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10 Unpopular Opinions About Mean Girls, According To Reddit

For many movie fans, Mean Girls is one of the best comedies released in the 2000s, and its characters, quotes, and big moments have become iconic. When talking about this 2004 film, people tend to agree on the same main points: Regina and the Plastics are cruel but well-crafted characters, Cady is sweet but misguided, and Damian and Janis are awesome and cool.

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Mean Girls talks about teen life well, but while it's beloved by so many, some audience members aren't so thrilled with the movie and they're sharing their unpopular thoughts about the characters and the story on Reddit.

10 It's An "Underwhelming Movie"

According to this Reddit post, not everyone is a huge fan of Mean Girls: someone wrote, "I was incredibly underwhelmed when I watched Mean Girls when it came out." They explained that they think it's "an average movie."

This is an unpopular opinion as many consider this to be their favorite movie or, at the very least, one of the most compelling and entertaining teen movies from this time period. Fans share their love for it all the time, whether posting memes or celebrating the story on October 3rd every year.

9 It's Easy To Guess What's Going To Happen

Another Reddit user called the movie "predictable" and thinks it's similar to most 2000's movies about young adults. While it's true that the movie follows a logical plot typical of other makeover movies, since Cady joins the Plastics and becomes just like them as she loves being popular and gets swept up in her plan, many people really like this storyline.

Cady behaves the same way that many in this situation would, as she's still young and figuring out who she is. At the end of the movie, she does realize her mistake and every student at the school vows to be better, which is inspiring and sweet.

8 It Has A Negative Message

A Reddit user shared their unpopular opinion about Mean Girls: it has a negative message. They wrote that in their opinion, the message in the film is that "it's okay to be bratty and never grow up."

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This statement stands out, as the most popular opinion of Mean Girls is that the message is positive and the ending is a happy one. While Regina, Karen, and Gretchen are celebrated for being pretty, popular, and stylish, they realize that the Burn Book was too cruel and everyone changes their ways after meeting up in the gym, which is one of the movie's most iconic scenes.

7 Janis Can Be Seen As "The Villain" Instead Of Regina

According to this Reddit post, someone thinks that Janice is "the villain" of the movie, not Regina. They explained, "Janis is literally the exact same person as Regina. It makes sense that they used to be friends. Both are vindictive and judgmental. And they both use Cary for their own personal gain."

While it's true that Janis wants Cady to join the Plastics so she can get revenge on Regina, who she was once good friends with, many Mean Girls fans love Janis and think that she's an amazing character. She does have many differences from Regina, as she has her own sense of style and doesn't need to be the center of attention.

6 Karen Isn't Actually A Mean Girl

A Reddit user said that Karen is "tolerable" and that she isn't very smart, but she's not a mean person.

Many fans would say that Karen is just as mean as her friends, as she goes along with their schemes, makes fun of their peers, and doesn't stand up to Regina, so this is another opinion that stands out. Karen does seem to keep to herself a bit more than Gretchen, though, as Gretchen wants to compete with Regina and Karen seems content to live in her own ditzy world.

5 The Plastics Are "Overrated"

Another user shared in a Reddit thread that the Plastics are "overrated" and that they think Elle and her friends in Legally Blonde and Cher in Clueless are much more interesting.

While some characters in Mean Girls are easy to like, the general feeling among fans is that the Plastics are mean, but they're fascinating, entertaining, and they make the movie what it is. It's unpopular to say that they're not as well-crafted as characters from other teen/young adult comedies.

4 June Is A Great Parent

A fan of Mean Girls wrote on Reddit that June George is a great mom. They wrote that while she's "too permissive and definitely trying to be her friend instead of her mom," she wants to talk to Regina about her friends and her life and makes sure that Regina would want to hang out with her friends at home.

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While fans love Regina's mom since she explains that she's "not a regular mom, I'm a cool mom," no one praises her parenting or thinks that she's on the right track, so it's interesting to hear this perspective.

3 It's Not Funny And The Characters Aren't Well-Drawn

Another Reddit user shared their unpopular opinion that Mean Girls isn't funny. They also said, "the characters have little to no personality."

This is definitely an opinion that not everyone shares, as many feel that the movie has endlessly quotable dialogue and that it's always hilarious watching Gretchen "try to make fetch happen" or Regina question if butter is a carb. People also enjoy the characters, as they're a nod to the cliques that form in high schools and the people who are left out.

2 It's Easier To Like The Plastics Than Cady

A Reddit user shared that they think The Plastics are more likable than Cady. They wrote that Cady is "a social climber who uses other people for their status" and that Regina "never pretends to be anything different" than the most popular girl in school. They also don't think that Karen or Gretchen are that terrible.

While most fans can see some fault with Cady's desire to be part of the Plastics, most would agree that she's a nice person, and most would say that the Plastics are super problematic.

1 The Sequel Is Good

A Reddit user posted that they enjoyed watching Mean Girls 2 and they wrote in a Reddit thread, "I actually liked Mean Girls 2 just as much as Mean Girls. It wasn’t as funny but I still enjoyed the plot and I liked the characters a lot more." The fan wrote that "Jo Mitchell" is "more likable than Cady."

This is definitely an unpopular opinion, as sequels generally aren't considered as good as the first one, and that's especially true of Mean Girls. Several fans shared on Reddit that they wouldn't watch the second movie. When people talk about the impact that Mean Girls has had, the focus tends to be on the first movie and things like its many famous quotes.

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