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DC's New Wonder Woman Romance is a Nightmare | Screen Rant

Warning: contains major spoilers for Wonder Girl #2!

DC's new Wonder Woman - Yara Flor - is about to find herself in a complicated position. Wonder Girl #2 continues the young Brazilian hero's origin story and prepares to throw some new conflicts into her path. Of all the things that Yara has to contend with, her newest admirer is definitely one that is unexpected.

Yara Flor was one of the main, new Justice League characters in DC's Future State event. Within those stories, she already had her powers and had taken up the mantle of Wonder Woman. Wonder Girl takes place before the potential future presented in Future State. It tells Yara's origin and will push her into the role of Wonder Girl as a precursor to her bigger role later. The first issue saw her visiting Brazil to see what her birth nation is actually like since she didn't grow up there. So far, she has found a lot of trouble.

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Created by Jöelle Jones, Adriana Melo, Jordie Bellaire, and Clayton Cowles, Wonder Girl #2 picks up with Yara receiving her powers from Iara, a Brazilian deity. However, it also presents her with a dilemma that will likely cause more trouble than she could have possibly wanted - a lovestruck admirer. Eros, the famed god of love, was sent by Hera to "fetch" the future Wonder Girl. The only problem is that he's struck himself with his own arrow.

A deity has messed up one of their biggest missions, which will likely have a lot of consequences for Yara. With every major Amazon faction and Hera after her, being the center of romantic attention of a deity is certainly not ideal. In fact, it seems like a fast way to gain the contempt of the gods, regardless of how it happened. The ideal plan was likely to shoot the future Wonder Woman with an arrow and for Eros to be the first person she saw, so he could escort her easily to his grandmother, Hera. Instead, he will be falling for her and it seems unlikely that she will want to follow him to Olympus without question like she would have, had he succeeded.

While his love may be beneficial when it comes to protecting her from the other factions who are coming after her, it won't gain her any favors with the deities themselves. Not only do many deities see themselves as being greater than mortals in general, she is already the center of everyone's attention. Hera is planning something big and this won't help her achieve her goals. In mythology, Hera is not someone who should be upset, but Yara isn't at fault in any way. Yara is going to find herself at the center of an Amazonian war, as a threat for unknown reasons, while potentially having unwanted attention from a lovesick god. Eros is certain to face a little bit of wrath for botching this job, but Yara will certainly face more of it because she isn't a deity herself. DC's new Wonder Woman is quickly finding herself getting far more than she bargained for.

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