey at her concert.

Later, Patrick tells David that he's his Mariah Carey, and this quote definitely had all fans rolling both in laughter and in tears. All of these Mariah Carey references are definitely some of the best the show had to offer, and are definitely some of the most memorable.

8 Bali With Leonardo DiCaprio

Alexis may name-drop a bunch of popular names, but none of them may have caught fans' attention as much as her casually mentioning the Hollywood legend, Leonardo DiCaprio. If that wasn't enough, her 'blind date to Bali' with him definitely is.

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This pop culture reference takes place in the first season and definitely paints Alexis Rose as being cool and popular. If she had a blind date with Leonardo DiCaprio, there's really nothing she can't do.

7 Hillary Clinton's Fundraiser

In the first season, David is trying to throw a surprise party for Moira. Of course, he lies to her so she'll stay out of it - saying it's a fundraiser that Jocelyn is planning. Johnny hilariously and bluntly tells David how outrageous that is.

Mainly, that Moira loves planning fundraisers, and that she "had Hillary shaking last year at the Clinton Foundation dinner". Everyone loves a political pop culture reference, and it's even funnier to think about Moira Rose terrifying Hillary Clinton at her own fundraiser.

6 Beyoncé In Mykonos

When Alexis is pretty upset that she didn't finish high school, she says she regrets taking a semester off. However, she finishes her sentence by saying she "did meet Beyoncé in Mykonos, so it was almost worth it".

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Most fans can agree that anything would probably be worth it if they got to meet Beyoncé. This pop reference was a subtle and hilarious one, but it might also be the most relatable to come from Alexis Rose and all her adventures.

5 Nicole Kidman On Sunrise Bay

When Alexis decides to rewatch all of "Sunrise Bay", fans probably remember her talking about how Nicole Kidman actually played Moira's character's granddaughter on the series. It's a hysterical shoutout in itself since Kidman is a pretty huge Hollywood name.

However, it's even more wholesome and funny when fans learn that Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban were actually huge fans of Schitt's Creek, so Kidman was written into the show as a shout-out to their appreciation.

4 Kirsten Dunst & Marie Antoinette

For fans that want a history lesson, Alexis tries to school Jocelyn by telling her that Marie Antoinette never actually said "let them eat cake". Of course, Jocelyn claims it depends on which historian you ask on the matter.

Alexis' reply, of course, is that she asked Kirsten Dunst, "who played her in the movie", and who also told her "at the premiere that she was jealous of my bangs". That definitely settles the argument, in any fans' opinion, and Alexis' past is always entertaining.

3 All The Jared Leto Mentions

If fans thought it was funny for Jared Leto to be mentioned once on the series, it was even funnier that he actually kept getting mentioned throughout the show's run. From being Alexis' first kiss to giving David his poncho, Jared Leto must have been close to the Roses after all!

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Jared Leto is a popular name, but he's also a pretty niche actor that's been known to be mysterious and on the sidelines. His fling with Alexis and fashion advice to David is definitely one of the best references on the series.

2 Elton John's Hunts

When David is convinced to go hunting with Stevie, it's pretty clear he's out of place. However, he does mention that he has been hunting before - at Elton Jonh's annual hunt in Windsor. David also admits, though, that it was usually "more about the lunch".

A little reference to Elton John is always memorable, but die-hard fans might also like to know that Dan Levy (David's actor) was actually named, in real life, after the song by Elton John, "Daniel". This little tie-in was a pretty brilliant choice by Dan Levy.

1 Tina Turner's "The Best"

There might not be a more memorable or romantic moment of Patrick and David's than when Patrick takes the stage at open-mic night at the store's opening (even if it was definitely against David's will).

His rendition of "The Best" by Tina Turner was a pop culture reference that just makes this song even more lovable and truly made for one of the sweetest moments on the entire series. Fans definitely won't forget it.

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