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10 Dragon Ball Scenes Viewers Love To Rewatch Over And Over

The Dragon Ball anime is full of iconic scenes. Perhaps it's a long-awaited battle or a beloved character coming back to life. Maybe it's the opposite, and it's the noble sacrifice of one of the Z-Warriors or one of Goku's many goodbyes.

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Some of these moments are sad, others are happy, some are bitter, and some are thrilling. They all live in fans' hearts and memories, as they represent the highlights of this seminal and groundbreaking anime. No matter how many years pass or how many times fans see them, these scenes will stand the test of time, forever representing the very best of Dragon Ball

10 That's My Bulma!

Vegeta is not one for public displays of affection. The prideful Prince of the Saiyans is rather stoic and outright grumpy, hardly ever showing his love for his wife or children. However, it's undeniable that he does love them, and his affection comes to light several times throughout the anime.

When Bills disrupts Bulma's 38th birthday party, the hotheaded woman slaps the God of Destruction, who hits her back. Enraged, Vegeta attacks Bills, impressing the god. Even Master Roshi declares that Vegeta's anger made him stronger than Goku. Let that be a lesson for everyone who ever thinks of laying a hand on Bulma.

9 Piccolo's Fatherly Love

Other than Vegeta, no other character on Dragon Ball Z changes more than Piccolo. As stoic as Vegeta but much wiser, Piccolo takes on the role of mentor for the Z-Warriors. Most prominent is his relationship with Gohan, and the two form a father-son bond that surpasses the one Gohan shares with Goku.

During the fight against Nappa, Piccolo's fatherly love comes to light, and he sacrifices for Gohan. As he runs towards his child, a collection of moments from their time together flashes through the screen, making the scene even more meaningful. Their final moments seal the deal, and there's not a single dry eye once the scene ends.

8 Trunks' Arrival

Future Trunks arrives in the episode "Another Super Saiyan?" He stands before Mecha Frieza and King Cold, the anime's apparent antagonists going forward. However, the young man deals with them quickly, and, with a swift movement, he slices Mecha Frieza with his sword.

The moment was both shocking and unspeakably cool, ranking as one of the anime's highlights. Future Trunks has arguably the best introduction in all of Dragon Ball, and it's because of moments like this. The sight of him slicing Frieza in half ranks as one of the most iconic images in the franchise.

7 Goku Vs. King Piccolo

The King Piccolo saga is the best in the original Dragon Ball, no doubt. At the time, King Piccolo posed the greatest danger to the Earth that Goku, still a child, had ever faced. Their battle may not be the franchise's most impressive or longest one, but it certainly is one of the most brutal.

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The conflict is even worse because Goku is still a child, and there's something grueling about seeing him in pain. However, even then, Goku emerges victorious after he literally goes through the demon, piercing his stomach and killing him. Goku's cries of victory after the battle are unforgettable, making this the most memorable scene in the original anime.

6 Ultimate Gohan's Power

It always seemed like Gohan would eventually become the anime's protagonist. His story becomes just as prominent as Goku's during Dragon Ball Z, and his power only increases following his gruesome training with Piccolo. As the show progresses, all this comes to pass, and, by the time Majin Buu arrives, Gohan is ready to take the spotlight.

After his unconventional but effective training with Old Kai, Gohan proves he's the best fighter in Dragon Ball. He returns to Earth and faces Buu, quickly showing just how formidable he is. Fans rejoiced at seeing this mighty Gohan, but they quickly understood that his pride would be his undoing. Indeed, Gohan spends too much time toying with Buu instead of finishing him off quickly, and he pays dearly for his mistake.

5 Gohan Defeats Cell

At no time is Gohan's immense power more apparent than during his fight with Cell. The battle is full of impressive moments, including Gohan going Super Saiyan 2. However, what fans always remember is the father-son Kamehameha that ultimately destroys Perfect Cell.

Everything about the scene is chill-inducing, from the voice acting to the pitch-perfect score. It's Gohan's crowning achievement in the saga, the moment he proves himself to fans everywhere. Fans celebrated along with the young boy, and they keep doing so every time they rewatch the spectacular scene.

4 Vegeta's Sacrifice

Throughout the show, no character goes through more of a 180 than Vegeta. The prideful warrior goes from outright antagonist to anti-hero, to reluctant ally, and then to full-time hero. Vegeta has Dragon Ball's best redemption arc, by far, and nowhere is his change of heart more blatant than when he sacrifices to kill Majin Buu.

After succumbing to Babidi's manipulations and finally besting Goku in battle, Vegeta decides to take down Majin Buu, even if that means going down with him. He shares a heartfelt goodbye with Trunks and then uses all his energy to cause an explosion means to disintegrate Buu. His plan doesn't work, but it's the intention that counts. It's a glorious act of selflessness, and it's the moment that cemented Vegeta's place as the ultimate fan favorite.

3 The Unlikely Team

The Tournament of Power was the perfect way to revitalize the franchise and kick it into the next gear. It was also the ideal excuse to bring back some of the best characters from previous arcs, including Frieza and the once-underrated Android 17.

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The Tournament, which gave fans a glimpse of what it would be like to see the Z-Fighters competing in the Hunger Games, came to a thrilling close with the quadruple fight between Goku, Frieza, and Android 17 against Jiren. There are no words to describe this epic clash. It was chill-inducing, heart-stopping, and the best proof that Dragon Ball still has worthy stories to tell.

2 Goku Goes Super Saiyan

Goku and Frieza's complex relationship has gained momentum over the years, becoming almost as popular as the franchise's central rivalry between Goku and Vegeta. It's hard to believe because Frieza spent a large portion of his story being the anime's ultimate villain.

Frieza and Goku's clash remains the longest battle in anime history. It pushes both characters to the extreme, bringing out the best and worst in them. During the fight, Goku becomes Super Saiyan for the first time after witnessing Krillin's death, and it's one of the most glorious events in anime history. No fan can ever get tired of this pivotal moment, even thirty years after it first aired.

1 Goku's Final Goodbye

GT remains problematic to this day. Many in the fandom outright refuse to acknowledge its existence, and debate of its legitimacy is still going. Indeed, it lacks Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z's essence, and it ultimately felt like an unnecessary sequel. Still, it gave Goku a send-off worthy of a character of his stature.

Dragon Ball GT's final episode ranks as one of the best, jumping 100 years into the future for a new edition of the World Martial Arts Tournament. An elderly Pan notices Goku and tries to catch up with him, but he disappears. A montage of the anime's best moments then plays, going back to Goku as a child in the original series. Goku appears one last time before jumping to the sky, followed by his Flying Nimbus.

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