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Brooklyn Nine-Nine: 10 Quotes That Live Rent-Free In Fans Heads

A lot of things about Brooklyn Nine-Nine are memorable; from the characters who always get the audience laughing to the storylines that range anywhere between funny and serious. But the most memorable things of all about the show are the funny one-liners that are either so ridiculous or outrageously funny that fans can't help but remember them.

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While plenty of quotes might fit this bill; from Jake's "noice, toit, smort" lines to "Gina Linetti spaghetti confetti," there are others that come first to mind whenever Brooklyn Nine-Nine is mentioned. Even those that are only said once can live on forever in the minds of fans because they go against the nature of the character who said themwith epic delivery to boot.

10 "Bone?!"

After Rosa realized Holt's crankiness over a Math problem was really about him not getting to spend enough time with Kevin because they were working the night shift, she suggested that they "just need to bone." Holt flipped out and the next couple of scenes were of him shouting at her, interspaced with the word "bone" yelled out in a very exaggerated manner in a rant that lasted forty minutes.

As Holt rarely shows emotions, his exaggerated anger in this scene was classically funny. To add to that, Rosa was totally unfazed by his yells while Amy looked like she wanted the floor to swallow her. All in all, the scene was one of the funniest in Brooklyn Nine-Nine and the one word he kept yelling in between his rant was certainly quite memorable.

9 "Vindication!"

In the episode "Monster In The Closet," the squad was preparing for Rosa and Pimento's wedding, with Holt taking up the task of making a balloon arch for the altar. Amy and Terry told him it was horrible and that Rosa wouldn't like it, so Holt got upset and popped it. When he secretly made another one in his office and Rosa saw it, she surprised him by saying how much she loved it and Holt happily yelled, "Vindication!"

The quote and the moments leading up to it are especially memorable because they show how well Holt actually knows Rosa. Despite Terry and Amy telling him Rosa wouldn't like it, he actually thought she'd want an even bigger arch, and at the end of the day, he was right. The two of them have a great relationship that doesn't get a lot of attention on the show and is one of the things the Brooklyn Nine-Nine Reddit fan forums love about Rosa.

8 "You Just Drank Cement!"

When the 99th precinct was due to be shut down in the episode, "The Last Ride," each member of the squad spent their last moments doing something memorable. Gina kept tricking people into drinking cement while recording it for her followers, yelling (and singing) "you just drank cement," whenever someone fell for her prank.

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Given her laid-back, fun-filled, mean-girl persona, it's no surprise that Gina chose to spend her last moments pulling pranks, despite how tense everyone else was over their precinct shutting down. But, sometimes, she could be more insightful than she let on and very helpful. Her recorded cement prank, for example, actually saved the precinct in the end when her followers rallied to have it stay open.

7 "Title Of Your Sex Tape."

"Title of your sex tape" is a phrase spoken several times throughout the Brooklyn Nine-Nine and has become one of the show's best gags. It's actually one of Jake's common catchphrases, like "cool, cool, cool,"  which he says to Amy while teasing her about making an inadvertently sexual innuendo.

Every time Jake says this quote to Amy, fans are easily able to see the dynamic between the two of them. Jake is the one who always makes a joke out of everything, usually at Amy's expense. It's also a reflection of Jake's character as the classic funny guy as he throws the phrase in even while talking about a serious case.

6 "Your Butt Is Da Bomb."

The first person to say this line was Jake, but the most iconic use of the quote was when Amy made it part of her wedding vows ("Jake & Amy"). Ironically, she'd asked Jake not to say it during their wedding but it was sweet that she did.

The line originated from the joke Jake made about the bomb threat that had disrupted their perfectly planned wedding and it became a tradition for them as Jake said the words back to her on their one-year anniversary. It also showed how Amy and Jake were starting to mimic each other's behaviors and traits, even though, at first glance, they seemed very different. The fact that they were now able to get on each other's frequency levels proved why many Brooklyn Nine-Nine fans consider the pairing relationship goals.

5 "...Now Number Five."

The most memorable cold open of the show was for the season 5 episode, "DFW."  Jake asked five guys in a lineup to sing a part of the song "I Want It That Way" by Backstreet Boys in turns so the witness could identify the killer. However, he got carried away with the song, which led to one of Jake's funniest quotes on Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

The scene is one of the most-loved across the Brooklyn Nine-Nine fandom, especially for the way Jake forgot that they were trying to identify a killer and started enjoying the harmonies instead. It's one of many times where the show added humor in a situation that wouldn't normally be funny, but it was pulled off in a way not many shows could do.

4 "Yippie Kayak, Other Buckets."

While Jake, Gina, and Charles were shopping for a Christmas gift in the season 3 episode "Yippie Kayak," the store was taken hostage by a group of armed robbers. The three of them managed to hide until Gina and Jake were captured. Charles saved the day in the nick of time by emerging through the vents and knocking the thieves out while saying this modified version of a Die Hard quote.

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Die Hard is Jake's favorite movie and throughout the episode, he kept likening their situation to the movie. Although at the end of the day Charles got to be the hero and butchered the quote, Jake was still excited to see it play out.

3 "Bingpot."

To any other person, the word doesn't make sense but any Brooklyn Nine-Nine fan would instantly recognize it. Bingpot is an amalgamation of the words "bingo" and "jackpot" said first by Jake in "The Chopper," then later in the same episode by Holt when they found the stolen $21 million they'd been looking for.

Although the word came about by accident, it took off and became one of the best quotes of the series. As Holt is famously known for using perfect grammar and formal knowledge, even while texting, so the odd word coming from him was quite iconic and hilarious.

2 "Hot Damn!"

While the rest of the squad played a guessing game to see why Amy was late to work for the first time, Holt joined in and guessed that she was in a line at the bank, which Jake thought was a boring guess. When Amy came in and confirmed that Holt was right, he happily yelled, "Hot Damn!"

The fact that Holt played along was surprising in itself given how often insists on being professional at all times. His celebratory "hot damn" was even more shocking because it was a complete contrast to his normally composed demeanor, but absolutely fitting for the moment.

1 "Nine-Nine!"

The line "Nine-Nine" has been said by several characters, especially Terry, often followed by the rest of the squad chanting it back to them in unison. The phrase, representing their 99th precinct, is a sort of power chant for the group and always psychs them up for whatever is coming up next.

Besides the energy-filled chant, the quote has been slipped into lots of conversations and is essentially a big part of their identity. When the characters talk of the Nine-Nine, it's not just a precinct to them, it's their funny, loving, sometimes really sillybut in a good wayfamily.

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