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AHS Hotel Meets Roanoke: 5 Friendships That Would Work (& 5 That Wouldn't)

Season 11 of the hit horror anthology series American Horror Story: Double Feature is set to premiere on FX on August 25, 2021. As the subtitle suggests, this season will feature two distinct horror stories that will ultimately converge in a natural manner as the episodes progress. Considering such, it's worth wondering which characters from previous AHS seasons could crossover and credibly converge as friends and/or enemies.

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In particular, the casts of characters from AHS Seasons 5 (Hotel) and 6 (Roanoke) provide plenty of potential like-minded and oppositional personalities and character motives.

10 Would Work: The Butcher & The Countess

As the two bloodthirsty villains of their respective seasons, The Butcher (Kathy Bates) and The Countess (Lady Gaga) would have an absolute field day together as homicidal friends. In Roanoke, The Butcher leads the colony, demands blood sacrifices, and is scary as can be.

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In Hotel, The Countess is a seductive vampire who also preys on victims, lords dominion over several followers like Liz and Donovan, and loathes traitors so much that she treats them to death. Both share an insatiable bloodlust that would bond them interminably.

9 Wouldn't Work: John Lowe & Audrey Tindall

There is very little chance that Hotel's sedate Ten Commandments killer John Lowe (Wes Bentley) would get along with Roanoke's Audrey Tindall (Sarah Paulson), the hyper British actress who proves to be one of the few innocent characters. Their personalities alone would clash.

John Lowe is introduced as an L.A. homicide detective who is later coerced into becoming a mass murderer as a result of his family being held hostage. His arc from good to evil opposes that of Audrey, who remains one of the few likable uncorrupted characters in Roanoke who is dedicated to keeping the innocent safe and identifying the killer at all costs.

8 Would Work: Iris & Shelby Miller

Hotel's Iris (Kathy Bates) and Roanoke's Shelby Miller (Lily Rabe) would most certainly bond over their shared grief of losing a child, offering emotional support as two friendly aggrieved mothers. Iris loses her son to a heroin overdose, while Shelby has a miscarriage. Both instances cause the characters to become suicidally depressed, which further endangers their lives and the lives of others.

Iris goes on a killing spree after her son's death, while Shelby relocates to Roanoke where she is suicidally haunted by The Butcher. Both characters fail to overcome their grief and triumph over evil in the end. If Iris and Shelby shared a support group as friends, perhaps they would have.

7 Wouldn't Work: Matt Miller & James Patrick March

There is no chance that Roanoke's Matt Miller (Andre Holland) would hang out with Hotel's James Patrick March (Evan Peters). The former is an innocent and insecure contemporary actor while the latter is a cocky, super-rich hotel owner from the 1920s who kills people in his spare time.

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Aside from their glaring personality differences, the motives of each character remain at odds. Matt and Shelby move to his hometown to repair their marriage following a miscarriage, only to be hunted by the Polk family. On the contrary, March is the influential Cortez Hotel owner who masterminds The Ten Commandments killings in order to harvest and sell organs. March would just as soon target Miller before befriending him.

6 Would Work: Edward Phillip Mott & Will Drake

Hotel's Will Drake (Cheyenne Jackson) and Roanoke's Edward Phillip Mott (Evan Peters) are two sophisticated men of art, culture, vast wealth, high society, and the same sexual orientation that would certainly hobnob if they crossed paths.

Drake is an opulent fashion designer who purchases the Hotel Cortez and spends much of his time worshipping The Countess. Likewise, Mott hails from an upscale Aristocratic southern family and is willing to die for his priceless art collection. Both men return as ghosts after being unjustly killed, which further bonds their spirits beyond the earthly realm.

5 Wouldn't Work: Alex Lowe & Sidney James

Hotel's Dr. Alex Lowe (Chloe Sevigny) and Roanoke's Sidney James (Cheyenne Jackson) might have the two most polar opposite personalities in their two respective seasons. The former is a docile, melancholic doctor reeling over her son's abduction. The latter is a boisterous and self-aggrandizing Hollwyood producer out to make a quick buck.

Jones' venal irresponsibility as someone who favors money over safety directly costs the lives of several of the reality TV actors. Meanwhile, Alex does everything in her power to save lives in the Cortez Hotel, including her own imperiled children. The two value life completely differently, making them an unideal match.

4 Would Work: Sally McKenna & Lee Harris

Sadly, Hotel's Hypodermic Sally (Sarah Paulson) and Roanoke's Lee Harris (Adina Porter) would probably become friends over their mutual addiction to drugs. Both have broken souls who use illicit substances to fill the void in their lives, actions that tear their families apart and lead to further heartache.

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Aside from their similar self-destructive demons, Sally and Lee both also resort to killing others, as well. In Lee's case, she's forced to murder Jether to survive. In Sally's case, she kills John Lowe after he leaves her and returns to his wife. While their motives differ, the underlying pain both share would ensure their friendship.

3 Wouldn't Work: Elias Cunningham & Donovan

Two diametrically opposed characters from each season include the middle-aged Dr. Elias Cunningham (Denis O'Hare), a professor out to document the history of the Roanoke house, and Donovan (Matt Bomer), a foppish young servant to The Countess. Their generational gap alone might hinder their friendship, let alone their motives.

As The Countess' loyal lackey, Donovan willingly kills people to keep her bloodlust sated. On the contrary, Elias is one of the few people in Roanoke who does not kill anyone. The two characters would not see eye to on much.

2 Would Work: Ramona Royale & Monet Tumusiime

Both played by the great Angela Bassett, Hotel's Ramona Royale and Roanoke's Monet Tumusiime would get along just fine. Both are professional actresses who enjoy a certain lifestyle of perks and privileges. However, Ramona happens to be a quasi-vampire.

Despite their different genetic makeup, both Ramona and Monet share protective caretaking qualities that make them simpatico. Ramona looks after her cancer-ridden mother and father who has Alzheimer's disease. Likewise, Monet makes a valiant effort to protect Audrey from the Polks and find help when Shelby is attacked by Agnes.

1 Wouldn't Work: Dominic Banks & Liz Taylor

It would be very hard to see Roanoke's Dominic Banks (Cuba Gooding Jr.) and Hotel's Liz Taylor (Denis O'Hare) become friends in any capacity. The former is a shallow, lecherous Hollywood actor, while the other is a loving mother whose redemptive arc allows her to reenter her estranged son Douglas' life.

Dominic's affair with Shelby makes him far less likable than Liz, who agrees to allow the Countess to kill her so that she can also reunite with her lover Tristan for all eternity. In addition to wildly disparate lifestyles, Liz has character while Dom does not.

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