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Deadpool: Samurai Manga To Release In English Next Spring

Following its placement as a well-favored book for Marvel in 2021, the House of Ideas and major manga publisher Viz Media (in conjunction with Weekly Shonen Jump), will be distributing their Deadpool: Samurai manga to an even greater demographic of comic readers. Not only will the manga come to the United States, but it will be accompanied by an entire English translation. Samurai is not a standalone arc but a story set firmly within the main Earth 616 timeline from Patch Quest duo Sanshirou Kasama and Hikaru Uesugi, which finds the time-displaced "Merc With a Mouth" in Feudal Japan battling for his life against ninjas and other prevalent threats. The popularity of the original manga only led to the creation of a full-length Deadpool ongoing series and now this English re-release. Given the nature of the collaboration between Marvel and Viz, Deadpool: Samurai is not solely beholden to the heroes and villains within the Marvel Universe. Joining Deadpool in his adventure is the superhero celebrity All Might of My Hero Academia, in a crossover event for the ages.

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Viz Media was the first to break the news of the Deadpool: Samurai English release on their Twitter account, with several comic fans sharing their excitement about the upcoming manga. Alongside Deadpool: Samurai, Marvel will be releasing two separate manga series' titled Marvel Meow by writer Nao Fuji (Black Catbased around the antics of Carol Danvers / Captain Marvel's loveable Flerken, Chewie (better known to movie fans as Goose). Then there's the third and perhaps most mysterious Marvel manga series Secret Reverse from Yu-Gi-Oh! creator Kazuki Takahashi. Marvel Meow will be releasing to readers later this year on October 12, with Deadpool: Manga coming a few months later, tentatively positioned for a February 2022 release while Secret Reverse is set for a summer 2022 reservation.

Prior to Viz and Marvel's ongoing collaboration,  Marvel spearheaded the Marvel Mangaverse (a.k.a. Earth-2301) line of comics in early 2000-2002, followed by a short resurgence known as The New Mangaverse. Beyond the comic page, the company has a handful of anime films starring classic Marvel heroes such as the Uncanny X-Men and Blade.

Since his comics debut in 1991, Deadpool has achieved tremendous levels of media evolution as the skilled assassin's popularity with fans and readers only continues to gain momentum. With Deadpool's success on the comic page, animated medium, and big screen, the manga was the natural next step for the fourth-wall-breaking miscreant.

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