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Eternals Comic Shows How Thanos Can Return To The MCU

Warning! Spoilers for Eternals #6 by Marvel Comics below

Marvel Comics just revealed how Thanos returned to life after being brutally killed, which would serve as the perfect way to reintroduce the character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In a new preview for Eternals #6, the Mad Titan's unlikely resurrection at the hands of a future MCU hero is shown - but it comes with a substantial cost.

In the comics, Thanos disappeared and was seemingly killed after being sucked into a Black Hole alongside Proxima Midnight. The villain's absence in the pages of Marvel Comics' main continuity was certainly felt, as Thanos was sidelined up until his return in Eternals. In the comic from Kieron Gillen, Esad Ribic, and Matthew Wilson, Thanos returned with a vengeance, promising to kill the entire race of ancient cosmic heroes under the guidance of a mysterious traitor. It turned out, the Eternals resident technology expert Phastos was behind his return - as he foolishly wanted to wipe his own kind, thinking bringing back Thanos would destroy them and not the Earth.

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In a new preview for Eternals #6, Marvel reveals how Thanos returned. Flashing back one month to Thanos awakening, the villain immediately remembers falling into the Black Hole and being killed. As he prepares to stand up and seek vengeance, Thanos looks down and realizes his body is in shambles as he lays on an operating table with wires protruding from his body and his chest cut open.

Phastos tells Thanos he learned in solitary confinement, he needed him to carry out his evil plans. Calling Thanos a "true Eternal," Phastos reveals he's linked the Mad Titan to their Great Machine, but he can't be resurrected if he dies. He promises Thanos he will fully restore him if he succeeds but will erase him if he is betrayed. Thanos accepts the mission, knowing it could lead to him finding a way free.

The preview shows even after a certain death, Thanos is truly eternal. The comic also shows a viable way for Thanos to return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, as Phastos will debut in the upcoming Eternals film. He could use his advanced knowledge of technology and the Great Machine, as he did in the comics, to bring Thanos back to life after he was snapped by Iron Man at the end of Avengers: Endgame. Although, whether Thanos can be unsnapped is unclear.

Ultimately, Marvel Comics' stories are better when Thanos is part of them. But, in this case, his return is solely due to a traitorous Eternals bigger plans. So, if the Marvel Cinematic Universe needs to find a way to bring back the Mad Titan, they need to look no further than the groundwork laid in this comic. Readers will learn more about Thanos' resurrection at the hands of Thanos when Eternals #6 comes to comic book stores this Wednesday.

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