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DC Finally Confirms: Supergirl Is Stronger Than Superman

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Crime Syndicate #5

In Crime Syndicate #5, Earth-3’s Supergirl fights DC's evil Superman, so could their interaction finally prove who is stronger? Although Supergirl has long been overshadowed by Superman, there’s always been a debate about who is more powerful. Both heroes are from Krypton and their DNA is similar due to being cousins. The playing field seems pretty even, but there are a few other factors that could offset the balance. This includes: Supergirl having lived on Krypton for longer and likewise, Superman on Earth. It seems that DC might have given fans a clue to the age-long question that many people have tried to fully uncover.

Throughout the Crime Syndicate miniseries, Superman’s evil doppelgänger, Ultraman, has proven to be extremely powerful. He is feared by Earth-3 Metropolis’ citizens as he reigns with force. In the latest issue, Ultraman and the Crime Syndicate face off against the Legion of Justice, a new team formed of Earth-0 villain doppelgängers. As usual, Ultraman cleans up the battlefield thanks to his Kryptonian physiology. No one in the Legion of Justice or the Crime Syndicate is a true match to him. But this all changed on the issue’s final page.

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In Crime Syndicate #5 by Andy Schmidt, Kieran McKeown, Bryan Hitch, Dexter Vines, and Alex Sinclair, Ultragirl shows up out of nowhere. This happens as Ultraman goes to punch Luthor, but his attack is stopped by none other than Earth-3’s version of Supergirl. Ultragirl catches her cousin’s punch and brings him to his knees. Not only is it a shock to readers, but Ultraman is left speechless. Ultraman is not someone who would ever hold back. Stopping Ultraman is no easy feat, so Ultragirl stopping his punch with one hand suggests that she’s incredibly powerful.

As most comic book readers know, Krypton’s gravity is much denser than Earth’s. And it’s a known fact that Supergirl lived on Krypton for much longer than Superman, who was just a baby when he was sent to Earth. It’s assumed that living in Krypton’s harsher environment that Supergirl would have the upper hand. Meanwhile, Superman, having lived most of his life on Earth, has had to struggle a lot with not much to challenge him in terms of living. Additionally, it’s well documented that DC’s evil counterparts possess very similar qualities in terms of skills and powers, even if their personalities couldn’t be more different. With all the evidence shown in Crime Syndicate #5, it would seem to suggest that Ultragirl is stronger than Ultraman.

With them being alternate universe counterparts to Supergirl and Superman, it can be assumed that the same is true on Earth-0. Perhaps, whenever they next fight, Supergirl will reign victorious over her cousin. Obviously, this is all to do with the super cousins’ power sets. But it was also proven that Supergirl becomes a far greater hero than Superman in the future. It’s clear that the Supergirl and Superman debate will never die down, due to DC’s continuity constantly shifting. For now, Supergirl seems to be stronger than Superman, as evidenced by their Earth-3 counterparts in Crime Syndicate #5, which is available now.

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