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10 Most Badass Crow Crew Scenes In Shadow And Bone | ScreenRant

Shadow and Bone's Kaz Brekker (Freddy Carter) and his merry band of thieves and wraiths, which throughout season one consists of Inej (Amita Suman) and Jesper (Kit Young), traipse from Ketterdam to both sides of Ravka and back over the course of the season. Despite Kaz being a master planner, they do not accomplish any of the goals they had in mind when they set out, and their ultimate plan and fate in Ketterdam are left uncertain.

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With that said, they are a formidable group of criminals with a lot of potential. They are a group of characters who were originally exclusive to the Six of Crows duology that accompanies the Shadow and Bone book series, but Shadow and Bone's showrunner insisted on including the Crows in the TV show. They perform some amazing heists, both individually and together, and these are some of their most badass moments throughout season 1.

10 Stealing The Palace Plans

The Crows' main goal is to kidnap the equally badass Sun Summoner Alina, which they decide to do at the winter fete since they can sneak in with various entertainments. However, once inside the palace, all three (along with the Conductor) need to know where to go, so they steal the blueprints from the archives.

Kaz acts completely, hilariously out of character, impersonating a sculptor to obtain the palace entrance blueprints. Meanwhile, Jesper and Inej do their usual routine of guns and sneaking, even successfully improvising when they nearly get caught. This is the first real heist the audience sees the Crows pull off, and it shows how working together brings out the positives in each of their skills.

9 Getting Across The Fold

The secret to getting across the Fold ends up being Jesper's guns. Though Kaz splits up the materials the Conductor tells the Crows to bring, Jesper ends up being distracted by gambling and therefore only brings most of the alabaster coal required.

Luckily, he's able to save the day by successfully shooting at volcra. The Conductor's method of travel is risky and apt to fall apart at any second, so the fact that the team makes it work is testament to their ability to improvise - and Jesper's brilliant skill as a marksman. It's an early hurdle that is overcome by quick thinking.

8 Outsmarting Pekka Rollins

To even obtain the million kruge job in the first episode requires Kaz to outwit fellow criminal Pekka Rollins. Per merchant Dreesen's orders, they start by seeking a Heartrender, and thereby stealing one from under Pekka's nose.  Once they meet with Dreesen in person, Kaz immediately asks for exclusivity on this job.

Since Alexei, who came through the incident physically unscathed, provides the information they need only once, everyone hears it at the same time. When Alexei is shot, Kaz doesn't even flinch, proving he's the perfect man for the dangerous job ahead.

7 Getting Away From The Darkling

After the winter fete, and after Alina has gotten away from the Crows, they must escape the Darkling and his loyal Grisha. The Conductor gets caught while still on palace grounds, but Kaz and his crows manage to take the fighting to the streets.

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Inej outsmarts the Inferni Polina, who is still angry that her brother is dead, while Jesper hides from Ivan, only emerging when he has a plan. Kaz, however, takes a third option and uses a misdirection technique to evade General Kirigan's deadly Cut. The Crows' worthy fights against three legendary Grisha showcase just much stronger they've become over the season.

6 Sneaking Into The Fete

With the Conductor's help, the Crows get into the palace as part of an acrobatic entertainment. Inej is able to show off her heritage, and Jesper his marksmanship; Kaz, on the other hand, makes his own way.

Afterward, Kaz procures guard uniforms and everyone starts exploring. Kaz and Inej manage to track down Alina, their target, while Jesper takes care of acquiring the horses and their getaway carriage by pretending to work for one of the ambassadors. They aren't able to communicate once the plan is underway, but it still goes off without a hitch.

5 Sneaking Onto The Skiff

The Crows sneak onto the skiff in episode seven once more by way of impersonation, pretending to work with an ambassador who is also making the all-important crossing. Considering how restricted the personages allowed on board are, it's surprising that it works. But then, they do steal others' identity papers - albeit changing a few details to suit themselves.

This is another con that works flawlessly but does remind the audience that the Crows are criminals who steal to suit their own ends. On the other hand, the Crows figure out that whatever happens on this crossing will be important, and they find a way to be there, even when they shouldn't.

4 Introductions

All three Crows are introduced in ways that perfectly fit their skills and personality. Jesper is gambling at a table at the Crow Club - but also gets the chance to demonstrate his marksmanship. Kaz is shown as the man everyone goes to for business at the Crow Club, but is also indicated to be a master thief in a quick shot that's easy to miss if you're not watching closely. And Inej comes and goes as she pleases - unnoticed both by Kaz and the audience.

Viewers are given teasers of who these characters are and what they can do, without anything being fully revealed.

3 Growing Closer

Immediately following the battle on the skiff, everyone debriefs together, including the Crows. Inej tells Kaz that she can't go back to the Menagerie. Thanks to Alina's generosity, she won't have to, but Kaz implores her to stay with them because he needs her.

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Though this may seem out of place for the Shadow and Bone books, it feels earned in the show, since Kaz is finally expressing some personal feelings towards his Crows, including when he explains to Inej and Jesper that Crows remember both vengeance and kindness in equal measure.

2 Battle On The Skiff

The finale on the skiff is chaotic. Kirigan has one agenda, and everyone else is unsure what to do next to attempt to stop him. Most of the ambassadors end up dead, even before the volcra show up.

Inej jumping in to save and help Zoya isn't surprising, but Kaz fighting off a volcra with his cane for Inej's sake is quite surprising to those who know his book counterpart. Regardless, the three of them fight their way out of the battle, and despite the Darkling's extending the Fold into the city, they all come out alive.

1 Final Optimism

Once on the ship back to Ketterdam, Jesper humorously lays out what everyone learned on this job. People with trains are evil, anyone? However, the Crows do have some troubling times ahead, since both Dreesen and Pekka Rollins are expecting their triumphant return.

However, the Crows didn't succeed in kidnapping Alina and are returning empty-handed. Jesper requires Kaz to announce he has a plan, even if he's lying. Kaz is calm and collected when he says he does, and it's hard not to trust him. Kaz always has a plan, even if it's just a scrap of an idea at first. Nina is most likely part of it, so things are looking up for the Crows.

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