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Dynasty: 10 Season 4 Plot Twists No One Saw Coming | ScreenRant

The CW's Dynasty reboot is full of twists and turns so it takes a lot to truly surprise fans. One of the biggest jaw-dropping moments, for example, was when Alexis had plastic surgery that, unbeknownst to her, changed her face to look exactly like Fallon. Then, there was that time when the character of Cristal was killed off in the first season. She was then replaced by a new character also named Cristal—the person whose identity the first Cristal stole—only to be played by a completely different actor in the third season.

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Nonetheless, even four seasons in, Dynasty is still managing to find ways to elicit gasps from viewers who thought they could predict everything that would happen.

10 Evan's Murderous Rampage

Evan Tate at first appeared to be nothing more than a successful young lawyer who was still dealing with the grief of his sister's death more than a decade earlier. But, after reuniting with Fallon, then starting up a short-lived romance, it was obvious there was a vengeful side to Evan.

Fans never could have predicted, however, the levels he would take it to. He stabbed Kirby in cold blood, almost killing her, and held Fallon at knifepoint, seemingly ready to kill her. It was a complete shock.

9 Anders Keeping Adam's Secret

Anders didn't let Adam go entirely free, as it was made clear in one scene that he kept the audio evidence he had of Adam's guilt as a recording on his phone even though he swore he deleted it. Anders had been trying his best to prove his love to his daughter Kirby and that he trusted and respected her as an adult.

But, viewers couldn't believe that in order to keep his daughter happy, Anders let things go and actually accepted Kirby being with Adam. He did this even though he knew Adam murdered his adoptive mother and he strongly suspected the young man pushed Alexis' face into the fire. Anders might have been right to wait things out, though, since, even though Adam and Kirby are one of the best couples on Dynasty, signs point to them not lasting.

8 Blake And Dominique Teaming Up

Blake and Dominique had always been at odds since the long-held rivalry between the Carringtons and the Colbys. The relationship between the two became even more tense when Dominique discovered that Thomas Carrington was actually her father, and thus Blake her half-brother.

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Blake always seemed to view Dominique as a pest he couldn't get rid of, but, once he found a way to use her to his advantage to get the Manor back, the two seemed to get along as they plotted against Alexis. The biggest twist was that Blake then seemed to be OK with having Dominique around, agreeing to give her the loft to live in.

7 Alexis Taking Possession Of The Carrington Manor

Alexis has done some pretty terrible things in Dynasty. She always has tricks up her sleeve and was out to not only get what she wanted, but to take Blake down in the process, as well. She had her eye on the Manor the entire time, but viewers never thought she would actually find a way to get it.

But Alexis pulled it off, remaining married to Jeff Colby for a year, plotting together a way they could take possession. Eventually, it worked—at least for a time—as Alexis took over while Blake was forced to temporarily live in a suite at La Mirage with Anders.

6 Culhane Selling The Team

Michael Culhane seemed to finally be in a good spot; he was no longer working for the Carringtons, owned his own soccer team, and was able to provide for his mother and younger sister. So, it came as a total shocker that, in season four, Culhane decided to sell the team.

He made sure it ended up in good hands. Nonetheless, this firmly put Culhane in the millionaire's club, a place he was not familiar nor comfortable with. Season four presented an interesting look at the different ways that Culhane handled his wealth versus the others. Even despite being rich, however, Culhane still remained one of the most likeable characters in the Dynasty reboot.

5 The Return Of Fletcher

Fletcher was one of Sam's love interests from the prior season who broke up with him after Sam discovered he was married. Fletcher wasn't ready to leave his husband despite how much he liked Sam, and Sam wasn't interested in being "the other man."

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It seemed like that was the end of the story, but it makes sense that Dynasty would stir the pot and bring Fletcher back just when Sam was seemingly in a good place. Not only did Sam stay in touch with the stripper he mistakenly married while intoxicated, but he began to date him, which made the reunion with Fletcher all the more troubling.

4 Ryan Not Trying To Take Advantage Of Sammy

The obvious route the show could have taken the storyline with Ryan the stripper would have been that he was a greedy freeloader looking to take advantage of Sammy, one of the most good-hearted characters on the show. But, much to viewers' surprise, Ryan wasn't interested in Sammy's money.

He refused to let Sam pay for his schooling and was visibly uncomfortable whenever Sam made grandiose and expensive gestures. Ryan turned out—at the time of this writing, at least—to actually be a good guy. Unless the series throws yet another curveball, his storyline came as a surprise.

3 Fallon Not Blackmailing Colin

Liam clearly has a good influence on Fallon, who some believe to be the star of Dynasty, because she continues to make decisions that suggest she actually cares about others and is thinking about other people and their feelings above her own for seemingly the first time.

Case in point being that, when Fallon had the opportunity to blackmail Colin who blocked her ability to build on land because he wanted it, she opted against taking the easy way out because it would have caused collateral damage for others. Instead, she worked tirelessly to find another way around the situation. While Fallon persisting is typical of her, Fallon not using any ammunition she has, regardless of who it might hurt in the process, showed tremendous character growth.

2 Alexis And Dominique Getting Stuck In A Cave

If fans were told that the fourth season of the series would feature Alexis and Dominique getting stuck in a cave together, it would have sounded so ridiculous, it couldn't be true. But it happened.

Having the two stuck in a room, forced to talk with one another without champagne and the ability to strut off in heels, was a perfect television moment. They were honest and open with one another—sort of, at least—which was probably the first time either of them were truly genuine with another person.

1 Cristal Having A Brain Tumor

It was teased through the season that Cristal might be pregnant. Then, it was revealed that she isn't pregnant at all but actually sick with an apparent brain tumor. Is it possible the show will kill the second Cristal in Blake's life—and the third on the show?

The actor who plays Cristal, Daniella Alonso, is actually pregnant in real life, so it's no surprise strategic camera angles and big coats were used through the season to hide her growing belly. That said, this doesn't necessarily mean that Cristal will be killed off. Fans will have to wait and see.

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