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Darth Maul's Assassin Successor Has a Genius Use For Droids

Warning: contains spoilers for Star Wars: Bounty Hunters #14!

Deathstick - an assassin currently occupying Darth Maul's former position as the deadly enforcer of the Crimson Dawn - just showcased a genius use for droids while hunting down bounty hunters Dengar and Beilert Valance in Star Wars: Bounty Hunters #14. Star Wars fans have seen many variations of battle strategies, but this one is especially creative, and makes it clear why Deathstick is a force to be reckoned with.

Previously, the fate of the crime syndicate Crimson Dawn in the Star Wars galaxy was unknown. Originally appearing in Solo: A Star Wars Story, Qi’ra took on an apprentice role to villainous leader Darth Maul. Recently, readers of the ongoing crossover event War of the Bounty Hunters learned that Qi’ra has since taken over for the fallen ex-Sith, and has an assassin at her side called Deathstick. Together, they have replaced Maul as the dark mind and red right hand of the Crimson Dawn, with Star Wars: Bounty Hunters #14 - from Ethan Sacks and Paolo Villanelli - showcasing Deathstick's abilities.

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As Deathstick reveals herself for the first time and relentlessly chases after Dengar and Beilert Vallance on Nar Shaddaa, she employs droids not as soldiers, but as part of her own fighting style. Flanked by small, flying droids laying down suppressing fire, she lays waste to her enemies. Wherever Deathstick goes, her mechanical companions follow, almost as if they’re a part of her armor, even taking hits intended for the assassin and giving chase where she's unable to follow. That Deathstick is able to operate around the torrent of laser-fire which emerges from her helpers shows the incredible skill she brings to the table.

Dengar and Beilert Valance are overwhelmed with incoming fire as they make their way through the city and try to lose Deathstick, but the droids pursue the bounty hunters and nearly cause them to crash during their space car chase. Specifically designated as surveillance droids, they allow Deathstick to know where her prey is headed and get the upper hand, shepherding her targets into a killzone overseen by the assassin, who prepares to snipe them from afar.

Deathstick makes a strong first impression as an assassin making use of her resources, but it’s unclear whether the droids are her property, or if she’s able to hack into any nearby droids to do her bidding. For all readers know, Crimson Dawn could have several undercover sleeper droids hidden throughout the Smuggler’s Moon, just in case they need eyes somewhere. Now that the syndicate is solidifying itself as a massive presence in the Star Wars underworld with the sale of Han Solo's carbonite-encased body, Deathstick's skill and mysterious resources make it clear they're going to be an influential presence in the galaxy. With a unique fighting style that sees her acting as a precise blade within the chaos of droid fire, Deathstick is already proving to be a worthy successor to Darth Maul, and is on course to take down her targets as Star Wars: Bounty Hunters continues.

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