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Big Brother: Elena Davies Reveals How Much the Houseguests Get Paid

Season 19's Elena Davies just revealed how much money she, along with all other alum, made while inside the Big Brother house. Afterward, she compared it to how much she was paid for her time on Ex on the Beach. Elena competed on the CBS reality show in 2017 during season 19. At the time, she had left her career in the radio industry to have this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity at winning the $500,000 grand prize.

Unfortunately for Elena, she did not make it to finale night; however, she did make it to the jury house, which is impressive itself. Elena's season ultimately turned out to be one of the most controversial of the show. In fact, it is one of the most hated seasons amongst fans. Aside from there being numerous showmances within one season, there was also a ton of anger and aggression throughout this season.

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Although Elena's time on the show has come and gone, she is still a big fan and is tuning into the new season along with fans. In honor of season 23 getting started last week, Elena gave fans a little insight as to how much the Big Brother houseguests get paid for being on the show. According to Us Weekly, Elena guest starred on today's episode of Dear Media’s “Trading Secrets” podcast. During the episode, Elena explained that she, along with the rest of the Big Brother cast, got paid a $1,000 stipend for each week spent inside the house. Luckily for Elena, since she did make it to jury, she got paid the stipend for those weeks as well. She ultimately went home with $13,000 from the show. This averages out to about $142 per day.

Elena did in fact clarify that the pay for being on Big Brother is strictly non-negotiable. The stipend was the same for every player. The player who came in second place would walk away with $50,000 while the winner would receive $500,000, which has since be upped to $750,000. Elena went on to explain that prior to going into the house she spent roughly $5,000 on toiletries and clothing for the show. She then pointed out, "I got paid almost as much as I got paid for Big Brother filming Ex on the Beach, but I only filmed Ex on the Beach for five days because I was the first person that they sent home." This was because Elena was able to negotiate her contract for Ex on the Beach with MTV.

Although the grand prize for Big Brother has grown this summer, it is unknown if the cast's weekly stipend has remained the same or grown as well. The only other times the pay has been increased for the houseguests is when a former player returns to the house to compete in another season. For example, the All-Star cast was paid a higher stipend for returning to the game.

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Source: Us Weekly, Trading Secrets Podcast

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