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Better Call Saul: Chuck McGill's 10 Best Quotes, Ranked

Chuck McGill never held a gun like most of the baddies in Better Call Saul but his resentment of his younger brother Jimmy McGill aka Saul Goodman made him the show's biggest villain. As a man who held himself to high ideals, Chuck saw his brother as nothing but a crooked lawyer and this resulted in him saying plenty of mean things to him or about him.

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Even though Chuck's utterances were mostly inspired by malevolence, they made for great dialogue. Chuck's best quotes came whenever he decided to not consider Jimmy's feelings or whenever he felt completely frustrated by his brother's actions. There were also moments when he channeled his meanness to other characters.

10 "You'll Find Your Path. And When You're Ready, I Will Be There To Help You Walk That Path."

One of the greatest betrayals on Better Call Saul involved Jimmy altering addresses in Chuck's files so that he would look incompetent. Chuck had him arrested and before he was taken by the police, he had some words for him.

It was a rare declaration from Chuck because he wasn't known for saying nice things to Jimmy. However, the promise ranks lowly among the best things Chuck has said because for once, he wasn't sincere. He only wanted to get rid of Jimmy. The words led to a moment of foreshadowing too, as Jimmy advised him to think twice about getting rid of him because he might die alone. That's exactly what happened.

9 "Life Is Not One Big Game Of 'Let's Make A Deal!'"

After getting in trouble for airing the Sandpiper commercial without approval from senior partners at Davis & Main, Jimmy made desperate attempts to prevent Kim from getting punished with him. He asked Chuck what deal he could make but his words were discouraging.

Chuck's argument sounded sweet to the ear but it wasn't exactly true. Future moments on the show proved that deals are indeed the drivers of life. Jimmy wouldn't be alive if he hadn't made deals with people like Lalo. And Chuck himself would have been better off if he hadn't been so reluctant to come to an understanding with Howard and Jimmy.

8 "You're Not A Real Lawyer! University Of American Samoa, For Christ's Sake?"

Jimmy's suggestion that the "McGill boys" should team up and take the industry by storm wasn't so well received by Chuck. Instead, he reminded Jimmy of his inferior academic qualifications.

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When it came to throwing shade at Jimmy, Chuck never held anything back. Jimmy's preference to not fire back only invited more harsh words. Here, Chuck let loose his true feelings about Jimmy's career. But by being brutally honest, he was only triggering Jimmy's desire to prove him wrong. Jimmy would go on to become successful, marking one of the show's greatest redemptions stories.

7 "You And Mozart. You Both Started Young."

Eager to paint Jimmy as a bad person to Kim. Chuck narrated to her how his younger brother had a thriving business selling fake IDs in high school. An angry Jimmy called out Chuck for bringing up high school tales only for Chuck to mock him by comparing him to legendary composer Wolfgang Mozart, whose talents were seen early too.

Jimmy's perfect relationship with Kim was among the many things that triggered Chuck's contempt. He couldn't stand the fact that he was smarter and more successful yet divorced while the 'inferior' Jimmy was happily in love. His efforts to try and ruin their love didn't work because Kim loved Jimmy for who he was. Nevertheless, the shade and reference made the quote golden.

6 "He Defecated Through A Sunroof, And I Saved Him!"

Chuck's revenge mission was one of the storylines the show dropped but it had plenty of highlights. He used this rather interesting phrase while addressing the New Mexico Bar Association as he tried to get Jimmy's license suspended.

The HHM's partner's metaphorical choice of words made the quote all the more interesting. It was a way of him implying that he had helped Jimmy so much yet he had continued to disappoint him. His rant radiated bitterness, regret, and malice. He not only wished he never helped Jimmy but he also wanted him to get disbarred because he felt he was a disgrace to a profession he considered sacred.

5 "He's Svengali. The Man Is Svengali."

Chuck was rather shocked when Howard informed him that HHM was losing the Mesa Verde account. He was even more dumbfounded when he learned that they were now working with Kim Wexler and Jimmy. Chuck concluded that Jimmy was the one controlling Kim, going on to label him Svengali.

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Not only was this a great comparison but it was also a great pop culture reference. Svengali was a character from George du Maurier's 1894 novel Trilby. The main character Svengali was known for seducing and exploiting his lovers. Jimmy wasn't exploiting Kim but he had a habit of exploiting other people, hence Chuck wasn't entirely wrong by labeling Jimmy as Svengali.

4 "You Think I'm Trouble Now, As Your Partner? Imagine Me As Your Enemy."

Chuck's downward spiral caused Howard to attempt to buy him out of his HHM stake. Chuck refused, threatening to either sue or demand $8 million, which was the accurate value of his stake.

Even though Howard's actions meant Chuck losing something he had worked all his life for, it was for the company's benefit. Chuck was no longer the reliable lawyer and partner. He was paranoid and wasn't willing to work. Chuck's threat also held much weight because he had a track record of being petty. This had been evident through his relationship with Jimmy.

3 "The Price Of Excellence Is Eternal Vigilance."

Unlike everyone else at HHM, Chuck wasn't at all impressed when Jimmy acquired 24 new clients from his trip to Amarillo. He grilled Jimmy in front of the board, making it look like he had used devious means. After Jimmy cleared everything up, Chuck argued that he was only being cautious.

Chuck borrowed the quote from Wendell Phillips, a legendary advocate for Native Americans in the 1800s. Like Phillips, Chuck meant that sensitive matters have to be handled with care and control otherwise things will go wrong.  Chuck was indeed trying to make his brother look bad but he was also right to be concerned since Jimmy is crooked.

2 "The Truth Is You've Never Mattered All That Much To Me."

On the night of Chuck's death, Jimmy drove to his brother's house in one last attempt to make amends, in what qualified as one of the most questionable life choices on the show. Chuck rejected his pleas for a truce, bluntly telling Jimmy that he never mattered to him. Crushed, Jimmy left. It was the last time he would ever see Chuck alive.

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The quote is a special one because it was the most honest thing Chuck ever said. Chuck never saw Jimmy as anything more than a criminal who never deserved to be a lawyer and for that reason he hated him. His words also meant that the hostile relationship between the two brothers was set in stone with no hope for better days. There was never going to be brotherly love.

1 "Jimmy With A Law Degree Is Like A Chimp With A Machine Gun."

Jimmy confronted Chuck after he tried to block him from working on the Sandpiper case. As Jimmy insisted on knowing why Chuck was working against him, he finally opened up, telling Jimmy how he wasn't a real lawyer and that he was reckless, like a chimpanzee with a machine gun.

Though Chuck's words were mean and born out of jealousy and disdain, he was right and that's why the quote towers above the rest. Jimmy became a crooked lawyer, not afraid to use even elderly women at a retirement home for his own benefit. And there's also the fact that he got in bed with drug lords. Jimmy was smart but just as Chuck stated, his law degree helped him fuel crime rather than eradicate it.

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