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Eternals: 10 Things Only Comic Fans Know About Makkari

Although they have long been one of the more obscure franchises within Marvel Comics, the Eternals, created by the legendary writer and artist Jack Kirby, will be introduced into the ever-increasing tapestry of the MCU, an addition that can drastically change the famous cinematic universe.

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One of the most prominent among the ranks of the Eternals is Makkari, who will be played by The Walking Dead's Lauren Ridloff. Despite being an important member of the powerful humanoids who has been heavily featured in each of their comic book iterations, Makkari is currently a relatively unknown character to most casual fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Lovers of the comics, on the other hand, are already quite familiar with the superhuman.

10 He's A Man In The Comics

One of the first things noticed by long-term comics readers when the trailer was released was the gender swap of Makkari's character. While the movie version of Makkari will be played by Lauren Ridloff, one of the many actors confirmed for Eternalsthe comic book iteration of the character has traditionally been portrayed as a man.

Although all Eternals possess some degree of control over their molecular structures, allowing them to change their physical appearance at will, comic book Makkari has thus far shown no inclination towards outwardly presenting as a woman. How this gender swap in the film will affect the character's relationships with the other Eternals, if at all, remains to be seen.

9 He Was Present In Marvel's Golden Age

In the late 1930s and early '40s, before Marvel Comics officially existed, characters like Captain America and the original Human Torch were published by a predecessor, Timely Comics. While Makkari first appeared in Eternals vol. 1 #5 in 1976, well after the birth of the modern Marvel Universe, his fictional backstory as an eternal, ancient being allowed him to be retconned into the Timely-published Golden Age of Marvel's comic book history.

Both the characters Mercury, who first appeared in Red Raven Comics #1 in 1940, and Hurricane, who debuted in Captain America Comics #1 later that year, have since been revealed to have actually been the Eternal Makkari in disguise.

8 He's Not Mercury

A running theme in the early Eternals comics involved naming the pantheon of immortals after ancient deities, with the MCU even teasing several of these Marvel gods in its movies. Makkari serves as an interesting twist on this trend, though. While "Makkari," especially when spoken quickly, sounds like "Mercury," and the Eternal did operate under that guise during WWII, the Roman God Mercury exists as a wholly independent character within Marvel Comics.

Rather than inspiring myths of the god, Makkari instead usurped the identity of the already existing and worshipped being after initially being mistaken for him while operating in ancient Rome. He wouldn't actually encounter the real Mercury, better known as the Greek god Hermes, until the "present day," in 1980's Thor vol. 1 #291.

7 He's A Brilliant Engineer

In addition to his cosmically powered abilities as an Eternal, Makkari is one of the smartest people in Marvel Comics. Born into the lineage of the Eternals' "Technologist's Guild," Makkari was raised around some of the greatest minds of the Eternals and their surrounding ancient human civilizations, and showed an aptitude for engineering from an early age.

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Notable examples of this include his helping to build a flying apparatus for the human son of the Eternal Ikaris, as well as innovating many of the high-speed transport vehicles commonly used amongst the Eternals' hidden societies.

6 He's A Teacher

Throughout the thousands of years that the Eternals have watched and guided humanity's burgeoning populations, a handful of the secret race of immortals have chosen to take a more hands-on approach. Amongst these ancient rebels is Makkari, who has interfered to impart his knowledge untoward the benefit of humankind on many notable occasions.

Undoubtedly the easiest of these actions to identify, a younger Makkari taught writing and hieroglyphs to the ancient Egyptians. More recently, in the early 1950s, Makkari befriended a young Elvis Presley, whom he taught some iconic guitar tricks to.

5 He Was A Monster Hunter

During Makkari's operations amongst humanity during the late 1940s and '50s, he joined a few of Marvel's other post-war era heroes in a pulp magazine-inspired group known as the Monster Hunters.

Included amongst the group's ranks were the classic occult hero Anthony "Doctor Druid" Ludgate, who would go on to eventually join the ranks of one of the best Avengers rosters in the comics, and Marvel's original monster hunter, Ulysses Bloodstone. While these adventures were retconned into the Marvel tapestry long after the actual comics of the 1950s were published, writer Roger Stern imagined what it must have been like in 1998's Marvel Universe anthology series.

4 He Was Best Friends With Quasar

As the popularity of the Eternals comics waned in the '80s and early '90s, most of the core group was separated, eventually coming to play supporting roles in the adventures of Marvel's more popular heroes. His compatriots, such as Ikaris and Sersi would go on to play important roles alongside A-list adventurers, such as the Avengers and Iron Man.

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Makkari, on the other hand, would head into deep space for meditation, where he eventually met and befriended Wendell Vaughn, the reserve Avenger better known as Quasar. With Makkari coming out of a canceled '70s comic, and Quasar himself an attempted revival of a '70s era concept, the two made for an odd and unexpected pairing. Defying expectations, the friendship between the Eternal Makkari and the cosmic "everyman" Wendell Vaughn became a compelling aspect of the 1990s Quasar comic, helping to propel it to an impressive 60-issue run.

3 His Romance With Sersi

In early issues of the Eternals, Sersi, born into the "upper-class" of the Eternals' ranks, and Makkari, a lower-class member of the Technologist's Guild, were frequently paired, with palpable romantic tension. This disfavorable, if not forbidden romance would go on to become an enduring element of each of their characters for years to come.

In 2006's Eternals vol. 3, by critically acclaimed creators Neil Gaiman and John Romita Jr., when the entire pantheon of Eternals had had their memories wiped and believed themselves to be ordinary humans, Makkari's memories were only returned when he encountered Sersi and remembered their shared history. Up until that point, he had believed himself to be a medical student named Mark Curry, while Sersi had herself become a successful celebrity party planner named Sylvia Sersi.

2 He Can Speak To The Dreaming Celestial

The Celestials are an ancient, god-like cosmic species who created the Eternals, as well as many similar species, upon countless worlds in an infant universe. While their exact reasoning for modifying these developing intelligent species remains obscure, they have periodically returned to either approve the progress of these machinations, meaning they are allowed to continue, or disapprove, in which case the burgeoning civilization is destroyed.

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Thousands of years ago, the Dreaming Celestial disagreed with his allies' decision to allow humanity to continue its progress, and for this, he was entombed beneath what would become the Diablo Mountains near San Francisco. When he was eventually awoken years later, he had decided humanity deserved to be spared and proceeded to sit in silent judgment, eventually becoming a tourist attraction in Golden Gate Park. As the presence of a Celestial has become a historic cause for alarm amongst the ranks of the Eternals, the group inevitably set out to investigate the invading presence. Deeming the products of his people's ancient experiments beneath him, the Dreaming Celestial refused to communicate with any mortal or Eternal, except for Makkari, whom he deemed his "prophet."

1 He's The Fastest Of The Eternals

Due to the Celestials' alterations to their genetic makeup, each of the Eternals possesses the ability to store and manipulate cosmic energies, to be used for various purposes. In the case of Makkari, he has traditionally focused this cosmic power specifically on his speed and reflexes, becoming one of the fastest characters in the Marvel Universe.

During his time adventuring in space with the hero Quasar, Makkari was chosen by the Elder of the Universe known as the Runner, the living embodiment of all momentum. During this challenge, he was pitted in competition against other Marvel speedsters, such as Quicksilver, the Whizzer, and Speed Demon, only coming in second to the primordial champion of the Runner himself.

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