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American Horror Stories: Rubber (Wo)man Cast & Character Guide

Ryan Murphy’s new horror anthology series, American Horror Stories, released its first two episodes with a whole new slew of cast members and characters. The new TV show is a spinoff of the acclaimed American Horror Story series. Instead of a new horror storyline each season, American Horror Stories introduces a new one each episode. Murphy will now be following in the single-episode horror anthology steps of classic series like Twilight Zone and Alfred Hitchcock Presents.

The two-part first episode, "Rubber (Wo)man," takes its name from a recurring menace in American Horror Story as Tate Langdon’s (Evan Peters) Murder House alter ego. Returning to AHS season 1’s Murder House, American Horror Storiespremiere episodes follow a teen girl and her fathers who move into the home to renovate it before being corrupted by the haunting entities. In the second part, Scarlett enters a new relationship like Violet had in Murder House while Michael and Troy take a look at their own twisted romance.

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Since American Horror Stories has a new premise in each episode, the characters, and likely the cast, of "Rubber (Wo)man" won’t be returning for any future episodes in the first season. On the other hand, Murphy is notable for recycling actors across his seasons and series, and the new show features several returning American Horror Story actors. Here’s a breakdown of all the characters in "Rubber (Wo)man"’s two-part episode and their actors.

The American Horror Story veteran Matt Bomer, known for playing Donovan in Hotel and Andy in Freak Show, returns as the lead character Michael in both parts of "Rubber (Wo)man." Michael is renovating Murder House following the deaths of the Harmons, and they plan to turn it into an attraction for people to stay and experience. Aside from AHS shows, Bomer participated in an episode of Murphy’s Glee, played Neal in White Collar, was featured in the Magic Mike movies, and currently portrays Larry Trainor on DC's Doom Patrol.

Michael’s husband and fellow house-flipper inhabitant of the infamous Murder House, Troy, is played by Gavin Creel. Troy is a very attentive father who is overprotective of her after a traumatizing incident when Scarlett was kidnapped under his watch as a toddler. He expresses concern over Scarlett’s masochistic sexual curiosity. Gavin Creel is a renowned Broadway presence, winning a Tony for playing Cornelius in Hello, Dolly!, originating the West End’s version of Elder Price in The Book of Mormon, and originating Jimmy in Thoroughly Modern Millie.

The new teenage inhabitant of Murder House is Scarlett, played by actress Sierra McCormick. Scarlett is the daughter of Michael and Troy, who becomes entangled in the house’s sinister presence after engaging in a twisted relationship with one of its ghosts. She happens to find the BDSM rubber suit from AHS: Murder Story hanging in her closet, soon assuming the titular role as the Rubber Woman opposite Tate’s Rubber Man. Scarlett is tormented by the popular girls at school who secretly post a Live Stream of Scarlett revealing her violent sexual interests. American Horror Stories is McCormick’s first mainstream mature horror role as her notable acting credits so far feature the roles of Sarah in Romano and Beezus, Olive on A.N.T. Farm, and Moira in the indie horror movie Some Kind of Hate.

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Maya, played by Paris Jackson, is introduced as one of Scarlett’s classmates at school in “Rubber Wo(man).” Maya is one of the most popular girls at school, a model who flirts with Scarlett and tricks her into secretly Live Streaming a possible sexual encounter between the two. Paris Jackson is the famed daughter of the legendary King of Pop Michael Jackson, who has typically been known for her dive into the music world and TV appearances as herself about her father. Her acting credits so far include a role on Star, MTV’s Scream, and Habit.

Ruby begins a relationship with Scarlett, though harbors a twisted past and a homicidal tendency. After figuring out her parents sold her to an abusive man, she snuck into Murder House and killed herself, trapped in the house for eternity. Kaia Gerber is the daughter of model Cindy Crawford and has previously played a role in the television series Sister Cities. Along with starring in American Horror Stories’ first two episodes, Gerber will be featured in the cast of American Horror Story’s 10th season, Double Feature.

Adam is a contractor hired by Troy to come into Murder House and fix up all of the broken-down areas of the home. He begins an affair with Troy and tells him he should get a divorce from Michael. Adam brutally murders a coworker in the house after they find dead bodies in the wall, leading to a violent encounter with Rubber Man himself. Adam is played by Aaron Tveit, another notable Broadway actor who was featured in the stage version of Catch Me If You Can, the 2012 film adaptation of Les Miserables as Enjolras, and in a minor role as Tripp on the original Gossip Girl series.

Merrin Dungey as Dr. Andi Grant: Dr. Grant is the family’s therapist who comes to mediate the family after Scarlett begins exploring her violent sexuality. She counsels them in the same Murder House room that Ben Harmon worked from before being murdered by the Rubber Man. Dungey is a television veteran whose credits include The King of Queens, Malcolm in the Middle, Summerland, and the role of Ursula on Once Upon a Time.

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Belissa Escobedo as ShantiShanti is Scarlett’s best friend who confronts her about being a psychopath. Escobedo previously worked on Netflix’s The Baker and the Beauty and sci-fi series Don’t Look Deeper.

Ashley Martin Carter as Rowena: Maya's jean-jacket wearing friend that agrees to sneak into the Murder House. Rowena is Carter’s acting debut role, with a possible future in Ryan Murphy's shows.

Valerie Loo as NicoleA member of the school’s popular girl group, who breaks into Murder House before a gruesome encounter with Rubber Woman. Loo’s acting career began in 2020 with a video short role followed by a starring part in the upcoming action movie Men of Mercy.

Selena Sloan as Erin: One of the girls who Live Streams a suggestive video of Scarlett. Another new actress on the scene, Sloan’s acting credits before American Horror Stories, only include three roles in short films.

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