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Emmys 2021: 10 Best Nominated Shows, According To IMDb

The 2021 Emmy nominees list has some new names as well as the usual brilliant shows that rarely fail to be recognized by the award ceremony. A number of frequently nominated TV productions are also missing since they didn't air over the past year due to delays in filming caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. These circumstances have created space for other deserving shows to shine.

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Since the Emmys recognize the best in the TV landscape, the nomination list is always a good place to check when deciding what's worth the watch. The list is vast though, so choosing can still be difficult. Luckily, IMDb ratings make it easier to single out the excellent shows from the larger pool of great nominees.

10 The Handmaid's Tale - 8.4

The Handmaid's Tale is among the best ever shows to win an Emmy for Drama Series according to IMDb rating, and it has come in strong once again with a total of 9 nominationsAdapted from Margaret Atwood's best-selling novel, the show revolves around a dystopian totalitarian society that is characterized by its obsession with infertility. The few remaining fertile women are thus enslaved and forced into reproductive servitude.

The Hulu show's brilliance is due to the fact that it touches on several sensitive themes such as theocracy, gender equality, and class oppression. Elisabeth Moss also steers the stormy show into calm waters with her consistent amazing performances. Since its first season, the show has been nominated for 30 Emmys.

9 Mare Of Easttown - 8.5

This HBO crime drama—which involves a detective investigating an unusual murder in a tiny Philadelphia town—has been widely praised by both fans and critics alike. At the 2021 Emmys, Mare Of Easttown has 16 nominations.

Many things make the Mare of Easttown a standout show. There's the attention to detail, a committed portrayal of the lead character by Kate Winslet, shocking twists, and a unique accent referred to as the "Delco" accent. The only unfortunate thing about the HBO offering is that it feels brief, with only 7 episodes and no plans for any continuation.

8 The Crown - 8.6

This historical drama has been the pride of Netflix. The Crown once again leads the pack this year with 24 nominations. Based on Peter Morgan's award-winning play The Audience, the show covers the life of Queen Elizabeth II and those in her circle from the '40s to the present day.

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Despite painting some historical figures in a bad light, The Crown still makes them interesting by showcasing their poise, elegance, and lavish lifestyles.

7 Pose - 8.6

Pose tells the tales of New York City's drag ball culture from the '80s to the '90s, and at this year's Emmys, the show racked up 9 nominations. The series also broke new ground when MJ Rodriguez became the first-ever transgender performer to be nominated for a lead role at the Emmys.

The FX show has some of the best LGBTQ+ depictions in the TV landscape, and casting actual LGBTQ+ actors has set it apart from the crowd. The costume design and neat camerawork have also been part of the reason why Pose is an addictive watch, but unfortunately, there will be no fourth season.

6 The Queen's Gambit - 8.6

It's the show that made everyone want to learn chess, and it has a whopping 18 nominations. Set during the Cold War, The Queen's Gambit shines the spotlight on an orphaned chess prodigy named Beth Harmon who struggles with alcohol dependency as she works to become the best chess player in the world.

There have been many movies and TV productions about chess, but the fact that the Netflix miniseries got unanimous approval from the global chess community says a lot. Critics have also singled out Anya Taylor-Joy's performance for praise.

5 Cobra Kai - 8.6

Cobra Kai is a sequel to the Karate Kid tetralogy. The Netflix series follows two karate maestros who reignite their rivalry after more than 30 years. This year, Cobra Kai only received one nomination.

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Martial arts productions tend to have a serious tone, but Cobra Kai differentiates itself by incorporating a lot of humor, and the blend of ludicrous action and laughs has made it even more entertaining than the original movies. While it's watchable for those who have no idea what happens in the tetralogy, those familiar with the '80s and '90s movies are more likely to understand its nods to the past.

4 The Boys - 8.7

Ever since it premiered two years ago, The Boys has been Amazon Prime's most popular original show. It follows a group of ordinary citizens seeking to stop a group of corrupt superheroes, and it has 5 Emmy noms at the 73rd Primetime Emmy Awards.

While most shows and movies in this genre portray people with special abilities as heroes, the vilification of such individuals in The Boys makes it a worthy watch. Though it's more toned down than its source material, it has thrilled fans of the genre, with praise going to its cast and the over-the-top but palatable scenes. Former US President Barack Obama even named it one of his favorite shows.

3 This Is Us - 8.7

In This Is Us, three siblings go through a variety of different struggles in their lives while also trying to forget their past tragedy. The NBC show has been nominated for 3 Emmys.

This Is Us creates its own space in the crowded TV and streaming realm because it can be sad, funny, and shocking all at the same time. Sterling K. Brown has been the show's shining light in particular, and his frequent nominations have constantly contributed to the show's popularity.

2 The Mandalorian - 8.8

With 21 nominations in 19 different categories, The Mandalorian is in second place among the most nominated shows at the 2021 Emmys. Set 5 years after Star Wars: Return Of The Jedi, the series follows a bounty hunter who goes on a string of adventures after being hired to retrieve an infant alien named Grogu.

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The Mandalorian isn't just a big hit because of the popularity of Star Wars either. The Disney+ series' nominations in close to 20 different categories demonstrates just how much work was put into every element and department of the show.

1 Last Week Tonight With John Oliver - 8.9

Born from The Daily Show where Oliver worked as a correspondent, Last Week Tonight With John Oliver has gone on to improve upon its mother series. This year, the news satire program has a total of 20 nominations, bringing its grand total since inception to 52.

It's clear that Last Week Tonight With John Oliver prioritizes quality over quantity, and this strategy has worked out brilliantly. The show largely appeals so much because the host always chooses to explore one major topic in-depth rather than covering a variety of different hot topics.

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