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Brooklyn Nine-Nine: 10 Things Fans Love About Rosa (According To Reddit)

The characters of Brooklyn Nine-Nine are an assortment of comedy goodness. There's Jake who can always turn anything into a game or a bet, no matter how serious, Amy who's adorably nerdy and gets excited over files and paper clips, and Holt who's so formal he even signs texts off with "sincerely, yours."

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And then there's Rosa, the edgy woman who can pull a giant dagger out of her pocket one second and enter a baby stroller competition for her friend the next. With so many facets to her character, it's no surprise that fans have varying opinions of her. While some fans don't really understand her, there are plenty of others who sing high praises of her on Reddit for various reasons.

10 Compelling To Watch

There are so many sides to Rosa that there's something about her for different fans to enjoy, whether it's her general don't-care-about-anything attitude or her habit of pulling knives and other weapons out from random places. Since the first season, her character has changed slightly and she's a little warmer, without losing any of the scariness that fans always loved about her from the start.

All these make Rosa an interesting character to watch because fans never know what they're going to get with her. Even little tidbits she reveals about her life and childhood hold epic surprises because of how they contradict her character, like the fact that she used to take ballet classes.

9 Great Character Development

The show has seven seasons so far, with an eighth soon to air. Throughout the seasons, each of the characters of Brooklyn Nine-Nine has grown and developed through their arcs. Jake is a little more mature, Amy is a little less uptight, Charles is a tad less creepy, and Holt is a lot less robotic.

Rosa is among the characters of the show who had great character development. She started out as short-tempered and secretive about her life and anything to do with her. Now, she opens up occasionally to her friends and doesn't take her temper out on printers or other office equipment as much.

8 Supportive Friend

While Rosa comes off as a closed-off person who doesn't like to say or do much, she's shown herself to be a great and present friend, especially for Amy and Jake. In season 7, episode 12, "Ransom," she stood all night at a store to try and win Amy the stroller she wanted, and later when Amy went into labor at the station, she supported her throughout the whole encounter.

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As one fan on Reddit said, "she's a big softy underneath all that leather." There weren't a lot of times when Rosa went out on a limb for any of her friends, but the few times she did were some of the most heartwarming moments on Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

7 Good Take On Tough Vs. Soft

Rosa's character is a combination of edgy and nice and some fans appreciate that about her. Having an edgy character who's actually nice on the inside is a common trope in TV shows but Brooklyn Nine-Nine does it well with Rosa.

Both her edgy and nice sides are perfectly balanced so when she's being edgy she doesn't descend into someone who's super mean or unlikable, and when she's nice, it doesn't feel too out of character for her.

6 Funny Facial Expressions

In a Rosa appreciation post on Reddit, one fan commented that they always look out for Rosa in the back of scenes because her expressions are always spot on. As a comedy show, there's a lot of humor on Brooklyn Nine-Nine, often enhanced by the characters' reactions to it.

Rosa's facial expressions in reaction to some of the funniest things said on Brooklyn Nine-Nine are always epic and sometimes even funnier than whatever she's reacting to. Whether she's rolling her eyes, smirking, or laughing, her facial expression in those moments is something not to miss.

5 Smart, Independent, & Self-Assured

Rosa has always been independent, sometimes a little too much, but the self-assuredness that comes with her independence is another thing fans love about her. While she might not open up easily, she's a good and loyal friend to Amy, Jake, and the others.

As a Brooklyn Nine-Nine fan on Reddit explained, Rosa might make fun of Hitchcock and Scully from time to time, or close herself off from her closest friends, but she shows up when it counts and supports them, whether it's through a work-related issue or something personal.

4 How She Handled Charles' Crush

Back in season 1, Charles had a massive crush on Rosa and kept asking her out. Rosa made it clear to him that she wasn't interested without being mean about it, which is something one fan posted on Reddit that they loved about her.

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Rosa could see that they weren't compatible and she helped Charles come to that realization too without hurting his feelings. They even became really good friends after that. She helped him move out of his ex-wife's basement and she chose him to be one of her maids of honor when she was engaged to Pimento.

3 Fun Laugh

Rosa rarely smiles, let alone laugh. In the earlier seasons of the show, especially, the other characters made conscious efforts to try and get her to smile, usually to no avail.

As the seasons progressed, she loosened up a little and started smiling more and laughing occasionally. Because it rarely happens, the few times Rosa laughs are even more special. Her laugh is usually exaggerated too, and as one fan said on Reddit, it always makes the audience laugh.

2 Her Relationship With Holt

The characters often pair off from time to time, to work on cases or deal with some personal issues. Throughout the seasons, the show has shown the characters paired up with each other, from Jake and Charles to Amy and Rosa.

While all of the duos are iconic, fans on Reddit commented that Rosa and Holt were one of the best. They had some things in common, like their aversion to showing emotions, and that trait brought up one of their best interactions when Holt helped her break up with his nephew, Marcus.

1 Devotion To Arlo

When Charles lost one of his dogs, Rosa didn't understand why he was so torn up about it. To get him out of his funk, she bought him another dog and told him to give it the same name as the one that died to replace it. Of course, this didn't work and she ended up keeping the dog and loving it so much she threatened to kill everyone if anything happened to Arlo.

Her violent eulogy is one moment that's the subject of many memes on the Brooklyn Nine-Nine subreddit, with lots of fans commenting on how much they love Rosa's love for Arlo. She doesn't show emotions much, which makes her adoration for Arlo that much cuter.

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