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19 Kids & Counting: Anna Duggar Allegedly Making Divorce a 'Last Resort'

Anna Duggar of 19 Kids And Counting is allegedly making divorce from Josh Duggar "a last resort." is trying her best to keep her family together, even amid Josh's legal woes. The hit TLC show is officially canceled, and Josh's trial has been delayed until November.

19 Kids and Counting began in 2015 and enjoyed a seven-year run. It was revealed in 2006 that when Josh was a teenager, he molested five girls, two of which were his sisters. Josh was also caught up in the Ashley Madison scandal after information was leaked from the dating website. Even though Jim Bob Duggar shared that Josh admitted to the fondling and apologized, Anna has been the biggest voice in saying that the patriarch didn't do enough to help his son. Due to this breach, Josh admitted to infidelity and having an addiction to pornography. Now, Josh is on trial for receiving and possessing child pornography. If he is found guilty, the father will face 20 years in prison and a $250,000 fine for each count.

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Anna is currently pregnant with the couple's seventh child, and now FOX News claims that Anna has no intention of divorcing her husband. According to a family friend, "Divorce is never going to be the first option for Anna. It's going to be a last, last resort." Anna and Josh have been married since 2008, and the couple's worship of God is holding her to her vows. The source said that is just the kind of wife she is.

Anna is willing to stay married to Josh, saying that she is going to stand by his side no matter what. The source noted that even if the family disagrees with his past, they will always love the eldest Duggar. The individual also shared that the Duggar family wants "him to do things right. They're never going to be different than that." The family friend made it clear that this is not the 33-year-old's first brush with the law. Growing up in a conservative family has taught Anna that she can not just walk away.

Some fans of 19 Kids and Counting feel that Anna may have been brainwashed. With all the family has had to go through, there is a lot of healing that needs to be done between Anna, the Duggars, and Josh. TLC lovers will have to wait until November when the trial will be underway, and the truth will come out. Until then, Josh is living with a third party and is not allowed near his children without Anna present.

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Source: FOX News

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