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Below Deck: What Courtney Skippon From Season 7 Has Been Up To

Courtney Skippon from Below Deck season 7 appeared to take a hiatus from yachting work after filming the show, and we're here to share what she's been doing since her season. During her time on the series, which featured some bullying on the boat. Courtney was the third stew on the luxury yacht, Valor. She worked alongside Kate Chastain and Simone Mashile, as part of the interior team, and seemed to have good relationships with her crewmates. Courtney even had a bit of a boatmance going on with deckhand Brian de Saint Pern throughout the season. However, the relationship ended before the reunion a few months later.

While Courtney was appearing on the Bravo series, she quickly became a fan favorite. Viewers loved her sense of humor and her growing friendship with her chief stew Kate, who was also close to Josiah Carter. Even though she had a budding romance with Brian, it never negatively impacted her work. In fact, halfway through the season, Courtney was promoted from third stew to second stew.

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Fans who are curious about what Below Deck alums are up to now should know that Courtney is now in Canada. Shortly after the season seven reunion filmed in New York City, Courtney flew home to British Columbia, Canada, to spend some quality time with her family. Not too long after she arrived, the COVID-19 pandemic hit, and the nation was put into quarantine. Courtney decided to take a break from the yachting industry and is still at home in B.C. with her family. Besides being with her family, she has been spending quality time with her puppy Ollie and exploring Vancouver with some of her friends. In her most recent @courtneyskippon Instagram post, Courtney shared the cutest video of her and her puppy frolicking on the Vancouver beaches.

Other than exploring Vancouver over the past year, Courtney has been taking it easy until she decides to return to the yachting industry. In the meantime, the former reality star has been using her notoriety to team up with brands. She recently partnered with LXR (a company that offers pre-loved luxury handbags and accessories) to help give away $500 to a lucky winner. Below Deck has opened financial doors for Courtney, and she also made some close friends from the show. She and her former chief stew Kate Chastain still keep in touch with each other. Kate is always commenting on Courtney's Instagram photos and voiceovers, especially ones that include their dogs.

Since wrapping Below Deck season seven, Courtney has put yachting on the back burner and is focusing on her life in Vancouver. She has her family, friends, and dog close by, rather than annoying charter guests asking for drink refills. Her break from yachting seems to be very positive for her. Maybe one day in the future, Courtney will make a return as a stew.

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Sources: Courtney Skippon/ Instagram

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