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10 Marvel Heroes That Would Make Great DC Sidekicks | ScreenRant

Sidekicks are a huge part of the DC Universe, and one of the things that set the comic book world apart from competition such as Marvel. However, there are a wide array of Marvel heroes that perhaps would fit into the DC landscape quite well, as partners or sidekicks to the titans of the Warner Bros. company.

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Whether the characters hold similar principles, familiar skillsets, or perhaps have contrasting styles worth exploring, these pairings would all make for intriguing narrative arcs if given the chance. It's even possible that some of these characters may butt heads, but ultimately to reach the same shared goal.

10 Spider-Man To Batman

Spider-Man has actually had a few friendships and sidekicks in his own right, but the Bat-Family is one of the strongest teams in the DC Universe. The Bat and the Spider feel like natural fits for one another, when thematically looking at their animal icons. However, Spider-Man also matches some of Bruce Wayne's past protegees.

Looking at a younger Peter Parker, there are certainly some comparisons to be made to a young Robin. Parker brings a lot of athleticism to the table, as does Nightwing or Robin when working alongside the Caped Crusader. Their methods could differ, but this would create further conflict in the partnership.

9 Hercules To Wonder Woman

Both Hercules and Wonder Woman have very similar backgrounds. Hailing from the Greek Pantheon, both are warriors for Olympus and have been trained in their ancient ways. They are also mighty and strong-willed but have an affection for Earth despite their godly origins.

Wonder Woman would do well to quell some of the recklessness traditionally seen within Hercules. However, her great strength is bringing the best out of people and there is no doubt that their impressive powers would complement one another in the field.

8 Shuri To Aquaman

Shuri and Aquaman both represent impressive hidden nations. They also share an equal understanding of their cultural mythology; whether it's the Panther God Bast or the Sea Titan Neptune. Shuri could bring a lot to the table when working alongside the King of Atlantis.

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No stranger to partnering with royalty, Shuri could use her intelligence (rivaled only by Tony Stark) to make a number of technological advancements to the Kingdom. What's more, she'd gain a great deal of scientific knowledge from conquering the seafloor. Aquaman would be a fair and insightful leader to follow.

7 Ms. Marvel To Shazam

The Marvel family has a long history in both Marvel and DC and an even more complex timeline outside of the two companies. Shazam already has his own Marvel family and Captain Marvel is currently the leader of those in the Marvel Universe.

However, as one of the newest members of this larger family, it would be intriguing to see Ms. Marvel partnered with Shazam for a while. Billy Batson would certainly be a loyal friend to young Kamala Khan, but as the hero Shazam he could continue to help teach the rookie as she develops her gifts further.

6 Slapstick To Harley Quinn

Slapstick is one of Marvel's most unusual characters. Usually taking on the form of a clown, this anti-hero has been part of a variety of teams from the New Warriors to the Initiative. Bizarre, violent, and full of comical angles, Slapstick is exactly the sort of character Quinn would team with; having previously joined up with similar characters in some of her most iconic stories in the comics.

Harley Quinn is far more experienced, which would make her an excellent mentor and certainly wouldn't be put off by the odd humor of Slapstick. The pair could become iconic together as they continue to try and follow their anti-hero path, never swaying too far on either side of the line.

5 Hawkeye To Black Canary

Black Canary is no stranger to working alongside archers, having been married to the Green Arrow for some time. While Kate Bishop does look up to Clint Barton, the Black Canary would certainly serve as a different kind of role model for Hawkeye to learn from.

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Much like the Canary and the Arrow, their abilities would work very well alongside one another. What's more, Bishop would likely fit into the Birds of Prey relatively well, perhaps even acting as a replacement for Huntress. In terms of their personalities, they would mesh remarkably well.

4 The Sentry To Supergirl

The Sentry has often been compared to Superman but has been on quite the dark path ever since discovering that the Void was actually a part of him. Comic book fans will know that Supergirl has the ability to instill hope within others though and has proven to be more powerful than her cousin.

Kara has the temperament and resiliency to take Sentry under her wing and show him what a true hero can be. It wouldn't be an easy partnership but it would probably wield great results. Both share very similar comic book abilities which only aids in their team-up.

3 Doctor Strange To Green Lantern

Doctor Strange and Green Lantern certainly hold completely opposite power sets. Yet they also would work quite well together, as their universal gifts seem to pull from the fabric of reality. Both can make intriguing constructs and have a much larger part to play in the Multiverse.

They could learn a lot from one another and Strange is always willing to learn from those who know their fields. Whether it's Hal Jordan, John Stewart, or another significant lantern, they can hold the key to Strange fully understanding the nature of the DC landscape.

2 The Falcon To Superman

Superman is one of the most notable symbols of America in the DC Universe and Captain America is the equivalent in the Marvel Universe. The new Falcon Joaquín Torres still has a lot to learn. Sam Wilson studied under Steve Rogers alongside a number of other greats.

Perhaps it wouldn't be too much of a stretch to see Torres learn from Calvin Ellis or Clark Kent as he continues to gain his footing in the superhero community. In terms of his flight capabilities alone, Superman could teach Torres a lot about areal combat.

1 Black Widow To Cable

Black Widow is deeply entrenched in the world of espionage, but as the landscape continues to morph threats are becoming cyber. She has had to adapt, but it might be appropriate to team with someone who could show her how to prepare for a technological problem.

Cable is the perfect person in the DC Universe to work with Black Widow. The two have vastly different backstories and even skills but that's why they work so well. If Cable is compromised trying to defend himself from some kind of cybernetic attack, Natasha Romanoff is a perfect person to help cover his back.

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