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Fast And Furious: 5 Times Dom & Brian Were BFFs (& 5 Times They Were Frenemies)

The running theme (which could also be considered a running gag at this point) in the Fast and Furious series is the importance of family. However, the closest bond Dom (Vin Diesel) has ever isn't with his siblings or childhood friends. It was with his former enemy, Brian O'Conner

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At first, Brian (Paul Walker) was the undercover cop sent in to the street-racing subculture of LA to bring Dominic Toretto down, but that cat-and-mouse relationship turned into the greatest seven-movie-long friendship. Though Eminem almost played Brian in the first Fast & Furious movie, the friendship between the two characters felt all the more real thanks to the real-life relationship of Diesel and Walker. However, that's not to say their characters have always seen eye to eye - especially when it comes to matters of the heart.

10 BFFs: Dom Was Happy That Brian And Mia Were Having Baby

Given the current situation they were in at the time they found out they were pregnant, as Brian and Mia were on the run from Hobbs with Dom, it wasn’t the ideal situation to be in with a child on the way. And that’s why Brian was clearly hesitant to tell Dom, Mia’s brother.

As Dom has such a short fuse, it could have gone either way, but Dom couldn’t have been happier for Brian. Some argue that Fast Five was too plot driven, but the inclusion of Mia and Brian’s pregnancy was one of the most heartfelt moments of the series, as the three of them were able to take a break from the action and embrace each other with a giant bear hug.

9 Frenemies: Dom Tries To Get Brian Fired

After first meeting at the Toretto market, and then getting in to a fight with Vince, Brian doesn’t exactly get on Dom’s good side immediately.

Dom slams Brian against a car, calls him a serial killer, and then tells him he’s going to get him fired from The Racer’s Edge. It’s hard to believe that these two guys would go on to become best friends. Luckily, Harry doesn’t fire Brian because he’s too good of an employee, but it doesn’t mean that Dom didn’t try. What’s so brilliant about the early feud is that Brian’s only crime was liking the tuna at the market.

8 BFFs: Dom Lets Brian Win The Drag Race

In Fast Five, the heist the team are planning in Rio requires some cop cars, and after Dom, Brian, Tej, and Rome steal four of them from a local police station, they can’t help but have a quick drag race. They bet a million dollars, and Dom allegedly lets Brian win.

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Though Dom doesn’t outright say that he let Brian win, he hints at it, and Tej and Rome claim they watched Dom pull back. As it happens after Dom finds out that Brian is going to be a father, he hints that that’s why he let him win, and that’s the most adorable thing Dom has ever done for anybody.

7 Frenemies: Their Reunion In Fast & Furious 4

In the fourth entry in the series, Fast & Furious, it marked the first time since the very first movie that Brian and Dom were on screen together. It was the big appeal of the soft reboot of the franchise, and there was a huge build up to them meeting for the first time. However, when they did, they weren’t exactly throwing their arms around each other with tears in their eyes.

Dom threatens Brian, saying that he’ll kill anyone who gets in his way of finding Letty’s killer, and though he has changed a lot since the beginning of the series, he’s very much the same Dom from the first movie. Brian and Dom might be best friends now, but the last time they saw each other before the reunion, Dom found out that Brian was an undercover cop whose objective was to send him down, and Dom is still clearly coming to terms with that.

6 BFFs: The Last Ride

As Paul Walker sadly passed away before the production of Furious 7 had wrapped, the whole ending had to be altered, but it was done so in the most sincere and emotional way possible. In the final scene, Brian is even playing with his child on the beach as the whole gang watch on. Dom leaves without saying goodbye, only for Brian to catch up to him at a crossroad.

The scene is perfect, as it perfectly represents their characters, with Brian in a sports car and Dom in a muscle car, mirroring the last race they had at the end of The Fast and the Furious. It’s made even more powerful by “See You Again” playing over the scene and leading in to a montage of all of Brian’s most iconic scenes in the Fast & Furious series.

5 Frenemies: Fighting Over Letty’s Death

It took a long time for Dom and Brian to reconcile in the fourth movie, as not long after their reunion and what seemed like a thinly veiled threat from Dom, Dom actually goes for Brian.

Dom unfairly takes his anger out on Brian when he finds out that Brian was the last person to have contact with Letty before her death, and he throws him against walls, filing cabinets, and anything else that will leave him injured and bruised. Though Dom’s rage is more reserved in the recent movies, Fast & Furious saw him angrier than ever, and he started locking horns with Brian before he even knew the whole story.

4 BFFs: The 10 Second Car

This is what their whole friendship is based on, and the idea of the 10 second car is a narrative device that is threaded through the whole series and what the emotional final montage in Furious 7 ends with. It began with The Fast and the Furious after Brian bet pink slips in a race and lost.

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When the police are coming for Dom after he has just totalled his Dodge Charger, Brian hands him the keys to the Toyota Supra, saying, “I owe you a 10 second car.” After spending the whole movie trying to hand Dom over to the police, he lets him go at the final hurdle, which is a testament to how far they came as BFFs in the one hour and 40 minutes.

3 Frenemies: Their First Drag Race

When it comes to the Fast & Furious series, though there’s plenty of fist fights in the movie, for the most part, the characters let the cars do the fighting. And the very first street racing in the movie saw Dom and Brian go head-to-head.

After Dom wins, he goes on an epic tirade tearing Brian apart. Dom treated the race like a sport, just like he always has, but Brian was racing for respect, which is why Dom’s words make him all the more defeated. There’s no denying how Brian feels after, as he loops like Dom just used every single word in the English language that could have possibly weakened.

2 BFFs: Brian Saves Dom From Getting Arrested

Despite being so humiliated by Dom just minutes before, Brian still takes it upon himself to save the infamous street racer when he was being chased on foot by the cops. Brian didn’t have to do it, especially after the last time they spoke, but it leads to the first bonding moment the two guys have in the series.

Though it might have been because he had an ulterior motive, because if Dom got sent down for something as measly as street racing, it would have ruined Agent Bilkins’ whole operation, Brian still saved him. And as thanks, Dom hands Brian nothing other than a Corona, naturally.

1 Frenemies: Brian Blows His Cover

As Vince injures himself in the final truck heist, getting shot at and having his whole arm severely injured in barbed wire, Brian has no choice but to blow his cover and use his police ID to call emergency services. Though it’s an explosive scene that’s full of hate and anger, it ultimately shows Brian’s allegiance to Dom. And though it may have proved that Dom shouldn’t have trusted Brian, Fast & Furious fans agree that it also showed just how loyal the undercover cop could be and if he didn’t do it, Vince would have died from blood loss.

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