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Aliens' Most Badass Character Gets New Legacy in Marvel Sequel

Warning: contains major spoilers for Aliens: Aftermath #1!

Aliens put a spotlight on colonial marines and in a sequel comic from Marvel Comics, one marine is having their legacy added to. Aliens: Aftermath #1 takes place 35 years after the events of the film, Aliens. This comic revisits not only Hadley's Hope, but also the legacy left by Jennette Vasquez - one of the iconic colonial marines from the film.

Aliens was released in 1986 and has since been perceived as one of the best science fiction and actions films of the time. Ripley, Newt, and the colonial marines have all become fan-favorites, with this film being considered the best of the series by many. Aliens: Aftermath #1 is a comic made to commemorate the 35th anniversary of the film.

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Created by Benjamin Percy, David Wachter, Chris Sotomayor, and Vc Ariana Maher, Aliens: Aftermath #1 introduces a new character: Cutter Vasquez. Cutter is the nephew of Jennette Vasquez, a fan-favorite character from Aliens who took her life into her own hands, rather than have it ended by a Xenomorph. Vasquez was one of the toughest marines in the bunch. Her family has been mentioned and has been the subject of another comic from Dark Horse Comics. Here, Cutter is the newest family member she is revealed to have. This comic allows Aliens fans to see the tragic legacy she left behind.  

Cutter Vasquez is part of a team of investigative journalists who are looking for information on what happened at Hadley's Hope, the terraforming-research-mining colony featured in Aliens. Cutter is revealed to be one of the few survivors within his family. While on the way to the colony, he relates his family's story to a camera on his helmet. He mentions an incident involving Weyland-Yutani, in which his parents were killed in a suspicious incident while heading to a mining colony in "cryo-freeze sleep." However, he also knows about his aunt (tía) Jennette and the way that she disappeared after being hired by none other than Weyland-Yutani. These instances aren't the only ones where other members of the Vasquez family perished, however.

Private Vasquez had another sibling - her younger sister Carmen Vasquez, who also became a colonial marine. She was featured in the 1993-94 comic series, Aliens: Colonial Marines, published by Dark Horse. Carmen was part of the crew of the USS Melville, which fought against Xenomorphs and a foe known as the Bug-Men. During this series, Private Carmen Vasquez had a stand-off against Xenomorphs - one that she ultimately lost. Like her elder sister, Carmen also used a Smartgun - a weapon that Cutter comes across in this latest installment in the Aliens story.

While searching the remains of Hadley's Hope, Cutter comes across the M56 Smartgun, which is identified as his tía Jennette's by the word "adios" written on its side. Fans knew what happened at the colony, but now her currently known remaining family also becomes aware. However, the Vasquez family's misery doesn't end here. Cutter and his crew come across a new variation of Xenomorph - a deadlier, radioactive one with liquid nitrogen style blood. Unfortunately, the youngest known Vasquez meets a fate similar to the rest of his family. While trying to carry out a secret mission for personal gain that is hijacked by Weyland-Yutani, Cutter is attacked and killed by the latest Xenomorph. The Vasquez family is certainly tough, but their legacy within the Aliens universe is one of tragedy and death - even when Marvel Comics is telling their story.

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