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10 Facts About The Big Bang Theory's Raj Many Fans Don't Know About

Out of all the characters in The Big Bang Theory, Rajesh Koothrappali is arguably the most secretive. He spends years without telling his friends about his family's wealth and keeps most details about his life in India to himself. He also seems to be the one with the most interests outside of the friend group. Raj constantly talks about the many things he does in his spare time, including going to spas, restaurants, and other activities.

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Because of this, there's plenty of things that fans don't know about him. Indeed, the show never explores Raj's childhood, nor his life outside the group, leaving fans with many unanswered questions about the beloved character.

10 He's The Only One Who's Close With His Family

The main characters from The Big Bang Theory have overly complicated relationships with their families. Howard has an unhealthy attachment to his mother, Leonard resents Beverly for her indifference, and Sheldon loves but constantly clashes with Mary. The girls show ambivalence towards their families, although Amy does show some fear for her mother.

Raj's relationship with his parents could be considered the healthiest of all. They spoil him rotten, but he shows genuine concern for them and constantly communicates with them throughout the series. In fact, many fans wish they had seen more about Raj's family during the show's run.

9 He Knows How To Handle Sheldon Better Than Most People

In one of Raj's worst decisions, Raj and Sheldon worked together and even shared an office for quite some time. It should come as no surprise that he knows how to deal with Sheldon's eccentricities almost as good as Leonard, if not better. Raj shows an enviable understanding of Sheldon multiple times, and he also shows great patience for the genius' tantrums.

Also, unlike Leonard, who shows blatant contempt towards his roommate, Raj doesn't get annoyed with Sheldon. It's worth mentioning that Raj often deals with Sheldon by manipulating him, but his approach is still gentler and friendlier than Leonard or Howard's.

8 He Has Plenty Non-"Geeky" Interests

The guys from The Big Bang Theory love spending time at the comic book store, and it's home to some of the best scenes in the show. They also enjoy watching sci-fi and fantasy movies and TV shows, and cosplaying too. Other than that, Howard, Leonard, and Sheldon show few other interests.

On the other hand, Raj is passionate about many other things. He loves rom-coms, romantic books, and watches multiple shows like Grey's Anatomy and The Good Wife. In one episode, he states that he's addicted to pedicures, and he also enjoys massages. To top it all off, Raj excels at cooking and crafts.

7 He's The Most Athletic Of The Guys

And speaking of diverse interests, out of all the guys, Raj is the only one that practices any kind of physical activity. In one episode, he does yoga with Penny, and he also practices meditation.

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Furthermore, Raj attends several classes, like spinning, aerobics, and pilates. He even goes as far as saying he has "very well-trained abs." He also mentions he attended cricket camp as a child and enjoys disco dancing and roller skating.

6 He Tends To Overthink Things

Because of his anxiety, Raj tends to overanalyze things. He constantly overprepares for his dates, trying on many different outfits and going through diverse scenarios in his head. He also spends considerable time going through his past actions, trying to figure out what he did wrong.

Raj also overanalyzes works of fiction and ponders questions about otherwise meaningless details. Some examples include how the toilets in Atlantis work, how vampires shave if they have no reflections, and whether Wolverine's prostate is the same adamantium as the rest of his body.

5 He's The Most Independent Of The Guys

Raj is very spoiled and depends on his parents' money to fund his lavish lifestyle. However, it is also clear that he is the most independent out of the four. Howard has an almost unhealthy dependency on his mother and then on Bernadette. Sheldon can't function by himself and needs constant care, and Leonard also becomes accustomed to their dynamic, even confessing to Professor Proton that he also needs Sheldon.

On the other hand, Raj lives by himself, knows how to cook, has plenty of interests outside the group, and constantly cares for others. However, it's important to note that he doesn't enjoy being alone and often acts as a third wheel in his friends' relationships.

4 He (Probably) Suffered Less Bullying Than The Others

All of the guys suffered from troubled childhoods. However, the bullying that Leonard experienced seems to be the most brutal and explains his insecurities as an adult. Sheldon and Howard were also victims of bullying, although Young Sheldon shows Sheldon's childhood as surprisingly bullying-free.

Raj also has anecdotes about bullies torturing him. He once tells how an older boy drew a penis in his face during cricket camp. However, and compared to the borderline traumatic experiences that Leonard, Howard, and even Sheldon endured, Raj seems to have had a somewhat peaceful childhood. Perhaps the bullies were intimidated by his family's money?

3 He Has A Busy Dating Life

Contrary to what many believe, Raj doesn't spend all of the series alone. In fact, he has the most girlfriends and dates out of all of the guys. Most of Raj's girlfriends are pretty great, although there are some notable exceptions.

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Throughout the show, Raj has serious relationships with five women: Emily, Lucy, Emily Sweeney, Claire, and Anu. He also has several meaningful dates, including Abby, Nell, Issabella, and Ruchi. The show often shows how Raj is considered the attractive one in the group. He also proves quite charming, and one time he even successfully flirts with Penny, much to Leonard's chagrin.

2 He Commits A Fair Share Of Ilegal Acts

Everyone in The Big Bang Theory commits more than one illegal act, and Raj isn't an exception. Whenever he gets drunk, Raj becomes impertinent and seems to lose control, often making inappropriate remarks that lead to several complaints to HR. Raj also memorably undresses at a coffee shop while under the effects of an experimental drug.

He dreads arrest out of fear of deportation, so he generally treads more carefully than his friends. However, analyzing his behavior over the years, Raj clearly should've been fired more than once.

1 His Selective Mutism Is More Complex Than Anyone Imagines

The Big Bang Theory never takes the time to explore or explain Raj's selective mutism. In real life, it is very rare and more common in girls than boys. According to the Selective Mutism, Anxiety, & Related Disorders Treatment Center, 90% of children with selective mutism also have social phobia or social anxiety.

In many ways, Raj's anxiety rivals Sheldon's. Both are uncomfortable in social situations, although their apprehension manifests in unique ways. The SMart Center also states that children who develop selective mutism have a genetic predisposition to anxiety, which means Raj's family may also deal with it. It's an intriguing and relevant topic, and it's a shame the show never gave it more prominence.

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