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China's Mars Rover Just Sent Back Gorgeous New Images

China's Tianwen-1 space rover recently sent new images from the surface of Mars, and they provided a stunning new look at Red Planet's surface. When it comes to space exploration, Mars has been the focus for a lot of people. Whether it be debates of pre-existing life on the planet or it being habitable for future humans, Mars is often seen as the next destination for the human race. It'll be a long road before that day comes — if it ever does — but that hasn't stopped various countries and space agencies from doing what they can to learn more about the planet.

In the United States alone, there's been a considerable focus on Mars in recent years. On February 18, 2021, NASA's Perseverance rover officially landed on Mars after launching in July 2020. Paired with a small helicopter named 'Ingenuity,' the two machines are traveling Mars' surface to gather new information about the planet that fascinates so many. Elon Musk has also often talked about his desire to get humans on Mars using his aerospace company SpaceX.

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With all of that said, the U.S. isn't the only country charging forward with Mars exploration. The China National Space Agency (CNSA) landed its Tianwen-1 rover on Mars on May 14. The rover officially disengaged from its landing ship on May 22 to begin exploring the planet, and has been doing so for a little over 60 Earth days. As reported by Universe Todaythe CNSA released new images from Tianwen-1 on July 15 that provide an exciting new look at the Martian surface.

So, what's been discovered with these latest images? One of the photos is a landscape shot of Mars that shows a red dune about 20 feet away. Closer images of the dune reveal it to have multiple rocks near it, with one of them coming in at 13.4 inches wide. There are a few other images of the planet's surface, one of which was taken while Tianwen-1 was around 690 feet away from its landing site. Tianwen-1 was also able to get up-close and personal with certain landforms on Mars. Using its Mars Surface Compound Detector and Multispectral Camera, Tianwen-1 took photos of rocks and the ground they're resting on — picking up details like layers of dust and impressions from the rover's tracks.

In addition to seeing pictures taken while on Mars, Tianwen-1 also captured some shots of its descent to the planet. These images show a broader view of the Mars surface, along with the underside of the parachute and a glimpse of the Mars sky. The images are stunning to look at on their own, and that point is made even more notable considering that Tianwen-1 marks China's first Mars mission in history. To view all of the photos, see the source link below.

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Source: Universe Today

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