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Earth Temple Dungeon Map Location in Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD

Completing temples is a crucial part of any Zelda game, and The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD is no different.While temples can be confusing without any initial guidance, finding the Temple Map early can make exploring and completing these areas much easier.

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After finding all five key pieces in the Eldin Volcano, players will be able to enter the Earth Temple. Before players head for the Map, they’ll need to obtain the Bomb Bag located within the Temple. After crossing the drawbridge at the start of the dungeon, players need to kill the Lizafos in the next room. Next, they’ll need to look around and locate the statue head in the middle of the lava. 

Players should use the Slingshot to hit one of the Bomb Flowers on the statue's head. Once every Bomb Flower is destroyed, the statue’s eyeball will drop into the lava and land in front of Link. By climbing onto the eyeball, players can ride the ball to the center of the room, where a switch can be seen jutting out from a platform in the lava. Crash the ball into the switch to activate it. Next, players need to ride the ball back to the southeast corner of the room, where they will find the character Ledd. Players should hop onto the platform, pass by Ledd, turn left, and crawl into the cage. After dealing with the Bokoblin inside, players need to roll a Bomb Flower back through the cage to destroy the boulder behind Ledd.

Traveling through this new door will lead players into a room with two Lizalfos. After killing them both, a chest will appear with the Bomb Bag inside. Players should turn back around and talk to Ledd, who will give Link five Bombs to use. Players can obtain up to five more Bombs from inside the cage. Next, ride the stone ball to the center of the room. From here, players can begin heading for the Map. From the center of the middle room, players should head west and use a bomb to destroy the boulder blocking the way. From here, all players need to do is hop across the floating rocks to the other side of the room, and deal with any enemies they encounter along the way to prevent falling in.

Finally, all players need to do is ride the westernmost rock up to the higher platform and fight the Bokoblins nearby. There, players should find the chest containing the Dungeon Map, that will help them traverse the rest of the Temple.

Completing the Earth Temple and defeating the final mini-boss Scaldera will mark the end of this Temple. Besides the incredibly useful Bomb Bag acquired in the dungeon, players will also obtain their well-earned additional Heart Container. Traversing the Earth Temple can be a bit tricky, but finding the Dungeon Map quickly should make it much easier.

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The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD is available now on the Nintendo Switch.

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