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Army of the Dead Opening Credits Text Strangely Disappears On Netflix

Zack Snyder’s Army of the Dead loses its opening credits text due to another apparent Netflix glitch. 2021 finally saw the arrival of Snyder’s long-awaited cut of Justice League. The director then kept his hot streak going with Army of the Dead, his zombie-heist film for Netflix.

Army of the Dead itself proved to be such a big hit for Netflix it even surprised Snyder himself. And the streamer will waste no time capitalizing on the popularity of their new franchise, as later this year they’ll debut Army of Thieves, a spinoff revolving around Matthias Schweighöfer’s character Ludwig Dieter. There’s also an animated series in the works entitled Army of the Dead: Lost Vegas. And of course Army of the Dead 2 is happening. Any future plans for the franchise beyond that have yet to be announced officially, but Snyder himself recently joked about the possibility of a musical.

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It may not have been an actual spinoff or sequel but a slightly different version of Army of the Dead did recently hit Netflix at least for a little while. A viewer spotted the change, which removed the text from the opening titles sequence, and took to their Twitter account The Zack Snyder Bible to call it out. See the video proof of this weird possible glitch in the space below:

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It’s hard to say exactly why the Army of the Dead opening titles text would suddenly disappear from Netflix. It could be a glitch as pointed out by the viewer who noticed the change. It could be someone, maybe even Snyder himself, thought it would be fun to put up a version of the movie without titles (Snyder does like changing movies after the fact, as he’s made plain). At least one person replying to the original Twitter posting thought the textless version was actually an improvement, so perhaps this was a deliberate change that was tried out and is now meeting with some approval.

If this disappearing text trick was indeed a glitch it would weirdly not be the first one to strike Army of the Dead since it hit Netflix. When the movie first arrived on the streamer, many fans watching in 4K noticed the presence of dead pixels in the image, leading to speculation about a possible bad camera or some kind strange encoding problem. It was later posited that the equipment combination Snyder used, employing older lenses on newer digital cameras, may have led to these minor artifacts which could then not be removed in post-production. Regardless of these various Army of the Dead glitches, the movie has definitely caught on in a big way with Snyder fans, leading to a whole franchise and to Snyder himself signing on with Netflix for more projects. The DC SnyderVerse will likely never happen, but the Netflix SnyderVerse is only getting started.

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Source: The Zack Snyder Bible/Twitter

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