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Christopher Reeve's Man of Steel Returns To DC in Superman '78 Preview

Warning: includes a preview for Superman '78 #1!

DC Comics has released a slew of new preview pages for Superman '78 #1 that tease the return of Christopher Reeve's Man of Steel. Originally slated as a digital-first series, Superman '78 is now launching on August 24, digitally and on print. It will be releasing alongside Batman '89, another project made in the same vein. The miniseries is being written by writer Rob Venditti with art by Wilfredo Torres.

The series will pick up the threads left behind by the original Christopher Reeve Superman films. Even though Superman '78 will play into fan nostalgia, DC is also taking the opportunity to tell new stories set within this world. This also means the introduction of new characters, such as Brainiac, who arrives on the first preview page. Brainiac will be the main villain, despite the presence of Gene Hackman's version of Lex Luthor. It seems that Lex will be teaming up with Superman, in the interest of saving the world so that he can pursue his next evil plan.

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DC Comics has released preview pages for Superman '78 #1Classic elements of Christopher Reeve's Superman are on display throughout the preview pages. They highlight the Clark Kent side of Superman especially. It seems that Clark will be upping his journalistic game after a slew of hints from Lois Lane and his boss. As mentioned, the first panel shows Brainiac making his way to Earth. Meanwhile, Clark bumps into Margot Kidder's Lois, supposedly by accident. Knowing Clark, he probably used his X-ray vision or super hearing to locate her and clumsily bump into her.

At this point, Clark and Lois are still only working colleagues, meaning that Clark's true identity as Superman is yet to be revealed. It's extremely likely that, at some point in the Superman '78 miniseries, Superman's identity will be finally unveiled to Lois. But for now, Lois has some tough words for her less acclaimed colleague. However, Clark is distracted as he overhears a woman struggling with an assailant. Clark uses his heat vision to startle the robber, before he is stopped by Metropolis Police. However, the day so far is far too ordinary, meaning that something big is about to go down. And sure enough, it does. Brainiac arrives as he crash lands in Metropolis!

Superman will need to bring his A-game if he is to beat his AI opponent. It isn't going to take physical strength to stop Brainiac, but brains, meaning that he will need the assistance of Lois, who is one of the most clever people he knows. It's an exciting time to be a Superman fan, especially for those who grew up on Richard Donner and Christopher Reeve's Superman. Superman '78 #1 releases on August 24 in comic book stores and on digital platforms.

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