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Captain Marvel Settles a Major Misconception About Her Powers

Warning: contain spoilers for Captain Marvel #30!

Captain Marvel has a vast set of powers that sometimes make her seem unstoppable, but while her abilities are impressive, Carol Danvers would be the first to admit that she has plenty of limitations. While magic may be her greatest weakness, one of Captain Marvel’s powers also leaves her susceptible to taking some brutal punishment, even though many fans think it makes her invulnerable.

Recently, Carol Danvers was swept away into an apocalyptic future in which the majority of Earth’s heroes were dead. Ove, the son of Namor and the Enchantress, acted as a corrupt ruler for the survivors of this barren wasteland, but before Captain Marvel was able to defeat him, he traveled back to the present in hopes of taking over the world. Upon returning from the future, Carol decided to contact some of her mystical allies in hopes of removing her vulnerability to Ove's magic, but Doctor Strange instructed these heroes not to help. Desperate, Captain Marvel turned to the Enchantress for assistance and the Asgardian agreed, leading her on a journey to Atlantis for an artifact known as the Heart of the Serpent.

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Successful in retrieving the magical relic, Carol reconvenes with the Enchantress in Captain Marvel #30 by Kelly Thompson, Jamie Mckelvie, Jacopo Camagni, Espen Grundetjurn, and Clayton Cowles. Here, she is surprised to learn that the Heart of the Serpent can grant her permanent immunity from magic, as she originally hoped to gain some mystical powers of her own. While Carol considers her options, the Enchantress reads her mind and discovers that Captain Marvel has been tricking her into betraying her own son all along. With that, the villain attacks Carol, knocking her unconscious.

When Captain Marvel comes to, she is no longer alone with the Enchantress, as Ove has also arrived on the scene. Realizing that she won’t be able to take the mother and son down at the same time, she sends the Enchantress soaring with an energy blast that leaves her severely depleted. Enraged, Ove unleashes a barrage of punches, pummeling Captain Marvel through walls and across the sky. As she gets hit by her enemy’s devastating attacks, she discerns that, as long as Ove doesn’t use any magic, she’ll be able to absorb enough energy from his blows to stand a chance. But what's crucial is that the comic confirms that absorbing Ove's punches doesn't mean Carol is immune to them.

Luckily, Captain Marvel is able to hold her own, and with an additional energy boost courtesy of War Machine, she manages to defeat her futuristic villain. Energy absorption is an incredible ability, but unlike what some fans may believe, it doesn’t make Captain Marvel invincible. While scenes like the one where Rhodey charges her up may make it seem as though Carol is immune to whatever she absorbs, her battle with Ove proves this to be false. Although each of Ove’s strikes powers her up more and more, it’s clear that she feels every single one of his punches and is certainly being affected by them. This confirms that absorbing attacks makes Captain Marvel stronger, but she still takes the hits and whatever pain comes with them.

Thankfully, while Carol may not be invulnerable, she's more than a match for Ove, tricking him into negating his own magical abilities by consuming the Heart of the Serpent. Superheroes are at their best when they're forced to work around their limitations, and as powerful as Captain Marvel is, she ultimately defeats Ove not by turning his power back on him, but by lulling him into a false sense of security, playing off the all-consuming arrogance of her enemy.

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