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Agents Of SHEILD: How Davis Died (& In Which Episode)

Here's how Agent Davis died on Agents Of SHIELD, and which episode it happened. Clerk Gregg's Agent Coulson quickly became a fan favorite during Phase One of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, having made his debut in 2008's Iron Man. Coulson came to be the human face of S.H.I.E.L.D., and audiences were understandably upset when the character was killed during The Avengers. His death was used to unite the titular superhero team during the third act, but it didn't take long for Coulson to get resurrected for ABC's Agents Of SHIELD spinoff series.

How and why he was still alive formed part of the mystery of Agents Of SHEILD's first season, and it soon evolved into its own beast that only had tangential links to the MCU movies. That said, it gained a loyal fanbase for its characters and storylines, and it ultimately ran for seven seasons before coming to an end in 2020. Recent MCU shows like Loki or WandaVision have much more explicit ties to their movie counterparts, but Agents Of SHIELD has its unique niche within the franchise.

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One new character the series introduced was Agent Davis, played by Max Osinski. Davis first appeared in Agents Of SHIELD's season one episode "Repairs," and he played a recurring role throughout the series. He and Agent Piper also formed a fun partnership, but all that came to an end with season 6's "Leap." This season saw Agents Of SHIELD's title characters encounter Izel, a powerful being who also created the planet-killing Shrike parasites. In a key scene of "Leap," the agents are trying to stop Izel as she jumped from body to body, possessing them, including Davis, who she kills during a display of power.

In Agents Of SHIELD "Leap," Izel has infiltrated the Lighthouse base trying to find the Monoliths she seeks. During the possession scene she shows off powers, including forcing Piper to shoot herself in the hand, before making Agent Davis walk over to a ledge and dropping him off it while the others are powerless to stop him. Davis is killed in the impact, and Izel then possesses Mack and holds a pistol to his head, warning the others not to follow. It's a fairly shocking scene, and one that underlined the threat Izel posed even further.

The team would later gain revenge on Izel, with Melinda May killing her in the Agents Of SHIELD season 6 finale. While Agent Davis died during "Leap," he was later brought back by Piper's request as a Life-Model Decoy in the season 7 finale "What We're Fighting For."

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