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10 Gilmore Girls Episodes That Will Hook New Viewers | ScreenRant

Fans of Gilmore Girls have likely seen the entire series countless times, as the Rory and Lorelai scenes are comforting, Luke's Diner is a cool place to hang out, and the tone is super cozy. Everyone has their favorite episode, although fans agree on the show's most lackluster episodes, and these tend to feature the funniest or the most exciting storylines.

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If a Gilmore Girls fan was going to introduce the show to a friend or family member, there are certain episodes that will help them become invested in the characters and plotlines. Some might suggest skipping season 7, as it wasn't very well-received, but there are plenty of other great episodes to check out.

10 Pilot (S1, E1)

The first episode of Gilmore Girls sets the stage for fast-paced dialogue, lots of junk food, adorable Stars Hollow, and a mother and daughter who are the best of friends. This is when Rory gets into Chilton, Lorelai asks her parents to pay for it, and the family drama heats up.

If someone is new to this show, they will love the pilot, especially when Rory meets Dean and has a big fight with Lorelai, showing that there are some cracks in their seemingly flawless connection. Lorelai doesn't want Rory to miss out on the chance to attend Chilton because of Dean, and Rory feels confused and awkward as she hasn't dated before.

9 Rory's Birthday Parties (S1, E6)

Another great episode for a potential viewer to watch is "season 1's 'Rory's Birthday Parties." This episode has Emily and Lorelai throwing Rory opposite parties, and, while Rory feels strange at her grandparents' house, she loves how her fellow Stars Hollow residents celebrate her.

This is a great introduction to Lorelai and Emily's intense relationship. When Rory tries to tell her grandma that she didn't want such a fancy party, Emily is hurt and disappointed, and things get even sadder when Rory invites her grandparents to her more casual gathering. A new viewer will be hooked when they see Emily become miserable over missing out on so much in Lorelai's life.

8 'Kiss And Tell' (S1, E7)

This first season episode is when Rory and Dean become more serious about each other. They have their first kiss and Lorelai invites Dean to have a movie night at their house.

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This is one of the most classic episodes of the series and many fans would recommend it, as it explains so much about Rory and Lorelai's bond. Lorelai felt comfortable enough to ask Dean over, since she and Rory are such good friends, and Rory is initially scared, though she has a good time. Sometimes Lorelai gets Rory out of her comfort zone, which is necessary since Rory can be shy and focused on school.

7 'Nick & Nora/Sid & Nancy' (S2, E5)

Jess moves to Stars Hollow in season 2 of Gilmore Girls, and this episode features a ton of drama as Rory is intrigued by Jess, and Luke is offended when Lorelai gives him parenting advice.

New viewers will enjoy getting to know Jess, who is a favorite love interest of Rory's because of his intelligence and how he sees who Rory really is. Everyone thinks that Jess stole money from Doose's Market, and Rory is the one character who sees some good qualities in him. This is also a memorable episode because Paris heats up her rivalry with Rory by making her interview Max Medina, knowing that this is tough since Max and Lorelai ended their engagement.

6 'Application Anxiety' (S3, E3)

The season 3 episode 'Application Anxiety' sees Rory wondering if she can actually get accepted to an Ivy League school, and Lorelai and Emily become upset, too. Emily says there is too much competition from celebrities, and Rory feels like she doesn't stand out among her peers.

This episode is special and memorable as fans get a glimpse of Rory's obsession with going to Harvard, which does cause her too much stress at times. Viewers know that she chooses Yale over Harvard later on, but, at this point, she can't imagine going somewhere else. The pressure is too much for Rory, especially when she meets a family of alumni who are overly intense.

5 'They Shoot Gilmores, Don't They?' (S3, E7)

As season 3 progresses, Rory can't ignore her feelings for Jess, and Dean breaks up with her at the Stars Hollow dance-a-thon.

Potential viewers will learn more about the Dean/Rory/Jess love triangle here, which is a key part of the show. It's interesting seeing Rory, who has always strived for perfection, realize that love can be messy and she's going to make mistakes. This is also a great episode for new fans to see a fun Stars Hollow event, as Kirk gets really invested in the dancing, and it shows that the town always comes together to celebrate life.

4 'The Lorelais' First Day At Yale' (S4, E2)

The question of how Gilmore Girls would fare when Rory went to Yale is answered in this season 4 episode, as Lorelai is there to get Rory settled in at college.

Potential viewers will enjoy Rory and Lorelai's close bond here, and it's a fun episode that makes anyone who has gone to college feel nostalgic. Fans love this episode because Lorelai sleeps over in Rory's dorm room, and it's a reminder of their movie nights and how much fun they have together.

3 'Luke Can See Her Face' (S4, E20)

The fourth season of the show focuses on Rory's first year at Yale and Lorelai gearing up for her inn opening, and this episode is special as it's when Luke listens to a self-help tape and knows that he has to tell Lorelai that he loves her.

Anyone new to Gilmore Girls will find a lot to love here, as Luke pushes aside his grumpy exterior and fans can see what he's really like: a kind-hearted, sensitive, gentle person who just needs a bit of a push. It's exciting to watch him get closer to confessing his love for Lorelai after so many years.

2 'Wedding Bell Blues' (S5, 13)

Lorelai and Rory are thrilled to celebrate Emily and Richard's vow renewal in this season 5 episode.

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While this is meant to be a happy episode, there is so much romantic drama that potential viewers will quickly become interested and want to catch up on all of the other episodes. Luke and Lorelai find themselves in trouble as Christopher comes to the event and says he's going to end up with Lorelai, not Luke. Rory's love life is even worse as she learns that Logan slept with other people when they were taking a break. Both mother and daughter feel totally lost and realize their so-called solid relationships might not work out.

1 'Winter' (A Year In The Life)

The first episode in the Netflix revival gets praise for its nostalgic feeling as Rory returns for a visit, Kirk drives Lorelai to Friday Night Dinner in his new business venture, and Emily wants to go to therapy with Lorelai.

Fans feel torn about how good the Gilmore Girlsi revival is, but this episode will likely hook new viewers since it does capture the spirit of the original series. Fans get to take a trip to Stars Hollow, witness some of Lorelai and Rory's classic banter, and see Emily at a new stage of her life.

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